A Confession On How Colonial Agents Infected Africans With AIDS in Mozambique & Other Nations

Over the course of history, we have recorded tons of events which point to an undying plan and action of the Caucasian man to eliminate the Black man in totality.

The sad events of slavery, genocides, and suppression under colonialism, are enough facts to substantiate the above feelings.

And while Africans are still neck-deep in the disastrous effects of their contact with the Caucasian man, they are constantly greeted with unforeseen plans and actions to eradicate them – plans and actions put together by the Caucasian man.

In a previous article, we wrote extensively on how HIV/AIDS was created in a laboratory outside Africa, and then introduced to the African population. We further went ahead to expose how the virus is as a diplomatic card by European and American nations who give foreign aid to African nations.

The confession contained in this report has clearly shown that we were right by our accusations of the Caucasian man and his unflinching intent to subdue and eliminate the African man. We can’t get tired of saying this, because it is happening before our eyes.

The confession was made by a former member of the intelligence service which operated in and around Southern Africa during the apartheid era. His confessions were captured in a documentary titled “Cold Case Hammarskjöld”, and he boldly recounted how they purposefully spread the AIDS virus and other diseases, among the African population. His name is Alexander Jones, and he said that their main objective and mission was to kill as many Africans as possible.

The documentary to his confession was first shown to a shocked audience in February of 2019, at the Sundance Film Festival, in Park City, Utah, America.

Alexander was under the employ of the South African Institute for Marine Research (SAIMR), an undercover agent, which was responsible for arranging and staging coups and chaos across Africa around the 1970s and 1980s. Added to this mission to plant discord and cause chaos, was the HIV/AID inoculations.

The SAIMR which Alexander worked for was connected to a South Africa’s notorious biological and chemical warfare (CBW) programme, which was headed by Dr. Wouter Basson. The CBW program was later revealed to be an undercover drug testing and disease manufacturing agency used to harm Black south-Africans, by the racist and suppressive whites.

The colonialists also set up a similar chemical and Biological warfare programme in Rhodesia (now called Zimbabwe). They focused on spreading cholera and other dangerous viruses and diseases.

They continued these illegal inoculations and experiments on Blacks, up until the time of independence in Zimbabwe. At that time, the Rhodesian government, with Ian Smith as president, hurriedly and tactically removed the evidences of their crime by killing a lot of black people who they used for their illegal experiments.

At the point this was happening, the Caucasian world was still making Africans believe that African ways were barbaric and that Africans should abandon their ways and follow the Caucasian man. And many Africans followed the religion and systems of the Caucasian man without asking questions – the same Caucasian man who was bent on wiping out your race.

The documentary was made by Mads Brügger (Danish) and Göran Björkdahl (Swedish) and truly sheds light on other atrocities that were committed by the colonialists in Africa.

Alexander Jones confirmed that the CIA and British intelligence were the major supporters and financiers of the bogus vaccinations by SAIMR to spread HIV/AIDS in Africa. In his words, he said that “We were at war. Black people in South Africa were the enemy.”

He mentioned the name of their commander, Keith Maxwell, who was said to own a medical laboratory and clinic in the poor black neighborhoods of Johannesburg. Maxwell who had no medical qualifications wanted a county with white people as the majority, and he said that “the excesses of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s have no place in the post-Aids world”.

In confirming why they did what they did, Alexander Jones said: “What easier way to get a guinea pig than you live in an Apartheid system?” Jones says in the film. “Black people have got no rights; they need medical treatment. There is a white ‘philanthropist’ coming in and saying, ‘You know, I will open up these clinics and I will treat you.’ And meantime [he is] actually the wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

To confirm the authenticity of Alexander’s confessions, a brother to one of the murdered employees of SAIMR featured in the documentary. His sister, Dagmar Feil, was a marine biologist, recruited by SAIMR.

He gave an account of how his sister, Dagner was afraid for her life and approached him to confess. She asked him to accompany her to church to make amends with God. After some weeks she was murdered in front of her house in Johannesburg, 1990. She was the fifth of her teammates to be murdered.

The confession by Alexander Jones sparked a huge controversy after it was released, as the western media did their best to call it a conspiracy theory, among other things.

No matter what the western media says, we believe there is a lot of truth in the confession and our guts.

What African nations and people must do now is to prevent the reoccurrence of such scenarios, even though there are still cases of drugs being tested and viruses being introduced to the African population. 

Some months back we published an article on how catholic doctors of Kenya discovered that the Tetanus vaccine by WHO was making women barren. The worst part about this whole thing is that we have irresponsible governments in Africa, who do not invest in research and investigations to really find out what the foreign organizations are giving to Africans in the name of vaccines.

If we do not check the kind of vaccines and drugs that are being dumped in Africa today, we will have to live with the negative consequences for another generation. So we owe it to ourselves to be more conscious in our dealings with the outside world.

Watch a short clip from Alexander Jones interview:

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