African Sibyls: Ancient African Female Oracles Whose Prophesies Were Stolen By The Roman Church

African Sibyls Ancient African Female Oracles Whose Prophesies Were Stolen By The Roman Church

When we tell the history of the world, somehow we forget to tell that of the Black woman, who is the foundation of the very existence of mankind.

The Black woman being the mother of all humanity, deserves to play a key role in the account of human evolution, but that has not been the case.

It is important to note that the Black woman is the most powerful spiritual force on the planet and that African women were the original prophetesses and authors of many of the world’s first prophesies which are now contained in the Bible.

The African sybils, or mamiwata, as they are called accross all continents, had holy temples of healing and vision, which dotted the ancient landscape of Kemet (Egypt), Turkey, Syria, Greece, Rome, Canaan (Israel) and Babylon.

These women who had the special gift of healing and sight, were found all over the world, and their powers were sort after by kings and leaders. Their powers and dominion became a threat to the fathers of the Roman church, who in turn looked for ways to destroy the African Sibyls.

The fathers of Roman church, such as Clemens Alexandrinus, Justin, Martyr, Athenagoras, Theophilus of Antioch, Tertullian, Lactantius, St. Jerome, and many others, saw to it that the prophesies of the African Sibyls, were stollen and used for many verses and chapters of their Bible. They further saw to it that these gifted women were persecuted, killed, sold, and their temples destroyed.

From the account of Herodotus, who is one of the best historians in history, and who met one of the Sibyls when they were sold as slaves in Greece, the Sibyls were also called Black doves. In a statement, he said that: “… by calling the doves black, the Dodonaeans indicated that the woman was an Egyptian. And certainly, the character of the oracles at Thebes and Dodona is very similar.”

An article published on begins by saying:  “Deliberately concealed for centuries, the history of African prophecy is the oldest and most enduring and replicated in the world. It pre-dates and is the direct inspiration from which Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity were developed. Contrary to western revisionists of history, African deities, sacred ritual, and culture dominated the ancient world and reached high levels of spiritual development and theological and cultural sophistication from its rudimentary beginnings in ancient Africa. 

Most in the Diaspora and indeed the world, are familiar with the traditional village religious culture so maligned in the West.  However, few are aware that the same deities and their offspring are responsible for the major systems of western theological and religious faiths now heavily altered and revised to both conceal its African roots, and to establish the current theological framework of the biblical western world.”

Historically, the Sibyls were the first global female oracles or prophetesses in the ancient world; their prophecies being the most accurate and relied upon by the people of the time. While this is known as fact to many today, what many, however, do not know is that the Sibyl tradition, in fact, has its origin in Africa in the form of what is known to many as the Amengensie tradition, and that “it was the Sibyl prophecies of whom the emerging patriarchal Christian and Levitical Judaic cults seized, altered and attributed to their “prophets” during their bitter wars for global domination after the fall of Egypt, Mycenae and ancient Carthage”.

The Amengansie

In her The Ancient African “Oracle” Tradition Of Amengansie, American born, Chief, Hounon-Amengansie, Mama Zogbé writes that “In the West African Vodoun (and current African-American) traditions, an Amengan-sie (Ah-mah-gah-see) is defined as a high-priestess whose primary function is divination”.

This includes, but not limited to, communication with the dead (ancestors), the African deities, and the destine souls of the living. Hence, the Amengansie is an ancient tradition in which the dead, the deities, and the souls of the living actually come in direct contact during the consultation to speak. This tradition is an ancient, ancestral matriarchal tradition passed down from generation to generation.

“Although there are some male Amengan-sies,” Mama Zogbe notes, “99% are women.” “However, in the West,” she continues, “there is an increasing number of males who are being called to take on the tradition of their ancestors.”

In the second part of the same article, under the heading ‘Amengansie, 10,000 Year Old Slave Tradition’ Zogbe who states that she inherited the tradition from her great-great-grandmother, who was chief Amengansie in the U.S. during Slavery, writes that “If ever there was an ancestral tradition that dispels the myth regarding the ancient origins of the Vodoun tradition or the system of slavery being confined to the West, it is that of the Amengansie.” This being the case, she further explains that the Amengansie predates its current West African location and has its ancient ancestral origins in the East of Africa where they were more commonly known as Sibyls.

Known universally as the “Black Doves”, the Sibyls were often referred to by other names such as “Sisters of Isis”, and “prophetesses of the Black Di-ana of Euphesus”. The ‘dove’―an Afro-mystical symbol for the sacred soul or the ‘holy spirit’―would later be adopted by the emerging Christian cults.

It was the Sibyl matriarchal groups who settled at Asia Minor in what is now modern Turkey, and installed the worship of Mami―a spirit whom they venerated as “Laocoon with her serpents”―more than 2500 years prior to the Greek and later Turk invasions.

However, during the rise of African patriarchy in ancient Egypt, the Sibyls were frequently sold into slavery where they were forced to work in the male (priestly) controlled Sun/Thunder temples in the Egyptian colonies in Libya and at Dodona, and at Delphi in ancient Greece, Rome and other African temples scattered throughout the ancient world.

During the decline and the dismantlement of the African matriarchs, many of the Sybiles were exiled, or also condemned as “harlots”, “infidels,” “false prophetesses” and “witches.” This led to many fleeing for safety, but most who were unable to flee were either killed or enslaved should they refused to convert to the religion of their conquerors. Their forced migration―by the emerging patriarchal Judaic, Christian and Mohammedan Islamist invaders, etc.―drove them from East to West Africa.

“It was these foreign invaders Zogbe writes, “who carried out the final destruction of the Sibyl temples, and converted (forever concealing) the multi-faceted images of the African mother deities into the ethnic faces passed down to the West today. During the entrenchment of African patriarchy, many Sibyls were persecuted, and stripped of their sacerdotal pre-eminence, and ultimately forced to the foreground of African religious, social and political life where they remain today.”

Contrary to erroneous Western historical speculations that the enslavement of Africans in the West is largely an isolated phenomena rooted in African chieftaincy ambitions, the history of African enslavement in reality follows a continuum which began in the North-East of Africa more than 2000 years ago.

In the Amengansie and Vodoun traditions of West Africa, the songs, proverbs, dances, and lore are dominated by the history of slavery which pre-dates the one in the New World.

In its closing remark, the website first mentions in the course of writing affirms that “the Amengansie tradition, still extant today, is an off-spring rooted in the ancient tradition of the Sibyls. The Sibyls were varied in both their talents and spiritual abilities… Just as the ancient Sibyls, the Amengansie priesthood is an ancestral calling born from the lineages of the ancient descendants who were captured and enslaved throughout the world.  Their story, hidden for centuries, is a fascinating journey, that once fully understood, will reveal the ancestral and spiritual legitimacy and continuity of African sacerdotal history and its progeny now scattered throughout the western world.”

(By Ejiofor Ekene Olaedo)


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