Africans Are Disappointed At The Xenophobic Nature of South-Africans

Over the past years, Africans and indeed the world has been shocked at the behavior of Black South-Africans towards their Black African brothers.

The heartless killing, maiming, looting, and hate of other Africans, which Black South-Africans have made almost a monthly reoccurrence, leaves many of Africa’s people disappointed and disgusted.

Why kill your brother who is also a victim of colonial agendas, and bad leadership, when you can stand with them and confront your complaints and grievances together? But no. South-Africans are so scared to face the demon in the room – white supremacists. They prefer to attack their brothers.

The attacks which have now almost become yearly reoccurrence has always had Nigerians as the major victims. The locals claim that Nigerians take their jobs, commit crimes, and marry their women, among many other excuses for the continuous violence and attacks.

In this new wake of attacks, social media has been filled with gory and very embarrassing images of South-African men and women breaking and looting the shops and stores of foreigners. Many of the stores were set on fire. The Black South African protesters were seen marching and rioting in Johannesburg’s Central Business District (CBD), among other locations, and they were demanding for foreigners to leave their country.

Many Nigerians and other Africans have been either maimed or killed in these attacks. We can’t place a figure on the dead foreigners, as reports are still trickling into media houses. But pictures and video recordings on social media show that the case of South-Africa’s xenophobic tendencies grows deeper and wider every day.

A very painful video of an African been burnt alive was seen circulating on Facebook these past days. Although the video is said to be from a previous event, it goes to show the level that hate has brought the people to. And while he burned, South-African policemen and the mob were seen laughing and smiling about it. What barbarity towards your fellow Black man!!!

News24, a South African news Agency, gave a full and detailed report of the riots here.

The reactions against this disgraceful xenophobic behavior have been pouring in from various parts of Africa. Nigerians have taken to social media to express their displeasure at the behavior of South-Africans, and the loss of life and property of its citizens, attributed to jealousy on the part of many South-Africans who they consider lazy. Many Nigerians have threatened to retaliate and burn down South-African businesses in Nigeria, such as MTN and DStv.

These reports fully capture the reaction of the South-African president and the Nigerian president, whom Nigerians feel is not doing enough to bring South-Africa to its knees to apologize and make amends.

When all of this dust settles, the truth that keeps staring us Africans in the face is that we have been divided so much that we are at the brink of tearing ourselves into pieces. We are at the brink of social, political and economic war, while the real enemy who caused all of this, is sitting down and having a huge laugh.

The truth that South-Africans have refused to swallow, is that they are actually the only African nation that is still under direct rule by white-supremacists and are still first-class slaves in their own lands.

The anger of the average South-African, should not be towards other Black Africans but towards the European and American foreigners who have taken control of their economy, stolen their lands and resources, and are still bent on ruling and dominating them.

If anyone should feel the effects of the anger and frustration of South-Africans, then it is the Caucasians who have continued to lay claim to the land and ancestral properties of Black South-Africans.

The implications of these looting, stealing, and burnings as we have seen is that it creates a new culture for South-Africans. It teaches both their young and their old, that killings and maiming is the option they have in airing their grievances against foreigners.

We see young fathers, mothers, teenagers, and young boys join in these raids and stealing, and just wonder what the future holds for South-Africa. What would these people teach their children? That stealing and looting are right?

Yes, if they continue with this behavior, many of the African foreigners will leave. But in the long run, South-Africa will suffer economically. But worst still is the stigma that will follow any South-African wherever they travel in Africa.

This stigma will make sure they are not given jobs and opportunities. This stigma will alienate them from the commonwealth of Africa, and in the long run, they will stand alone when facing the vampires, they co-habit with.

We at Liberty Writers Africa feel very much disgusted with the behavior of South-Africans these past days, and we strongly hope that they come to their senses. Africa is under neo-colonial attacks from all fronts, and it is only by standing together that we can save our continent.

The unemployment you suffer is as a result of bad policies and hundreds of years the Colonialists have stolen your collective rights. Unemployment in South-Africa is not because a Nigerian or Zimbabwean has a business that is thriving in your country.

We have seen and heard Julius Malema preaching and agitating for a borderless Africa, with one currency and one language. Is this the kind of behavior with which Africa will achieve that goal? We don’t think so!

Africa’s disappointment in the behavior of South-Africans is clearly seen in the withdrawal of Rwanda, DRC, and Malawi from the World Economic Forum that is scheduled to be held in Cape town, South-Africa in the coming weeks. Also, Zambia has canceled its proposed football friendly match with the Bafana Bafana of South-Africa.

We are sure that the days and weeks that follow, will see other organizations and bodies of Africa and the world, come out to express their disappointment in South-Africans.

If you are an African living and doing business in South-Africa, we advise you to put your belonging and family together, make adequate arrangements and go back to your country. Or better still move to more friendly and hospitable African nations.

Africans worldwide have taken to twitter to express their disappointments about the xenophobic nature of South-Africans, and below we have some strong reactions that fully express our disgust and anger at Liberty Writers Africa.

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