Archaeologists Discover An Egyptian City Drowned In The Ocean Over 1200years Ago

Every time we hear or discover a new find about ancient Egypt, it gives us great satisfaction to write about it and share with the world.

Ancient Egypt is synonymous with greatness, glory, and super-human civilization. Above all, ancient Egypt speaks volumes of the power and prowess of the Black race.

The world, to date, learns from the knowledge of ancient Egyptian discoveries. Many Egyptian cities still stand till today, but there are also those who have been lost. Some have disappeared in the water, while others have withered away.

One of such ancient Egyptian cities that disappeared was Thonis-Heracleoin. It was founded even before the great city of Alexandria, around the 8th century BC. Heracleion was the major port for the ships and voyages that came to Egypt from Greece.

The Egyptians called this city Thonis, while the Greeks called it
Heracleoin. The Greeks were one of the people who held ancient Egypt in high regard and wrote great tales about them. So, after the city disappeared over time, the only evidence of its existence was found only in Greek and Egyptian texts and inscriptions and artifacts. The city was of great spiritual importance to the Egyptians (Africans) because of the temple of Amun.

At its prime, the famous Greek historian, Herodotus, wrote of the city, Thonis-Heracleion, in the 5th Century BC, when he visited Egypt. After 4 centuries that Herodotus visited Egypt, a Greek geographer, Strabo, visited Egypt and recorded that the Egyptian city of Thonis-Heracleion, was located straight to east of Canopus at the mouth of the Canopic branch of the River Nile.

So you could imagine the excitement and joy Egyptologists and archeologists had when the city was discovered in the year 2000 by archaeologist Franck Goddio and the IEASM (European Institute for Underwater Archaeology).

The city is said to be located 6.5 kilometers off today’s coastline in Egypt. The research area which the city falls in is an 11 by 15 kilometers in the western part of Aboukir Bay in Egypt. The discovery was made possible by the help of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities. The search for this city started in 1996 and took four years before they could discover the ancient city of Thonis (the name by Egyptians) or Heracleion (the name by Greeks).

The ancient objects recovered from these excavations prove beyond doubt the immeasurable beauty, glory, and elegance of ancient Egypt. The grand temples and statues of Gods with inscriptions and architectural elements found by the team was a great marvel for them. They found spiritual and ritual objects, gold, jewelry, coins, ceramics, and many more beauties of the ancient world.

The city of Thonis, through the quantity and quality of the materials excavated, can be said to be a very wealthy city. It can be said to be a city for the elites of that time, the 6th to the 4th century BC.

The amount of wrecked (drowned) ships and ship anchors found at this location points to the busy and commercial nature of the city. The recovery team discovered more than 700 ancient ship anchors, and also over 70 wrecked ships that sunk as far back as the 6th to the 2nd century BC.

The city of Thonis was basically a coastal city, and that is proven by the network of canals which was found by the discovery team.

Despite all that has been discovered, the team has said that only about 5% of the city has been discovered and excavated. They are continuously working to discover more of this ancient city.

Photograph by Franck Goddio / Hilti Foundation / Christoph Gerigk
Photograph by Franck Goddio / Hilti Foundation / Christoph Gerigk
Photograph by Franck Goddio / Hilti Foundation / Christoph Gerigk
Photograph by Franck Goddio / Hilti Foundation / Christoph Gerigk

More pictures and information about these discoveries can be found through this link.

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