Australian Aboriginals To Get Billions In Compensation for Land & Spiritual Loss


Aboriginals in Australia have won a pioneering and monumental case that paves the path for billions of dollars in compensation claims for their colonial land that were lost. This compensation also covers for the loss of religious association.

The Australian highcourt ruled the case in favor of the Ngaliwurru and Nungali people who are from the Nothern parts of Australia. This is known to be the biggest ‘native title’ rulig on indigenous land and water rights belonging to the traditional inhabitats.

It was ruled that the government of the Northern territory was to pay $2.53mn in damages to the Ngaliwurru and Nungali people for an earlier high court ruling that found the NT government “extinguished” their native title rights after they built infrastructure on their land during the 80s and 90s.

Around $1.3 million of the damages was awarded for religious or cultural hurt, that each the district and federal governments argued was excessive.

On Wednesday, 14th of March, 2019,the High court ruled that the $1.3mn “was not evidently excessive and wasn’t inconsistent with acceptable community standards.”

It was indeed the first time the High court had put into consideration the value of the removal of land rights, as well as economic loss and loss of religious connection for the people.

“This, definitely, could be the ruling that sheds a unique light on native title and also the cultural and spiritual loss, including the inability to access any economic opportunities,”

Northern Land Council interim chief executive officer edible fruit Ah Kit told Al Jazeera. “We need to revisit those cases where they were unjustly compulsorily acquired by governments, and we’ll then need to take instructions from them,” he said.

The High court reduced the first compensation figure of $3.3m that was awarded by the Federal court in 2016, including an economic loss figure calculated to be eighty percent (80%) of the freehold price of the land.

The National Trust government made an appeal for fifty percent (50%) of the land price and the high court the court agreed to their appea. However, the ruling on spiritual loss is what makes this case and its victory such a munumental stride for Aboriginals of Australia.

“This is a very important case because it is the first time the high court has set out the principles for compensation.” Megan Brayne, a native title lawyer said.

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  1. It is about time. African in America are overdue compensation for all the wrong dealt African Americans slaves.

  2. Yes, a Great Win for the Aborigines in Australia. Many Native people are owed their rights of minerals and land entrusted to the government. As time passes many descendants of Native American tribes are at the mercy of Big Corporations. These entities have desecrated sacred lands relinquishing Native Americans rights. I will continue to shed light on this atrocity. I mention the plights of my ancestors in my book titled;
    My Ancestors Path Is My Future Journey!

    Stephanie Colligan-Ishola, author

    Tribal Council Member | Panther Band
    Atakapa Ishak Nation S.E. Texas & S.W. Louisiana

  3. What if there’s an appeal and it is rescinded? Let it happen before we rejoice because it might come with conditions to confiscate more land. Another reason to hold our breaths.
    Where will the finance come from? Is it more land to finance the reparation?

  4. Hooray for the Aboriginal people of Australia! Next, the Aboriginal people of the Americas need to receive reparations!

  5. I see a new wave of such cases to hit Europeans for the damages of slavery and slave trade,colonialism & in Nigeria, the people of the Niger Delta taken a cue from these cases to demand billions from the Nigerian state over the plundering of its oil resources to its oil resources from 1957 to 1999.Let the God of justice deliver justice to the oppressed peoples of the world over.

  6. Just an FYI: The word “Aborigine” is outdated and not acceptable by Aboriginal and indigenous peoples here in Australia.

    It’s pretty much a word that was widely used in documentaries, publications and verbally many years ago.


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