Biafra: The Song Of Emancipation And Of Victory

The central objective of this article is to foreground the innate inventiveness of Biafrans. Perhaps, to unriddle the foggy understanding ‘others’ have of the noun Biafra, and to tell the truth about the future of Africa with the birth of Biafra: which is, the craftsmanship and industrial revolution that will inarguably make the new nation of Biafra the hub of Africa’s economy.

As to be expected, Biafrans are people hardwired with natural talents. Even without formal education and technical training, we perform wonders with our God-given ingenuity. Dependence on crude oil which has become the bane of Nigeria’s economic and social growth will not matter in the new nation of Biafra. 

The evolution of Biafra will be deeply rooted in the burning vision of building a new nation anchored on human capacity development; hence, oil will become immaterial. Because the Biafran nation will not want to constitute a rentier economy. Emphasis shall be laid on manpower, rather than on oil, as the cornerstone of national growth.

Therefore, the new Nation of Biafra will employ all economic and social ideals in creating a sustainable road map that will assemble the best brains, harvest and spur them into action for the needed change to begin. It will be a complete  departure from the status quo.

What does this mean? Status quo when a criminal template like federal character principle is being adopted as a formula used in sharing the benefits of nationhood. Biafra will criminalise any principle that encourages mediocrity and incompetence. Ours will be based on healthy competition and efficiency. 


There are dozens of testimonies on how secondary school students, undergraduates, and artisans with Biafra DNA around the globe manufacture all forms of miniature technologies, such as air planes that can fly a certain altitude, military hardware like missiles and other mechanically and electrically informed technologies.

I could remember meeting a good friend that bears the name Uchenna Iroha who manufactured a kerosine powered aircraft. He singlehandedly designed and built the aircraft with locally sourced materials. He did all these alone without any form of assistance from the government or private organizations. Despite the resourceful and innovative disposition of Biafrans, we have remained perpetually caged without any shred of hope.

Some of the best doctors in the world are of Biafran origin who are breathing new life into the health systems of their various countries of residence. We have some of the promising scientists in the world (Philip Emeagwali, professor Justus Nwaoga and Chinedu Echeruo). Biafra is a host to legions of renowned writers in the world (the likes of Achebe, Cyprian Ekwensi, Elechi Amadi, Okey Ndibe, C N. Adichie and Onyeka Nwelue).

We have some of the finest economists in the world ( the likes of Okonjo Iweala, Chukwuma Soludo, Pat Utomi and Tony Elumelu ). We have some of the richest, prolific business men and industrialists in Africa ( Innoson Motors, Jim Ovia and Ibeto ) but amidst all these resourceful human deposit, Biafra land is still in comatose when it comes to development. Why? The answer is not far farfetched.

This is because Biafra can never harness her potentials within the context of ‘one Nigeria’. Nigeria was criminally created to suffocate the ingenuity of Biafrans. Since the forceful consummation of the unholy matrimony called Nigeria by the British economic hitman (Lord Lugard), we have been producing the finest brains, both in Nigeria and in diaspora. It is a fact that cannot be pushed out of the picture.

Triumphantly, the immediate restoration of Biafra will witness the homecoming of these Biafran gifts scattered all over the world. Certainly, there will be massive restructuring of the educational system that will incubate innovation and creativity. A committee of educationally oriented experts will be assigned to draft a new academic curriculum. Less attention will be paid on theorising. Qualified and visionary teachers will be recruited and admission into educational institutions will be based on merit and not by ethnicity or religion. 

The educational system in Biafra will be research centred. It will harvest the best brains that will inspire the needed transformation. World class and high powered technical institutions will be established. Individuals with unique talents will be trained and mentored. Biafran expatriates will see good socio-economic environment to return to.

There will be a place for special needs people to dwell and belong. Those living with disability will not be swept under the rug. Be it on/in automobile, energy, welfare, law, health, tourism/hospitality, education, infrastructure, industry, engineering, humanities, arts, finance and craft. Biafra will always stand tall, magnificent and unhindered.  

It will be an unprecedented technological transformation that will be instigated through indigenous ingenuity. Through this systematic and effective educational approach, Biafra will become the hub of learning in the world. “Made in Biafra” cars will be sold around the globe. Automobile companies will be given a level playing field to compete. Thousands of jobs will be created that will invariably push for a market expansion. 

In Biafra, Solar systems will become a veritable and clean means of power generation. The coal deposits in Enugwu will be sourced into alternative energy when solar is unable to power the entire Biafraland. After all, the coal deposit in Enugwu can power the whole of West Africa. This will trigger small and large scale industries and millions of other businesses to flourish on the account of steady power supply.

Health and education shall be the core interest of Biafra. Agriculture and entrepreneurship will be greatly encouraged. Equity and justice shall prevail. 

Truly, Biafrans are a special breed of God’s creation and Chukwuokike Abiama in his infinite mercy will always be our ultimate NAVIGATOR. As He navigates us while we overcome all storm in this Biafra restoration mission, I urge Biafrans all over the world to remain resilient and dedicated because in it, Biafra shall be restored. In it, we shall sing songs of victory!

Kalu Nwokoro Idika is a political analyst at Family Writers Press.
You can e-mail kalu via Kalunwokoroidika@yahoo.comTwitter: @kalunwokoro


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