Dear Africans; European & American Ideas Can’t Save Us – Only Ours Can

It is a shame that Black people of Africa have lost so much faith in themselves and ideas, that they believe that only the white man’s ideas can save Africa. This particular thought pattern has kept Africa behind and blinded for decades.

How do you expect people who killed your ancestors and stole your resources to ever want the best for you? How do you expect people who still cause death, starvation, and poverty in your countries to want the best for you? It cant happen. It won’t happen.

If Africa must rise from the ashes, we must reduce the influence the West has on our politics, governance, social and cultural ideologies. We must reduce their advice, and most times, blackmail, when it comes to issues between our various tribes. This is important because Africa’s politics and policies are often subjected to our various tribes and ethnic nationalities.

The problem with Nigeria today is the problem of the tribe. Every tribe wants to sit on the throne. And when they do, they want to fill all the positions with their tribe’s men and then subjugate other tribes, with the help of the British or other foreign advisors and leaches.

But if African tribes reduced their dependency on the West to solve their differences, we would be a better continent, with every ethnic nationality respecting the other.

There are various aspects of human life where European and American ideals can’t be imported by Africans. Some of these aspects which have hurt Africa so bad in the past and present are politics (Democracy), religion and civil relations, among others. Below we will have discussions on these aspects and propose how best to save Africa from the brink of total anarchy.


The idea that democracy is the “right and perfect” system of government for Africans is wrong. From our experience in the last 100years, it is a fact that democracy has failed Africa. And this is solely because of how Europeans demarcated the various borders of various African nations, and how they merged tribes into countries, without negotiations and agreements between the tribes concerned. So no matter how beautiful democracy is for the Europeans, it will never work in Africa as the nations are currently constituted.

When one looks at Europe, it is clear that most of the nations there have a single ethnic nationality. Ireland is for just the Irish. England solely belongs to the English. Scotland is a country to the scots. This is what you will find all over Europe, except for little exceptions. But in Africa, you will find a great number of tribes bundled together as one nation. So how will a system of government that works for a mono-tribal nation be the only option for a multi-ethnic African nation?

Therein lies the stupidity of the African educated elite. Their education has not offered them wisdom to understand that Africa as presently demarcated needs a different system of government. The Chinese have a system of government that works for them. The Saudis have a system of government that works for them. And these nations are world powers in their own rights.

We don’t see America and the British trying to force their imperfect democracy down the throats of these Asians and Arabs. But daily Europe and America are dictating to African nations what system of government will suit Africa best.

But many of us see through their lies, deceit, blackmail and imperfect systems. All they want is for Africa to continue to be dependent on them so that they, in turn, will continue to milk us dry for their unending services.

Africa’s system of governance should be unique and should be agreed upon by the various ethnic nationalities that make up every nation. African elites and leaders must reduce how much influence their diplomatic ties with European governments have on their decision making. We are Africans, and we should coordinate our nations and governance in an African way.


We are bold enough to say that “If European and Arab religions didn’t enter Africa, Black people would have a different and better understanding of life and how to solve their issues.”

Today in Africa, we have millions of people who pray to and wait on the European gods or the “white God and White Jesus” to save them. They pray to the Gods of their oppressors to come to their rescue.

Africans, for thousands of years, solved their spiritual and personal problems with their own form of religion. But even at that, not every issue was a spiritual one. Some problems were solved through other means. But today, we have Africans who see prayers to the European Gods and deities as the only way to solve certain issues.

Africans have been so brainwashed that we even pray to European and Arab Gods to come to fix our social amenities. Politicians who should do better are bold enough to call on these deities in front of the people when issues of incompetence arise.

Every day we keep seeing new churches spring up in different corners of Africa. Everyday they shout and call on the European Gods and deities. But nothing changes. More people are hungry. More people are in poverty. More and more young Africans are losing hope about their future.

If praying to European deities was enough to solve Africa’s issues, then the millions of prayers and supplications for the last 100 years should have made Africa a paradise. This is the sad situation we have found ourselves in Africa, and what is most painful is that African pastors are feeding on the gullibility of the masses to paint a false picture of an “all-knowing and all-saving European God.”

Africa must move away from the lies the Europeans brought about their God. Africa’s problems should be solved through African ways. The Caucasian man and his gods can never solve Africa’s issues. Instead, they will and have added to our woes as a people. The day Africa abandons the European’s religion, that day, Africa will wake up from its long slumber.


No foreign idea or principle can solve Africa’s issues. We are a great and ancient people, and only our ways of doing things can help us in these trying times. Let our political, religious, educational and social elites pay more attention to the ancient principles and wisdom of our people. Only Africa can save Africa.

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