Egypt Discovers a 4,300 years Old Tomb With 21st Century Designs


It is most unfortunate that the Egyptian civilization, which is and was created and built by black African people is now being enjoyed and shown off by Arabs.

Egyptian civilization and ancestry have been a thing of wonder and intrigue for the world world. They wonder how black Africans built a world like that.

And also out of envy, the Europeans and Arabs invaded and took over Egypt, and after hundreds and thousands of years, Egypt is now inhabited by Arabs who don’t have a direct ancestry or linkage to the science and culture of the land.

But that is a discussion for another article.

Just recently, Arab-Egyptian excavators made a prominent archaeological discovery in Cairo, Egypt. They unveiled the tomb of a Fifth Dynasty Egyptian official, adorned with colorful reliefs and inscriptions that beat anything we have now.

The tomb was near Saqqara, an ancient cemetery in the South of Cairo. The tomb belongs to a senior official and nobleman of the Fifth Dynasty, which ruled over ancient black Egypt around 4,300 years ago.

The official’s name is Khewi – but it is important to find out if this name is a corruption of the original black African names of the ancient Egyptians.

Mohamed Megahed, the head of the excavation team said that “The L-shaped Khuwy tomb starts with a small corridor heading downwards into an antechamber and from there a larger chamber with painted reliefs depicting the tomb owner seated at an offerings table.”

This picture taken on April 13, 2019 shows a view inside the newly-discovered tomb of the ancient Egyptian nobleman “Khewi” dating back to the 5th dynasty at the Saqqara necropolis in Egypt. (Mohamed el-Shahed / AFP)

The tomb was discovered last month, and it is said to be mostly made of white limestone bricks. The tomb at the time of burial was decorated with ornate paintings with a special green resin and oils.

Mohamed in his statement added that the north wall of the tomb shows that its design was done according to the architectural blueprint of the royal pyramids of the ancient Egyptian civilization.

It was reported that the excavation team, in recent past, has dug up multiple tombs which are related to the Fifth Dynasty of the ancient Black-Egyptians.

Also, archaeologists have recently discovered an inscription on a column of granite that was dedicated to Queen Setibhor. The Queen is believed to have been the wife to King Djedkare Isesis, who was the eighth and penultimate king of the ancient Egyptian dynasty.

These findings and excavations add credence to the sophisticated science and technology of the ancient black Egyptian civilization. But it is most unfortunate that those who now boast of these findings are foreigners (Arabs) who have not connection whatsoever to the wonder and marvel that black Africans created in Egypt.

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