‘Ekwensu’ In Igbo Is Not The Devil – The Church Lied

Picture of Alusi in Igbo land

Ekwensu is the Igbo name designated for the god of bargains in Igbo cosmology, who was/is one of the sons of the creator, Chi-Ukwu/Chukwu/Chineke.

Ekwensu is not the devil as the Igbo of this generation has been made to believe in modern religious teachings. There is the Devil in Christianity and there is Ekwensu in Igbo traditional religion. According to ancient Igbo teachings, Ekwensu is not the devil.

A lot of the Igbo and Africans of this generation would doubt this, due to the twisting of Igbo Odinani na Omelala to fit into Christian beliefs.

The Europeans came with their religion and saw that the Igbo had no place for the devil in their beliefs. So they somehow convinced them that the Devil is synonymous to Ekwensu. But Ekwensu was/is the god of war and Bargains.

They knew that the Igbo would be hard to indoctrinate if they didn’t give them something to fear. So after years of resistance from the ancient Igbo, the European missionaries succeeded in tying Ekwensu to the devil.

The ancient Igbo invoked the spirit of Ekwensu when they wanted to go to war or when they needed a cunning initiative to outsmart other people in bargains or business. Ekwensu was/is a very aggressive and violent god – just like kratos the Greek god of war.

It was after Christianity came that the Europeans made Ekwensu an equivalent of the Devil. The ancient Igbo only believed in Chukwu Okike, the supreme creator. They believed chukwu okike had children, who were also gods and dwelt with him in the heavens. There was no hell and no devil for them.

A lot of things have changed over thousands of years – so the modern Igbo might not know this. But “knowledge is power,” they say, and it is very important that Africans returned back to their ancient beliefs as a route to emancipating the black mind and restoring our rich ancestry and heritage.

The image attached is by no means the graphic representations of Ekwensu. They are Igbo artifacts which I chose to display to further express my point.

Article Written By Chuka Nduneseokwu

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