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‘Ekwensu’ In Igbo Is Not The Devil – The Church Lied

Ekwensu is the Igbo name designated for the god of bargains in Igbo cosmology, who was/is one of the sons of the creator, Chi-Ukwu/Chukwu/Chineke.

Ekwensu is not the devil as the Igbo of this generation has been made to believe in modern religious teachings. There is the Devil in Christianity and there is Ekwensu in Igbo traditional religion. According to ancient Igbo teachings, Ekwensu is not the devil.

A lot of the Igbo and Africans of this generation would doubt this, due to the twisting of Igbo Odinani na Omelala to fit into Christian beliefs.

The Europeans came with their religion and saw that the Igbo had no place for the devil in their beliefs. So they somehow convinced them that the Devil is synonymous to Ekwensu. But Ekwensu was/is the god of war and Bargains.

They knew that the Igbo would be hard to indoctrinate if they didn’t give them something to fear. So after years of resistance from the ancient Igbo, the European missionaries succeeded in tying Ekwensu to the devil.

The ancient Igbo invoked the spirit of Ekwensu when they wanted to go to war or when they needed a cunning initiative to outsmart other people in bargains or business. Ekwensu was/is a very aggressive and violent god – just like kratos the Greek god of war.

It was after Christianity came that the Europeans made Ekwensu an equivalent of the Devil. The ancient Igbo only believed in Chukwu Okike, the supreme creator. They believed chukwu okike had children, who were also gods and dwelt with him in the heavens. There was no hell and no devil for them.

A lot of things have changed over thousands of years – so the modern Igbo might not know this. But “knowledge is power,” they say, and it is very important that Africans returned back to their ancient beliefs as a route to emancipating the black mind and restoring our rich ancestry and heritage.

The image attached is by no means the graphic representations of Ekwensu. They are Igbo artifacts which I chose to display to further express my point.

Article Written By Chuka Nduneseokwu


  1. As long as there are Igbo Christians, you will always have “Ekwensu” as the name and personality for the “Devil”. This is permanently etched into the minds of Igbo Christians as it is permanently enshrined in the Igbo translation of the Bible. There can be no compromise between Omenala or Odinani with the Bible or Christianity because without the devil, there would be no need for a bible or Christianity.

    1. Ekwe-nsu means “instrument of instigation, living word, living action” “instrument or herald of consubstantiated things”.
      The true meaning of Ekwensu can be taught in private schools or villages. This is where the rubber hits the road. Private schools and villages requires money from indigenous activists.

  2. I totally agrees with the poster, I have also done my research and discover that, Ekwensu is not a name atributed to Satan, evil, or any being, Ekwensu simple means for my own understanding (agrees and it will start happing either good or bad) but you most first have an agrement before good or bad will start happing, then (Satan:Igbo language :Asi tie anu, meaning beat, hatred, lies, shout, beast) this how they colonized the Igbo People by lies beat, hatred, chained, shout. So the white Europeans are the real Satan the beast

    1. “onye efulu” (fool, vagabond, wayward person, lost person)
      “ndi efulu” (fools, lost people)
      Devil comes diabolo (person who is crossed)

      Satan comes from the Hebrew word “adversary” meaning the spirit inside man that controls his evil and guilty conscious.
      It is related to Igbo “chi uta” (spirit that guides liability, guilt, responsibility) and “nseti” (tension).

  3. Ekwensu is the god of war/vengeance. That is what the bible called the angel of death. .. Ekwensu is an Emissary that pilots negative energy to right the wrongs. There is no Devil. Who does wrong is the devil. … Everything is in polarity.

  4. Lies! Yes, we knew of Chineke, Chukwu Abiama. So, what were we calling Satan then? So, the Missionaries came, and started speaking Igbo, and told us to call Satan Ekwensu? Preposterous! Please, stop trying to make us friends with ekwensu. Ekwensu is Satan’s Igbo name. Period. This article might actually have come from the pit of hell to make us relax our guards about evil and the devil, -an Igbo version of the end-time unGodly changes currently taking place all over the world. So, ekwensu is no longer bad, right? Why not name your children Ekwensu, or come out openly and change your name to Ekwensu? People, please don’t believe this trash with no substantiable authority or origin.

      1. It’s Cyprian” Ekwensi”. NOT “Ekwensu”.
        In the context of the name, “Nsi” (or “Nshi” in some dialects) means poison.
        “Ekwensi” would literally mean “not allowing (or not in support of) poison”
        It’s NOT “Ekwensu”, please.

  5. Omenana Igbo ga adilili. Even so brainwashed people have misconceptions over the lineage of their ancestors. They are quick to open churches in toilets and bind Satan in podiums, separate marriages and break up families apart. Not knowing they are worshipping him and selling their soul to him. Who are the missionaries? Condemned criminals casted upon Africans from European underground stone proof prisons who were redeemed in white garment, sent to torment and brainwash our forefathers just because we were rich in gold silver diamonds and so as our culture goes. Squeeze them and make them scared of another forces. Tell them what they have never heard and show them the one they never seen. Make them use of their dicks and make more babies and finally leave them in darkness and blame them for their poverty and dieseases. Who does that? The Angels whom we never knew. Who’s that? Christian(white lie) Satan. Fuck that! I am a pegan and i have a God Chukwu okike. Who is never jealous of his godly offspring. Their end time must be a good sign for our awake or we live the rest of our lives in a white lie culture. Because pastoring is a clean coat job. Lie and more offering and tithe. Our chief priests are dirty and fetish. Lazy generations! Wake up. This is 2016. Still talking about a Constantine convention that wss singed a BIBLE but really never was agreed upon by all the council of pegans and so would the son of God himself? Garellio has lived and died and Romans came and gone and we are still here. Living and enslaving in the dream of the slave masters. It’s important to wake up. Arguments in this sense are just considered a procrastination of a sugar boned generation.

  6. The post lacks scholarship or scholarstic quality since it has been unable to extend its field beyond mere contemplations, not engaged in comparative appraisal of the EKWENSU metaphor in relation to Chriatian theological persuasion.

    The writer could do well to advance the attributes of the Ekwensu so we can determine how well it syncs with the attributes of the Christian Devil.
    Highlighting that Igbo’s believed in one monotheistic God who had children or other gods under him is clear acceptance of the Bible position that Devil was a renegade. He was once with God in heaven until he rebelled.
    The problem Igbo’s have in understanding the similarity of the two is because of failure of literature and scholarship. There is a stop gap in Igbo cultural life and that was when the missing link appeared and disconnected them from what happened afterward in the heaven lies

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