European Colonizers Killed Millions Of Africans And Termed The Victims Barbaric

The notion that our African ancestors were barbaric, and that they committed unthinkable atrocities are one of the biggest lies the European world has heaped on our people. And this lie is the most annoying one.

Who could imagine that European conquerors who killed, raped and maimed millions of Africans could turn back and then call us the evil ones?

Yes, Africa, just like any other place in the world, had her own little and big wars. People lived by a golden and noble rule, and sometimes traditions had strict punishments for offenders or taboos took place.

But these same things were obtainable in many western cultures.  No matter the disagreement or war, there was never a case of blatant and bitter genocide carried out by one tribe on the other.

Ever since Africa’s encounter with the Europeans, they have wished we never existed. They have enslaved and killed us in our thousands and millions. And while they did that, they sent their cunning and slippery missionaries into our villages, to convert our people and to make us see ourselves as evil and barbaric.

Every of our ancient religion and culture was termed evil. We were termed the bloodsuckers, while Belgium killed millions of people in Congo, under the blessings and watch of the so-called holy Church in Europe – under the watch of the “children of the white God and white Jesus.”

Germany, in their ambition to create a colony in Africa, killed millions of Africans from the modern parts of Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Togo, Cameroon, and Namibia.

All over the African continent, European explorers, settlers, merchants and soldiers engaged in war crimes and crimes against humanity. Many of these atrocities till today are unknown and untold because whole villages were wiped out.

British historian, Thomas Packenham, in his 1991 book ‘The Scramble for Africa, White Man’s Conquest of the Dark Continent from 1876 to 1912’, gives examples of the horrors carried out under the watch of Puttkamer and other German colonial officials:

“…a Lieutenant Dominik was sent on an expedition to negotiate a treaty with the Bahoro. Instead, he shot down all the men and women in the village, and the fifty-four children that survived were put in baskets and drowned like kittens” (Packenham, “The Scramble for Africa”, page 623)”

No European nation has a bloodless hand when it comes to the genocide of the indigenous people of Africa. The Dutch, the British, the French, the Belgians, the Germans, the Spanish and Italians all killed Africans without discretion or any sense of morality or humanity.

The champion of them all was Leopold II, the King of Belgium at the time. He was a butcher. He was the European-fabricated-devil himsel.

King Leopold convinced the major powers of the world to agree to let him have his way with the people of Congo, which he took as his personal project. He convinced them under the pretext that he was engaged in a civilizing mission, and that it was for the benefit of the Congolese people.

When has the European man ever done something to benefit only Africans? Never!!!

In fact, Leopold’s plan was to bleed the people of Congo dry and murder them mercilessly if they resisted his faux salvation.

All other major European nation agreed to support Leopold’s “Congo Free State” project. The U.S. President, Chester Arthur, was the first to sign on the dotted lines of the document.

Then, administrators, soldiers, and merchants from Belgium set up a system of exploitation, concentrating on wild rubber harvesting. This was so horrible that it’s like was not seen or experienced on earth until Hitler invaded Poland.

The Congo Free State’s “Force Publique”, tortured and murdered villagers who did not cooperate with their extortion and forced labor.

Leopold’s troops had to account for the ammunition they fired. And to do so they had to cut off the hands of people they shot, to prove that they had not been using the bullets for hunting animals instead of the humans of Congo.

It was accounted that frequently, Leopold’s men cut off the hands of living people, including the small children. Leopold enslaved the Congolese to amass vast fortunes which he spent in adorning Belgium with pretentious monumental architecture.

Records have it that half of the Congo’s population, or up to 10 million people, had been killed by Leopold’s regime.

The British, also, took their time to invade, kill and decimate many tribes in West Africa and beyond. There are various accounts of these happening. The many wars Britain fought in Africa, were not wars in the real sense. They were the outright killing of native Africans, and stealing of their resources under the terms “conquer and colonize.”

But one thing that fascinates me is that while they were killing and maiming Africans all over the continent, their missionaries and administrators were setting up churches and teaching our people that African ways were evil.

The missionaries, who were an extension of the wickedness of their colonial thrones and armies, devised every means to make the African hate his ancestry, and accept the ancestry and ways of the European.

Dear Africans, now tell me, how do you call a people who murdered millions, the good guys. And then call your ancestors who were killed the bad guys? How do you do that?

Everywhere you go today in Africa, especially in Nigeria, you will find Africans renouncing their ancestors, and saying all kinds of negative things about their ancestry. Many shallow minded ones amongst us are bold to say that the economic hardship they suffer today, is as a result of their ancestor’s evil deeds.

So, my question for such people is: How come the Europeans are not suffering from these ancestral curses, giving that they killed thousands of times over what our ancestors did to survive in their time?

As you answer that question, it is important for us as a people to denounce and reject all the negative remarks that have been systematically heaped on our people. The West has no right to judge our ancestors for the things to survive in their own lands, which were customs and traditions to them.

We are an open-hearted people, and hospitable people, and that is why we opened our doors to the Europeans who came to kill us, take our lads and properties, and then labeled us as the evil ones.

Let no one make you see your ancestry as evil. We are descendants of good men -descendant of kings and queens. Let us raise our heads high.

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