Every Igbo Person Is A Biafran By Heritage And Blood

People often wonder why some of the enlightened Ndị Igbo are adamantly and solidly behind the Biafra struggle. To people such as these, we have these few words: Every Igbo Person Is A Biafran by heritage and blood. You can’t deny that eternal link.

You see, by birth and blood, every man or woman born of an Igbo mother should be sympathetic to the genuine problems affecting his/her people. By agony, pain, persecution, and hatred every Igbo person is a Biafran. The wounds are still fresh in our minds.

So it requires that even though you don’t support secession (as ònye Igbo), you should at least refrain from making hurtful remarks about your people. You should not make your brethren’s tears a thing of mockery. You should not shoot yourself in the leg.

We Ndị Igbo pride ourselves to know it all, but we still have a thing or two to learn from the Hausa-Fulani (ethnopolitical) tribe in Northern Nigeria. This being because the North defends it’s own. Even when their mob kills us in the hundreds – their leaders (and populace) will never come out to condemn these acts publicly.

Am I throwing up ethnic and regional sentiments? No!!! All I am saying is that it is a disgrace to find Ndị Igbo pitched against fellow Ndị Igbo at such a crucial time when our people have spoken out loudly.

They say they don’t enjoy the treatment they are getting from the Nigerian union. And that they want to go their own way. Do you say they are liars? Do you think an entire nation will choose blackmail when they should focus on their future?

Dear ònye Igbo, look beyond your envy and hatred for Nnamdi Kanu (and IPOB) and understand that you can’t stand against your people at this crucial time in our history. If you want to be Nigerian, fine, go ahead. But don’t force the millions (who are living without hope) to keep believing in a country that has failed them.

Nigeria has failed Nigerians. But most importantly, Nigeria has hurt Ndị Igbo. And those of our brethren who live in the North and South-east have felt the brunt more.

Article Written By Chuka Nduneseokwu

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