Short Story: 100 Years a Slave

On that beautiful Monday morning, Officer Teso reported to the B Division Police station at Ajah estate, to sign in for his riffle. He greeted his fellow officers, quickly collected his riffle and changed into his uniform. He was about to head out with his unit when the DPO called on him. He answered “Oga sir” and hurriedly ran into the DPO’S office. “How far now, where my own share from yesterday nah” the DPO asked him. He answered: “Oga na Tunde hold the proceeds oh.” “Ok una Don begin chop my share Abi, e be like say una want make I assign una to patrol”, echoed the DPO. Teso quickly apologized for not giving the DPO a share of the bribe they got the previous day and promised to bring it that evening.

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