Founder Of African American Museum Killed And Dumped In Car Trunk


It is with a heavy heart and anger in our minds, that we report the murder of a noble and iconic Black woman, who founded the African American History Museum in the United States Of America. Her name was Sadie Roberts-Joseph. The police reported that she was found dead in the trunk of her car.

Now, who would want to kill a promising Black elderly woman? Hopefully, by the end of this report, we can point out a few groups we might suspect.

The police at Baton Rouge said that their investigators need to confirm the cause of death from coroners. This information was made available by the Sergeant L’Jean McKneely, of the Baton Rouge Police.

The African American Museum was founded by the dead Sadie, who was a curator. She started the museum in 2001 and was very passionate about telling the true history and stories of Black people. The iconic and prestigious library is situated on the campus of the New St. Luke Baptist Church, where Sadie’s brother is a pastor.

In a Facebook post, the Baton Rouge Police Department said these noble words about Sadie: “Ms. Sadie was a tireless advocate of peace… Our detectives are working diligently to bring the person or persons responsible for this heinous act to justice.”

As we wait for the results of the coroner, as to ascertain what killed Sadie, it is important that we celebrate her and what she has done to promote consciousness of history among Black people in America.

The Museum which is one of a kind, features strong and epic African art, black inventors and achievers. The museum also has exhibits of cotton plantations, and also a Bus as old as 1953, from the civil rights boycotts in Baton Rouge. Also standing among the exhibits is a prominent edifice of Brack Obama, which was cited by Sadie to be an inspiration to children.

In a newspaper interview in 2016, Sadie made remarks about the history and she said: “We have to be educated about our history and other people’s history… Across racial lines, the community can help to build a better Baton Rouge, a better state and a better nation.”

Sadie’s sister, Beatrice Johnson, who lived two doors away from her, said that Sadie had visited her home earlier that day. She reported that: “she had mixed some cornbread, but her oven went out, and she brought it here to put in the oven.” She pointed towards the kitchen saying that the bread is still there because she never came back to collect it.

So Who Must Have Killed Her?

Now, we are not naming any names, but we must analyze this based on who she is and what she stands for.

In recent times there has been a huge awakening among Black people. Many black people now want to know more about their history – They want more equal rights and justice. And at the root of such awakening are men and women like Sadie, who go out of their way to raise the consciousness of Black people, by telling the truths of who we are and what we have been through.

So if anyone was fighting against “TRUTH” and wanted to reduce the knowledge and consciousness of Black people, they will attack and take out the root – in this case, Sadie.

The reason for her death/murder/assassination is no different from that of Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Tupac, Nipsey Hussle, and a great many Black people who have stood up for our race.

Her friends and family should pay attention to the recent projects she was working on. They should expose to the people the new truths she had found out about our people. It is most likely that whoever killed her, was trying to shut her up – trying to end her Gospel to her people.

Today, we have lost yet another liberator and warrior. Today, we cry not just for what she has achieved for our people, but for the untapped strength, knowledge, and wisdom which the enemy has snuffed out and stollen from the Black race.

Rest on Mama, we pray your reincarnation will be soon, and that your great spirit will live with us soon.

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  1. The North American Black Historical Museum in Amherstburg Ontario is another Museum that now is really quite old. And the Wright Museum in Detroit holds the same charge.

    They will stand because there are no Dixiecrat Fake Republicans here.


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