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How North Africa Lost Its Black Population and Turned White – Full History

The idea that North Africa is originally white is one that is most annoying and painful for every conscious black African. It is an insult to now attribute black African heritage and history to Arabian invaders who invaded Africa and took over that region.

The regions of Libya and the South of Algeria still have strong African features which have survived over time.

In this article, we will provide answers and evidence which shows that certain parts of North Africa only recently became white. We will lay emphasis on the Maghreb and Libya.

Before we continue, it is important to know that the original and natural color of entire Africa is “BLACK.” Nothing more nothing less. Every other white human in Africa today came from Europe-Asia. So below we are going to uncover how and when white people and cultures entered Africa and became dominant in North Africa.

The Whitening of our glorious Egypt:

Before the invasion of Egypt by various nations of white people, there was a little group of white people who were said to have been sacrificed by Nare Mari, who was the first pharaoh of the unified Egypt. This was in 3300 BC. This was deduced from the examination of the palette below. Although this conclusion was not agreed on unanimously by scholars and Egyptologists.

Another appearance of white elements in Egypt was in 1300 BC when a white prisoner of war was brought to Egypt, under the reign of Mary-n-Ptah (Merenptah).

The third appearance of the white people, which was the beginning of the end for that glorious civilization, was invasions by the Assyrian, Roman, Greek, and Persians (Iranian). These invasions which lasted for hundreds of years forced the black population of Egypt to flee to other parts of Africa. The blacks who refused to flee, where ruled over by invaders and then cross-bred over generations. Those who were cross-bred are the present-day Coptic of Egypt.

The last wave of Egypt’s whitening was when the Arabs besieged Egypt in 639, and this was followed by three centuries of domination by the Ottoman (Turkish) empire.

The Whitening of Libya and Maghreb:

The first-time white people were seen and described in Libya was around 1300 BC. It was during the time of Pharaoh Suti Mery-n-Ptah (Seti I). The white people were referred to as “Tamehu.”

It is recorded that under the reign of Ramesu Hakayunu (Ramses III) around 1200 BC, a large population and army of white invaders were pushed back in successive battles from Egypt to Libya. Those were the invaders who laid siege to the black population of Libya.

According to world renowned historian Cheikh Anta Diop, there were a black group of people called Tenehus (also known as Lebus) who were living in Libya, before the white invaders (Tamehus), arrived. The Lebus are said to probably be the ancestors of the Lebus tribe in Senegal.

The Whitening of the Black Carthaginians in Maghreb:

The ancient kingdom of carthage, which is now present-day Tunisia, was originally black, but today, it is dominantly white, inhabited by Arabs. The Carthaginians ruled the Maghreb between 814 and 147 BC. This was according to skeleton analysis conducted by European anthropologists.

In his confirmation of the original black population of Carthage (Tunisia), French anthropologist Stephane Gsell, the director of Alger museum had this to say: … the anthropological analysis of the skeletons found in Carthage proves that there is no racial or ethnic unity… the Semitic type (white Berber or Arab) characterized by an oval face, an aquiline thin nose, was not found in Carthage. On the other hand, the type with a more stretched out body than the legs is common to the skeletons found in Lebanon and Tyr (it corresponds to Phoenicians who were also Blacks)… the majority of the Carthaginian population was negroid”.

The skeletons of ancients Carthaginians that were found in their capital city Tyr in present day Lebanon and their port of Syracuse in Italy, show that they were purely black.

But despite these evidences of ancient black populations, one is left to wonder how those areas are now dominantly white.

The answer is clear through the white race invasion and stealing of land and structures of ancient black civilizations.

The Maghreb (Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria) was Core Black:

After the war of invasion between the Romans and Carthage, the Romans won the king Hannibal and took the Maghreb. When they entered the Maghreb, they found so many blacks in Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco who were called “Moors”, and so named the region Mauretania. The Greek and Latin word meaning “strictly black” is “Mauros/Maures”. It therefore means that “Mauretania” is used to refer to a “Black people’s country”. It is probable that Morocco is also derived from the same root word “Moor”.

In Libya, the black nomadic people were names Barbari by the Romans, because of their robbery and barbaric tendencies. The Romans and Greeks, in Libya, described the heavy presence of black people with scared and painted faces. They wore braids and practiced totemism, and had a visibly matriarchal society.

The description by the Greeks and Romans showed that black people owned and lived in the Maghreb.

Also documents from around the same period in human history described the presence of a small “Ethiopian” nation which inhabited from Tripoli to Tunis. The word “Ethiopian” means “burnt faces or so black”, and was derived from a Greek work ‘Aethiopus.’ This word was originally used to refer to the blacks of Sudan. And this is proof that there originally blacks in Libya. But today, that region of Africa has been whitened, as a result of Arab invasion over hundreds of years, forcing the original dwellers to leave or cross-bred.

The word Barbari was transformed to Berber by the Arabs when they entered Barbari and Mauretania. The word Berber was then used to refer to everyone in Libya without differentiating their color. So, the word Berber before then referred to a predominantly black people. Majority of the black people of the region formed the troops that entered Spain in 711 BC for the occupation of the Iberian Peninsula for 781 years.

The testimonies of the Europeans at that time in history, goes to buttress these facts.

Alfonso X, the Spanish king, also known as “the wise” had this to say about the invasion: “All the Moorish soldiers were dressed with silk and black wool that had been forcibly acquired… their black faces were like pitch and the most handsome of them was like (black as) a cooking pan”

A song of a French Epic tale about the battle between the Franks and the Africans in Northern Spain in the 8th century, describes the appearance of the African invaders: “At their head rides the Saracen Abisme [Abyssinian]: no worse criminal rides in that company, stained with the marks of his crimes and great treasons, lacking he faith of God, Saint Mary’s son, And he is black, as black as melted pitch… Ethiope (Burnt faces/Africa in ancient Greek), a curse land indeed; The blackamoors from there are in his keep, Broad in the nose they are flat in ear, Fifty thousand and more in company… When Roland sees that unbelieving race, those hordes and hordes blacker than the blackest ink – no shred of white on them except their teeth…”

So, it was the Europeans who gave us the detailed description of the original people of the Maghreb. It is estimated that there were 3.5 million Blacks in Spain and Portugal at the end of the Muslim occupation. Their present descendants are called Moore, Maurice, Moreau, Morin, Moreno, Murray, Maurois etc.

So, the question now is: If the original people of the was black up till the 8th century, then how did that region become purely white? The presence of Arabs explains this, but not as much as the last two phenomenon which we will discuss below.

White Slavery and Ottoman presence:

The 2002 Ukraine Encyclopedia gives an estimated 2.5 million white people who were deported from Ukraine, Belarus, and Moscow region between the 15th and 18th century. With the knowledge of the white slave trade by Muslims starting in the 8th century involving a larger area, it is most likely that the outcome would be more than 2.5million.

The enslavement of white Europeans – Germanic and Slavic in particular (hence the word “slave”), by Muslim Arabs, is one side of history that is been kept secret. White men were castrated by European Jews in Verdun in France and deported from Venice. But this part of history is hidden by an agreement between Europeans and Arabs. It is possible that more white Europeans were enslaved at that era by the Muslim world, more than the black Africans of the Maghreb.

As a fall-out of Muslim/Arab control of the Maghreb, white people cross-bred with black Berbers to produce those the world calls Berbers today.

The presence of the Ottoman empire in the Maghreb also intensified the whitening of the region and people. This explain why till today, there are still African elements, European and Semitic (Arab) in the Berber languages.

In conclusion, just like the whitening of Egypt, the Maghreb and Libya, who were initially black, were bleached wit the initial white Libyans, Srabs, Turkish and also the white slaves.

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