How Racial Attacks On Black Community Increased By 200% Since Trump Became POTUS

The emergence of Donald Trump as the president of America was one event that sent mixed feelings through the African-American community. Some saw him as a harmless republican, while others saw his attitude and statements as a sign for heightened racism.

Many of those who saw him as harmless, was disappointed within a short period into his tenure as president. They saw his body language and actions embolden the white supremacists and racists in America.

In a very short period, the attacks and violence against Black people went up. Black men and women faced the harsh and brutal guns of racist white police, while many in the white community cheered them on. Donald Trump’s victory was a bold and clear indication that white people never stopped being extremely racist.

Many were deceived because the Obama presidency seemed like a U-turn in the general polity of America. African-Americans saw America as a safer place because one of them was in the white house. But for the extremist white supremacists, it was a painful era – a Black man leading them.

So, when Donald Trump came along, with all his campaign drama and rhetorics, the white supremacists saw a leader whose agenda and utterances will uphold and further enable their hatred and suppression of Black people.

In a statement of disbelief and disappointment for Trump’s victory in 2016, Melvin Steals, a retired principal in Baden, Pennsylvania, said that: “Transparency is the order of the day. Now we see what was hidden… “It’s like the era after Reconstruction all over again, when they wanted to eradicate all of the gains made by blacks after the Civil War… This is another opportunity to reassert their authority… “At the core there is something nefarious about it. It’s tied into white supremacy, that it’s their way or the highway.” 

There are those who have said that the coming of Donald Trump was propelled by a reaction of the white working-class who saw their social and economic capital reduce during the Obama regime. So, for them, Trump was a savior – the very person whose racist comments and behavior would revive white privilege and capital.

Donald Trump’s “let’s make America great again” slogan, is simply a subtle way of saying, let’s return white power back since America was coming from 8 years of Obama’s rule – Black rule.

For many white people, racism is not a bad thing. It is actually the backbone of white supremacy. That is why many white people voted for Donald Trump, even though many around the world view him as racist. Trump’s campaign and his victory meant that the KKK won.

At least that was the general feeling among many circles in America. Trump built his political popularity by employing certain racist techniques of the birther issue. Even though that was a very sensitive topic, he never apologized for it.

More enraging was his unwillingness to denounce the KKK. Many believe he was making a conscious effort to appeal and raise the racist nature of white America.

Now if Donald Trump’s victory came on the backs of entities like the KKK and the racist white-America, it is then simply to agree that white police and people would basically prosecute Black people, bearing in mind that they have a grand-patron in the white house who will protect them. And honestly, this goes beyond the president. It is the system which he has instituted to work for him and with him – a racist system.

One case which reinforced the Racist nature of Donald Trump against Blacks and other colored people was his racist and harsh remarks about Colin Kaepernick’s case with the NFL. Colin was protesting the reckless police brutality of Black people, but President Trump, instead of standing with the oppressed Black people, taunted Colin on twitter for disrespecting the national flag. Trump’s lack of remorse for Colin’s course and agitation says a whole lot about his endorsement of racism.

During a speech, in 2017, at Community College in Long Island, New York, Donald Trump, was heard endorsing police brutality of Black people and other colored people.

In an audience that was made up of police officers who have faced serious cases of racial profiling, Donald Trump encouraged them to be more brutal with suspects.

His words were: “When you see these thugs being thrown into the back of a paddy wagon. You just see them thrown in, rough. I said, ‘Please, don’t be too nice,’” Trump told the crowd to a smattering of applause. “Like when you guys put somebody in the car and you’re protecting their head…like don’t hit their head and they’ve just killed somebody. I said, ‘You can take the hand away, okay?’”

Every day, we are forced to watch gruesome video recordings of white policemen and women, harassing, shooting, beating and strangling Black men, women, boys, and girls. We have seen a white policeman shoot an unarmed pregnant woman to death. And all of these did not get any strong reaction from the president of a country. 

This and many more scenarios can be brought forward in defense of the sentiments of Donald Trump being racist and enabling brutality of Black people.

With racial attacks on Black people, Latinos, and other immigrants, increasing to well over 200%, it is safe to be fearful for the future of America, since it is most likely that his supporters have become bolder and more in number, and would most definitely vote him back into the office, in 2020.

It is safe to conclude that Black people in America are now more of an endangered species, and with Donald Trump’s body language, the next four years would be more disastrous for them.

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  1. Not true … we had it worst with OBama… and plus it always been here. People are recording more and it still being covered up. By the white washed media

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