Ireland Was First Inhabited By A Black ‘Twa’ Tribe – Allegedly Killed By St Patrick


There is a common knowledge of Africans being the first humans on earth. Many people have heard this in passing, but do not believe it to be true. This is due to the fact that history has been altered and taught wrongly.

The oldest human remains found by archaeologists is that of a Negro/brown/black person. This helps in buttressing the facts that Africans created civilization, and that various African tribes inhabited various regions of the earth, outside mother-land Africa.

One of such people is the Twa tribe of Africa, who were the first people to live in Ireland. They were also referred to as Akan by other African tribes, and Leprechaun by Europeans. The name Leprechaun comes the old Irish ‘luchorpán’, which is a compound name composed of lú meaning ‘small’ and corp meaning ‘body’.


The Twa practiced matriarchy. They venerated the Great Black Mother, and had women as leaders of their tribe. There have been many tales told about the Leprechauns and their magical powers. Many people believed them to be a fairy tale, but in reality, they existed.

The Twa were diminutive (little) men and women, who grew to a height of about 4’11”. They were skilled craftsmen who migrated from Africa into Ireland may thousands of years ago. They had advanced knowledge of medicine, metallurgy, textile, and clothing manufacturing. They were also excellent at shoemaking, which the Caucasians at that time in human existence though was “magical”.

The existence of the Twa people has been confirmed by various authorities in history and archeology. British Egyptologists Gerald Massey and Albert Churchward, the Scottish historian David Mac Ritchie, and the British antiquarian Godfrey Higgins, have carried out exhaustive research on this topic, and have shed light on the Twa people.

Many writers, the likes of Tacitus, Pliny, Claudian, and others have described the Blacks they encountered in the British Isles (Ireland) as “Black as Ethiopians,” “Cum Nigris Gentibus,” “nimble-footed blackamoors,” and so on.


Historians account that the Partholans, Formorians, Nemeds, Firbolgs, Tuatha-De-Danann, Milesians of Ireland, and the Picts of Northern Scotland were all Blacks.

Also, the Firbolgs who were believed to be a section of the Nemeds, are believed to be the Twa. They are described by historians as the dwarfs, dark elves or leprechauns in Irish History.

In his book titled “Ancient and Modern Britons, Davide MacRitchie stated: “That the wild tribes of Ireland were black men is hinted by the fact that “a wild Irishman” is in Gaelic “a black Irishman” (Dubh Eireannach)”. The word “Dubh” in Gaelic is “Black”.



Just like in many parts of the world, throughout history, there are accounts of Europeans committing eliminating or going to war with African tribes. Entire tribes have been decimated or wiped out over the course of human history.

One of such is the disappearance of the Twa likely caused by the Caucasian Irish people, who later came to Ireland.

Although this account of history is not widespread, many believe that the Irish celebration of St Patrick chasing out slakes from Ireland, was actually the hunting down of the Twa people.

The story and reason for the Irish holiday is actually an allegory; that is a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.

According to Irish and now world legend, back in the fifth century A.D., St. Patrick exterminated Ireland’s snakes by driving them all into the sea.

The Irish and Christians make it sound like he was saving the Caucasian people from real deadly snakes, but that is actually false.

The truth is that there is no evidence that points to the existence of serpents in Ireland. Ireland never had snakes, partly for the same reasons why there are no snakes in Iceland, Hawaii, New Zealand, Greenland, or Antarctica.

Ireland was once connected to a larger land mass, during the ice age, and the land was far too cold for any cold-blooded reptiles to survive. Ireland became colder when the glaciers melted around 10,000 years ago, pouring more cold water into the now-impassable expanse between Ireland and its neighbors.

Other animals, like wild boars, lynx, and brown bears, managed to make it across. Also, only a single reptile, the common lizard was able to make. Snakes, however, missed their chance to survive in Ireland.

So, there was no way St Patrick could have chased snakes into the sea with his religious powers. The Twa people are the snakes he chased out and killed.

The Twa people, just like many African tribes were wise just like the serpent. The Twa, just like many ancient African tribes were also referred to as Naga, Nagar, and Negus which loosely means “serpent people” or “people of the serpent”.

Anyone conversant with African history will recall that the names are synonymous to Pharaohs and Kings. n many African cultures and religions, the serpent is not a symbol of evil but one of eternal life, regeneration, power, protection, and wisdom.

The allegory of “serpents” clearly points to the Twa people, and it is safe to say that St Patrick was mostly a warlord, and was celebrated for his role in eliminating and chasing the Twa into the sea, where they met their death.

Below are some pages of books from historians/writers on the existence of the Twa people and many others like them.

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  1. We are on the same path..let speak the truth together.
    Check me out on Instagram on #peakblackness @peakblackness

  2. My DNA t2 entered Spain from North Africa over 10000 years ago. Meaning there were Africans in Spain before the Moors and African Jews. I traced my maternal ancestors all over Europe and into Britain. They were a dark people and the first tribe to settle in Britain. The Normans and Anglos entered Britain and declared war on the dark tribes and either intermixed with them or killed them off. My Llewelyn ancestors settled in Virginia and had the surname of Lewis. They are mostly Welsh and are remnants of the dark tribes who were the first settlera of Britain (which includes England Ireland Scotland and Wales).

  3. Fuck off BS the hunters and scavenger where the first people there has been no native black people in Ireland think about it evolution people hae dark skin because the heat like Africa is hot af and so there skin evolved to deal with that Ireland is cold wet damp thats why where pale so stop spending false lies you

  4. This is a ridiculous mishmash of nonsense. There’s plenty of real history of Ireland out there – look it up!

  5. It’s amazing to see how you basically come to a wild conclusion without pointing to any evidence whatsoever. Like it’s actually crazy how you are spreading misinformation with the end goal of proving some conclusion that you came to before gathering any evidence, which is poor scholarship at the best. You can’t come to some wild conclusion and loosely string together some semi-related “facts” and opinions to prove a point.

    The allegory of “serpents” clearly points to the Twa people, and it is safe to say that St Patrick was mostly a warlord, and was celebrated for his role in eliminating and chasing the Twa into the sea, where they met their death. —- So you’re saying this man was actually a warlord that chased an entire population of people into an ocean………

    The only thing this article proved was that the TWA people existed in Ireland which is the only piece of information you have backed by actual proof. Making a loose at best connection between the snakes that st . Patrick metaphorically drove out (btw this is a myth as well, and all throughout the bible there’s snake imagery , so again this could represent anything from the devil, to sin, to whatever you want it to be really) is not the same as providing an actual fact that these people were slaughtered extinguished etc and furthermore does not prove at all that St.Patrick was behind this if it did occur.

    This is slazy scholarship /jounralism/clickbait and the amount of bias presented in this article makes it clear that this is article can’t be taken to be a valid account of anything historical. Stop spreading mistruths to validate your standpoints. It’s not doing anyone any good. People will read this and accept it as truth even though there’s no factual or historical merit behind it. Also here’s a snopes article disproving this point

  6. Great article! To make your argument stronger: Catholics are not thought that it was literal snakes, but that he drove the Protestants out of Ireland.
    I never really got into saint Patrick’s day and now I have another reason not to celebrate it.

  7. Now I’m adding ST. Patrick’s Day to the cancelled list, along with a Thanksgiving, Columbus Day, and Independence Day.

  8. This must be the most ignorant, false information i have ever heard. If your irish and truly know history you would know that the “twa” or really batwa.. And inhabit forests in africa. The person publishing this site should be given a history lesson. St. Patrick didnt butcher or eliminate any tribem . mixing him up with christopher columbus…. Those pictures are all false and copy/pasted. But go ahead and keep teaching or informing false history and putting the wrong things into peoples heads!. Thats why the world is so currupt to date!!!

  9. Having been born on St. Patrick’s day, I’ve never researched the history behind the so-called holiday. Thanks to my sons curiosity, he sent me this article and I’m better informed as a result of his research!

  10. This piece of writing relies on absurd assumptions, for example claiming that the milesians were African is absurd given that historians as far back as the Roman’s proved they came from Scythia not to mention their own history and mythology which claims the same. Another example is the claim that the Gaelic term fear Dubh means black man, this is untrue fear dubh refers to a black haired person just as fear ban refers to a blind haired man and the common fear rua Greer’s to a redhead.
    Certainly African history has been stolen, hidden and rewritten by Caucasian Europeans however this is not the way to reclaim it in fact this kind of article undermines the project of reclamation.
    Bye I’m irish, speak Gaelic and am proud of my milesian heritage, which is Asian.


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