Its Very Insulting For White Women To Make This Revolution About BLACK DICKS

Its Very Insulting For White Women To Make This Revolution About BLACK DICKS

At this point in world history, where the forces of nature have brought the brutality of the white man in America against the black man, to the forefront of social discourse, it is demeaning for white women to make this an issue of dick size and sexual intercourse.

For hundreds of years Africans who were shipped and sold to white slavers in America, have been victims of man’s inhumanity to his fellow man.

After over 400 years of draconian enslavement of Africans in America, we entered another era that was littered with lynchings, riots, burning of Black town, business, and assasination of Black men and women who stood up for their people – this we call the Civil rights era.

We moved into the 21st century America, and nothing has changed. Absolutely nothing!

To date, America claims to be the police of the world and to be a civilized society, but day-in-day-out we are witnesses to the killing of our innocent brothers and sisters – in a style which says that: “White America will not change in its killing and persecution of Black people. And that they are far from being civil.”

Yes, it is a good thing to see that some sections of the white-world are showing remorse for their transgressions against Black people, but to trivialize our pain and make it about dick size and sex, is calling over 500 years of Caucasian terrorism, a joke.

We don’t care who you are sleeping with. Be he/she a “horse in bed” or a “freak in the sheets”. We will not allow shallow people to hijack this revolution and make it about satisfying white-women in bed.

No one cares about all that.

George Floyd did not die because of your vagina.

He died because of the hate against Black people by racists elements in white society and law enforcement.

Let us respect his memory and what this protests stand for.

Below are historic documents of the killing and persecution of Black people in America, Africa, and Europe.

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