Jesus Has Done Nothing To Save Africa From European Wickedness For Over 350 Years


There is a very strong notion and believe by African Christians that Jesus Christ will save them from suffering and reverse the many hurts inflicted on them by corrupt politicians and greedy Europeans invaders. Every corner you turn to in Africa, you find people on their knees wailing and begging “a supposed savior” to come and rescue them. Day by day we are furnished with the gospel that Africa needs saving and that it is only the blood of Jesus that can make Africa whole again.

But one would be forced to wonder if this white Jesus is deaf, or if he has abandoned those who he promised to save from their tribulations. One wonders when Africans will wake up from their myopia to realize that they have been sold a lie. Yes, Jesus might have existed in History, but one hard fact is that “he is not coming to save Africans from the wickedness of this world. He is not coming now, neither is he coming later.”

The only people who can save Africa from her many woes are Africans. The Europeans who brought us the religion that contains the “Jesus promise” are solving their problems through crooked and genuine means. They are not kneeling down and wailing to White Jesus to come and save them. They are busy invading nations and taking their resources, either by force or through cunning diplomacy, while they push the propaganda and gospel of Jesus Christ to Africans.


Quick question, dear African: How many churches do you see crowded in Europe these days? If the Europeans who brought Jesus Christ to you, still believe in him, then why are they abandoning Christianity and legalizing all forms of immoralities? This dear African. Think!!!

And please don’t say they will go to hell, and you will go to heaven for believing their lies. No, they won’t. That is because there is no hell, and there is no heaven. We Africans have always believed in reincarnation, and that is the way to go. If Africans must go to heaven, then they should build that heaven here on earth, just like every other race in the world is doing.

We have been held back by very deceptive gospels here in Africa. The gospel of turning the other cheek, and the gospel of vanity, have kept Africa backwards and docile. Preachers go on and on about how we should turn the other cheek when slapped or assaulted. But not even the Vatican (Rome) or Israel turns the other cheek when enemies assault them. No. They pick up their guns, the Bishops and Popes bless the guns and they return the slap to the enemy or the one who assaulted them.

The vanity gospel is even worse because it keeps Africans at a level where they feel that they should not aspire to so much – a world where too much wealth is a sin. Now can a people build and move forward and out of poverty, when their gospels encourage them to be poor? The answer is a resounding No!!!


Ever since Europeans started the colonization of Africa in 1885, Africans have been praying to Jesus to come to solve their problems, to come and rescue them. And for over 130 years, Jesus has not answered. He is busy blessing the Europeans and Americans more as they steal from Africa. And when we complain, you hear stupid Africans say: “Gods time is the best”. That is one line that has kept many Africans docile for years.

For example, the Churches in Nigeria have been praying for as long as anyone can remember. But the corruption, strife, death, and discord in Nigeria get worse every year. The Catholic church in Nigeria even has a “prayer for Nigeria in distress” and a “Prayer against Bribery and corruption in Nigeria”.

Now how will Jesus stop corrupt politicians and public servants from stealing the country dry? Why are America and China not praying to Jesus to come and save them from corruption? Why do their governments set up institutions and policies that keep their leaders in check? If Jesus was so effective and was all and all, why is China, a Pagan nation, prospering more than Nigeria, with her hundreds of thousands of churches?

Many health and financial challenges today in Africa are not hard to solve through African traditional religions and a sheer determination to succeed. There is no food for a lazy man, and no African was created to be lazy. Africans started to depend too much on the white man’s god, and spend too much time praying, instead of working. Many Africans believe so much in the “manner from heaven” gospel. That has led to many Christians spending their Monday mornings and so forth in the church when they are meant to be out working. Now how do you pray more than you work, and expect manna from heaven? How?


Dear Africans; please you must take your fate into your hands, return to our ancestors’ ancient ways of worship and communicating with mother nature, and save ourselves. We must be brave enough to confront the enemies at our doors. Africa should resist the white man and his continuous milking of our resources. There are enough human and natural resources in Africa, to save us. Only we can do it for ourselves – Not Jesus, or any of the European deities.

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  1. There where people like you before who said the same things about the bondage of isreal in egypt for four hundred years, and yet you talk of Africa for 340 yrs… time came whn those who thought like you lost there first 🥇 born sons for liberation of Israel in Egypt. and worse stil evn after failing to believe that Isreal is released those who got more stubborn nd followed after them got drowned in the red sea… dont get drowned and lose both the life of your succesor nd yours…. thats the grace of God he forewarns before he destroys his arrogant creatures..

  2. Well the whole world feels this way. If not Jesus then who?? Superman,Batman,Wizard,Genie etc?? We quickly loose faith but believe and fantasy quick! Were is people faith?? If people believe not of Jesus or GOD then why not make ones on faith happen?? Around the world tragedies are happening and many are asking the same questions of where is Jesus or GOD.

    We believe more in Satan and evil as we can see the wrongs in action. Though faith and miracles are not seen much. The Bible does speak of all that’s happening and a time where all this will come to a end. We ask when??? This is where faith is a must. There are people of faith who are victims as well though still hold faith. So those who hold no faith of GOD or miracles should you expect miracles?? Do we hold to faith like our expectations??

  3. Do you think America and Europe don’t have problems? They have them but they use their media to show you good things only! They have homeless, hangers etc. Even in the time of Jesus people thank like you, thinking that Jesus is coming to rescue them from Romans but it was not his mission. Heaven exists, Heavenly Father the Creator exists, Jesus Christ the savior of Humanity (all of the people who existed, now and tomorrow including Americans and Europeans + Africans) and the Holy Spirit. I pray God to change the mind like your caused by Hopeless situations and Africans should follow truly the steps of Lord Jesus Christ.

  4. Dear brother my heart morons for you and my condolences for the tragedies your country has faced for centuries and is still going through. I will not tell you what to do or how to do it. I will not pass judgement or criticism as I am not in your shoes . All I will tell you is to follow your heart as any man should. I pray that God gives you the tools and resources to do what must be done God speed my brother.


    It was Muslims who sold MILLIONS of Africans… wait for it… TO THE EUROPEANS in the first place.

    Islam has a LONG and DEEP history with the Old Roman Catholic Church. Muhammad was married to one.

    I find it interesting how the entire world can speak against Christ, but I never hear a single person campaign the same way against the World’s Religions.

  6. Each individual had to find God for themselves. Many of the stories of the Bible are just that…….. stories. The Bible even states this truth itself. They are called allegory. There are about 300 actual books of the Bible. Only 66 were selected to to be reproduced for the world to read and to believe. People in many instances worship the Bible and not God. The true Jews are Black people from Africa. The fair skinned people that occupy Isreal came from the North and settled there and took on the customs after many Blacks left. People. Study for yourselves. Study History as well. Pray to God….for direction and truth. “My People perish for a lack of knowledge.”

  7. You are really attacking the wrong side of African christianity. The founding fathers of America read and applied bible principles that brought them wealth, Europe did it. Just because you are given a bible, it doesn’t mean you will interpret it right. Africans are now finding ways to interpret Jesus right and you will see the results. Europe is introducing all sorts of immorality and it’s fall is not far. Same sex marriage will decrease the population and they will suffer from labor market. Stop accusing Jesus, accuse people that used him wrong and yes, the blood of Jesus that free one from bondage will save Africa and this through hard work, integrity and so many other things the bible say.
    Sorry, you can’t win this.

  8. How do you know god is out there forwarning people? Is there a god? If so, did you meet him personally and shake his hand?
    Stop giving your power to something that doesn’t exist. YOU and I need to take action because there is NO savior who is coming to save us as described in books, no Jesus, no God, no holy spirit.

    We are gods, we that have the ability to create heaven and hell within ourselves and the world. That religion was created to control the human race, to subdue them, to make people stop thinking for ourselves, giving others the power to control us.

    If you have a computer, you should read about the origins of christianity.

  9. You asked an excellent question! “If not jesus then who?”
    Oh boy, that is exactly what the writers and developers of christianity NEVER wanted us to ask!
    If you go back and study the origins of christianity, you will see that a select few people implemented the idea of chrisianity in order to make the masses of people compliant to their “rules,” with punishment to follow should you disobey.
    What they didn’t want people to ask, “If not Jesus who?” The answer is YOU, it’s all inside of you. You , and every person, holds the secret within. Christianity wanted us to look out there to God in the heavens, or to believe in jesus to save us. They never wanted humans to see that within the human being is the power to create change for the better, to allow only goodness in, and to pass that on to others.

    Please do research on the computer to learn more.

  10. Ur words are almost rite but get ur information correct before u mock my FATHER. . JESUS WAS FAR FROM WHITE..noone know what rite or wrong but HE does,an there is a HEAVEN because I was there but my heart was so black HE sent me back to tell u all,we all have GOD inside of us,it’s up to us to bring HIS lite shown an not hidden. ..first I’ll ask My FATHER to forgive you sir .an ur garbage wjudged only by HIM an u preach false words,I

  11. I’m sorry Yeshua was not a politician, not Democrat, Republican, or revolutionary. People don’t read about his sayings, his examples, his meaning being on Earth when Lucifer tried to attempted him several times but since people don’t know why came, people don’t know him and those atheist love to talk and yes politicians from so called religious hypocrites, businessmen like to pimp people, it’s okay for them to laugh and joke, and talk about Christ, I promise you and you know who you are,Jesus said that not everyone is going to make because the road is narrow.

  12. Exodus is a myth. There is no historical evidence to back the story of Moses. In fact the recent discovery of mummified bodies of labourers have led archaeologists to believe there might not have been any slaves in Egypt and the pyramids and the great monuments were built by paid labourers.

  13. The writer of this article is a dickhead.
    The writer is this article is the man on the roof during the flood. Who prayed and ask Jesus for help. Jesus send A raft he said it ok Jesus will save me. Then a speedboat came he said it’s ok Jesus will save me. Then a helicopter and he said it’s ok Jesus will save me. Then he drowned and met Jesus. He said to Jesus “oh Jesus I called to you for help but you abandoned me” and Jesus replied “you dickhead I sent you a raft, a speedboat AND a helicopter. But you rejected me.

  14. To answer your question, other countries are abandoning their faith because this is exactly what the bible foretold. Sin is rampant, and christianity is being persecuted. What you are speaking is blasphemy. God gave us something called “free will.” The injustices most people face are of their own doing. It is an Intricate web of sin and injustice that I would be a fool to try and explain. But jesus Isnt to blame. He was blamed and crucified when he was here, and he is still being blamed and crucified thousands of years later.

  15. Job 21:7-13
    “Why do the wicked still live, Continue on, also become very powerful? “Their descendants are established with them in their sight, And their offspring before their eyes, Their houses are safe from fear, And the rod of God is not on them.

    Ecclesiastes 7:15
    I have seen everything during my lifetime of futility; there is a righteous man who perishes in his righteousness and there is a wicked man who prolongs his life in his wickedness.

    Psalm 92:7
    That when the wicked sprouted up like grass And all who did iniquity flourished, It was only that they might be destroyed forevermore.

  16. A relationship with God is built on your experience with God. Our faith alone is not what we should rest our hope on, but with everyday we should be called to action to create a better outcome for tomorrow. Faith coupled with “doing for ourselves” is the essence of the Christian faith. Traditions of man is what we have caught up in but intimacy with God is what should strive for. Its not either or its both our faith and call to action if we really expect to see change.

  17. Why not look up to the sky, ask God. He is real today and forever. I know…
    I have seen and notice God has Power beyond our imagination. Having faith is the key to seen his wonderful love for us… PEOPLE… Questioning God is not
    the way to get his blessings… Go and find one person among your PEOPLE that has faith in God and trust God
    will be there, but be careful that the evil one not blind you to see… Now Jesus christ is his only son send to us PEOPLE for our sins to be for given…
    Having faith on Jesus and his Father is
    the only way to continue life. Dying is not the end. Being born again spiritual
    is a new beginning and free from sin.
    Jesus is waiting for you and all beautiful PEOPLE because his kingdom is not from this World… Believe, Faith is the Key to your PEOPLE…

  18. I think Whoever wrote this is prejudiced. Return to where? Ancestors? You believe ancestors exist somewhere. Are the ancestors spiritual beings or flesh and blood. I agree that Africans are the people who must rise up to build Africa. Yes, everyone knows that. Come again and tell the world how ancestral worship is the way to do it. This is a misguided idea, and a deceptive information. You think you can worship other spirits and build a nation but you cannot worship God, the Creator and build a nation. Come on, this is the biggest lie I have ever come across. Your argument holds to water. This is a poor way to think of liberating Africa. Write well, please.

  19. Jesus did not come into the world as a “miracle worker.” Do not impute to Jesus, woes caused by humans. Do not impute on the back of Jesus the incompetence of politicians, the prejudice of people worse than animals and all the ills that humans are responsible for. Instead of blaming Jesus for all the misfortunes caused by people and bean eaters, fight for a better world by charging against irresponsible and corrupt politicians. Instead of blaming Jesus for everything that goes wrong with the world, divide the bread you have left on the table that often goes into the trash can. Go there to Africa, fight all the religious ethnicities that live by magic and talk. Go there to Africa to fight Dengue, Malaria, Ebola, Hunger, Misery and Wild Jungle Animals.

    Jesus did not come into the world to work miracles, especially to fight against racist vultures from the global elite. Jesus did not come into the world to end privileges of the rich who do nothing to change this situation of things. Living on the profit and exploitation of the poor, the black men, is easy. It is difficult to act honestly, with dignity and respect for the less privileged classes.

    The global elite is shitting and pacing the situation in Africa.

    Instead of blaming Jesus, move, do something yourself. Jesus never lived in blah blah blah. Jesus never needed us, knot

    Differences and self-harm, injustice against white, black, brown, yellow, red people will be taken cleanly on the day of account, when we will be face to face with Jesus. So, let’s see who’s who.

  20. Correcting the penultimate paragraph:

    Instead of blaming Jesus, move yourself, do something yourself, Jesus never lived in blah, blah, blah, Jesus never needed us, we always need him.

  21. Trust faith no matter whats happens of the trust faith completely believe
    Am sure our father ❤❤Jesus will show a miracle….Our God is an awesome father which i have seen miracles in my life..Praise to the lord Jesus Christ..❤❤.

  22. The writer of this article is very poor in spirit, lost his/her hope, materialistic and selfish. This is the thinking and mentality of a worldly and deceiving person. This is what the Devil looks like. He doesn’t come in “red cape” and “pointy horns”. He comes as everything you’ve ever wished for. Nothing on Earth is worth going to Hell for. I don’t know with this author if what’s going on with his life, but the people who are faithful to the Lord will be rewarded in heaven. Philippians 1:6 says “Have Patience, God isn’t finished yet”. My prayers for Africa and other parts of the world where people feel the same way. Keep the faith..

  23. GOD IS REAL ! I agree with all statements above… there is death everywhere, poverty everywhere, injustice everywhere. As a collective whole praying for America won’t fix everyone’s problems . You pray for yourself! I do agree that laziness never helped any problems but God is real and has to help each collective people individually. The expectation is not that you pray to God to save the world and the entire moment after those words is saved. He’s not a genie! The devil is still in play; sins are still in play; unbelievers are still in play … so you have a very one sided notion with an Atheist main point .

  24. Although I think the article is a bit extreme I understand where they’re coming from. I feel the solution is to use your free will. Of course you can pray but prayer alone won’t work. You need to figure out a plan and follow it and think about how devastating your life will be if you don’t follow it. Small steps first. But it starts with Y O U

  25. Denying God is the easiest thing to do. You may think it is easier to bow down and give everything to Jesus but have you ever done that my friend? It is actually the hardest thing to do. Then I GOTTA DO IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN EVERY DAY. Those of us who have a personal relationship with Him and in His actual presence cannot deny His existence. This is not something you can ever correctly convey or explain. Some things you said are correct like “action is needed” and “people need to come together with a plan “ just like any other organized movement or takeover. I believe that God is speaking to many now and formatting plans in the subconscious of believers who pray. He is getting everyone in place for His purpose. In his Time (Yes HIS time) His plan will manifest using those who are willing to take the appropriate action at the appropriate time. This will also include non-believers like yourself who will be in place as well. Whether you believe or not you belong to Him. We all do. Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!!! May God bless you till then and after. ❤️

  26. What a dumb ass article. Obviously the writer needs way more research on spirituality vs being literal.

    Jesus doesn’t go around place acting like Superman. Read the Bible and see what was left for us and on follow the example. Read so you can see that Jesus didn’t and doesn’t act alone but within us, the people with faith in Him. Also know that Christians are not perfect and yes, they be corrupt and that is why they follow Jesus teaching, so they can stop. Those who Manipulate with religion eventually will sufferers their consequences (not talking about curses or anything but, real life. The same and the lack of credibility)

    Other than that. If you want to talk about someone to free Africa. Jesus is not the man, however he can be leading the man that will do something for Africa like I hope your article vs Jesus somehow help the situation over there. I truly doubt it. Anyways, God bless you, I hope your next article is better

    Last but not least, I suggest that you

  27. Mainza Mabuti, i have to address your personally on this issue.
    You are part of the problem that we still have in Africa. The biggest problem that we have in Africa is to blindly believe in nonsense that keeps us down. No Religion, no matter which one and no Jesus or whoever else can save and solve our problems. The long brainwashing since 340 years still yield fruits. Religion has always been a source of money, power and nothing else. It is also an Instrument to take away what the poor people have to the rich deceivers. This was used in Europe until Martin Luther explained it to the people in Europe: ( ) It is in the human nature to have a belief but you should not believe blindly. So when Africa was rediscovered by Europe ( I am not using the word discover because Africa cannot be discovered by Europe since Africa has existed longer than Europe ) When the European invaders reached Africa, India and South America they used religion to get their way and to induce a doctrine which they have been using in Europe to make money, get power and subdue the people to do the same in Africa. To their surprise it worked much better in Africa than nowhere else. Every reasonable African should ask he or her self why was Africa fairing better before the arrival of the Europeans and Christianity? Your great ancestors never knew Christianity, do you believe or assume that all of them are in HELL and burning now. If your answer is yes, then you must be as stupid as the Europeans want you to be. The example of China in this article is a good one but let’s put China apart and use less Asian countries like, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand or the Philippine. These countries got their independence in the same period as most African countries. Look at their technological development and then look at most African countries today. If you haven’t understood it, then you will not understand it. Immediately the Europeans found technology, the left Christianity aside because most of them knows that Christianity is nothing but a hoax. We Africans are left behind because we rather believe in Religion than in Technology. We believe that we don’t have to work hard to better our own country, we believe in praying, praying hoping that one day, we will be saved. We Africans are the only continent that give more to build churches than to build schools and hospitals. Since the arrival of Europeans in Africa with their Christianity Africa just went backwards. All African big empires were destroyed. The most natural resources, African achievements like arts, sculptures and knowledge where transported to Europe because they were pagan and thus against Christianity. But what…they were not destroyed but kept in Europe up till now. They build museums so that they can collect money with African cultures and artifacts. Not only was Africa plundered of their resources, knowledge and human power. Africa was scrambled in 1884 in Berlin conference not caring about the social, economic and cultural conditions and impacts to the people of Africa but to suit Europeans quest for wealth and better life. ( ) Africa cannot be better until the majority of us stop blindly believing in a story made up to subdue us. We pray day and night. We pray more than we work and instead of us to use technology to better our country we refuse it cos’ we think it is evil. We don’t only think that we believe it cos we are brainwashed to believe it. That is why many Africans board a ship and try to reach Europe where they think they will find the green pasture. Europe in early stage was the hardest and poorest continent now it is the richest continent by far and many Africans are dying in the seas in a quest to come to Europe. Africans first Children are not dying from the wrath of any God because those are nothing but fairy tales, they are dying on the high sea by trying to reach Europe and that is the reality.

  28. Don’t mind them.
    Humans has been existing before Christianity. Humans has walked on this earth since 200,000 years and Christianity exists since only 2.000 years.
    The bible don’t even know that, use your brain to think or stay brainwashed and backwards. The choice is yours.

  29. LOl, you were in heaven, then why didn’t you not stay there? Oh i forget…you were sent to the world to take the little that the poor have to enrich yourself.

  30. No…Christianity is misleading and that’s why the Europeans fought against it until they find a use for it. To make rich Europeans pay money for their so called sins. As the Europeans get wiser, it was transported to Africa to enslave a continent for ever. It was the so called Christians who slaved Africans to work on their plantations. Ripped and murdered Indigenous Americans for the sake of gold and called it missionary.

  31. “The founding fathers of America read and applied bible principles that brought them wealth, Europe did it.”

    This is one of the stupidest statement i have ever read.
    Yeah…you are right. You really win!

  32. The real question here is who is prejudiced. Africa as a continent is 132 Million years old.
    People have been living in Africa and build empires since over 100, 000 years before Christianity was found. Those people are your ancestors and mine too. So because they did not believe in Jesus and did not read the bible…they all are perished? Religion is just nothing but believing and conditioning. As long as you believe, it doesn’t matter what you believe in. It works for you because you conditioned yourself that everything good that happens to you is because of you believe. This is applicable to any religion today and to all the past religions.

    I will make it simple, just pic a piece of stick and believe on it and if you really believe that. Then it works for you not because there is any power in this stick but because you conditioned yourself to it. My Ancestors believed in mother earth and their ancestors and had a better life until the Europeans appears with their Christianity. Hell or Heaven is on this earth and it is what you make “up” and “out” of you life. Humanity is about being good, accepting others, knowing that every human being has the same rights and nobody is better or worse than anybody, using your short life time to improve life for yourself and your community because this is the only good that you are leaving for the coming generation. I choose not to blindly believe and i don’t see anything wrong in the belief of my ancestors. All this were taken away from us and we are forced to believe in what is not the Truth. Only 33% of all Humans believe in Jesus. Are you Trying to tell me that the rest 67% are going to perish. Anybody that believes this is the one who is really prejudiced.

  33. The real devil is the one that exploits others, the one that exploits the poor to enrich himself.

    The distance to the center of the Earth is 6,371 kilometers (3,958 mi), the crust is 35 kilometers (21 mi) thick, the mantle is 2855km (1774 mi) thick — and get this: the deepest we have ever drilled is the Kola Superdeep Borehole, which is just 12km deep.

    So, stop talking about hell when you don’t know what you are talking about. To send somebody to hell, you have to dig up to 6, 371 km to reach there.

    Not even long ago, for 100 years ago, people still believed that the earth is square. Believe is not knowing. It is just accepting what you are doctrined, brainwashed or forced to accept.

  34. Jesus Cristo salva almas. Quem tem que salvar pessoas da maldade dos muçulmanos satanistas são outras pessoas.

  35. Jesus is the only way the same people who made this must not seen the passion the Christ never doubt god nor his son

  36. We will all die and suffer ..
    Christian or not ..
    Our riches are in heaven .
    A fool says in his heart there is no God .

  37. i can feel your pain and frustrations. The CHURCH OF CHRIST (Iglesia Ni Cristo) from the Philippines are now extending its helping hands to Africans… materially and spiritually. We hope that Africans can gradually feel the presence of our Lord Jesus there by means of the efforts and activities of the INC. We love Africa.

  38. Jesus is not white, nor is he powerless. He is a King. The King above all kings. The Roman soldiers also questioned his power saying, “If you are really God take yourself down from the cross” And when he didn’t they mocked him. But King Jesus was on his mission, not theirs. He was God in flesh, not a genie. He alone is Sovereign.

    People want to believe they are the center of the universe and if there is a God he must serve their wishes. Both Africa, Europe, and the good ole USA are dealing with the results of their own sinfulness. God is not mocked. He said Nations will reap what they sow. Corrupted leaders and false Gods have taken their toll on Africa. Many Christian ministries have bought billions of dollars in relief and resources.

    But the blind will never see. The Romans didn’t, the Pharisees didn’t, and the author of this article has not seen. Such blindness is almost always willful and therefore no amount of reason can detour the path of an atheist. God alone, if he so desires, can open such blind eyes. I pray he does.



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