Malema’s Campaign To Seize Lands From Whites Is Justice For South Africans


Julius Malema and his agitation for the land grab by the South African government has gained wide popularity in recent times. His campaign has helped in making more popular the land grabbing in Africa. South Africa has now joined Zimbabwe is seeking the return of lands to its original owners.

In every generation, mother nature chooses a set of warriors who would defend the rights of a people. It is no doubt that in South Africa, Malema is among the chosen ones of this time. Born to a single mother, Malema joined the ANC at the age of 9. And from that tender age, he started to fight for the black people of South Africa. He began to manifest his destiny. Till today, he is still on that path of liberating the blacks of South Africa.

Looking at his record of participation in unionism and politics, one can say that he has the spirit of Mandela. Others might argue that he would be greater than Mandela; although that is a discussion for another day. In these past years, he and his party (Economic Freedom Fighters), together with the ANC, have been at the forefront of the fight for black rights in South Africa. One of their major quests have been the recovery of lands from the white minority in South Africa.

Although apartheid ended over two decades ago, the racial inequality in South Africa remains strong. The real owners of South Africa, the brown skins (called blacks), are still discontented on how millions of them lost their lands to white minority. It is this lands that Julius Malema, his party and the ANC hopes to recover.

This has led the National assembly of South Africa to set up a committee to make amendments to section 25 of the constitution. This amendment will allow the government to take homes and lands from white families without compensation.

Julius Malema was arraigned before a magistrate court in Newcastle, in the June of 2018, for allegedly inciting his followers to invade lands. He is determined to defend his case constitutionally. He said, according to the Freedom chatter of South Africa, that “the land shall be shared amongst those who work it.” The matter has been postponed to February 25 2019.

The crimes against the Black man by the Europeans are too numerous to mention. The world expects us to let these injustices slide. We are expected to accept the inhumane treatments as part of history and move on. We are expected to forget, even though we are still exploited by our colonizers. The West now sees Julius Malema as a pest that must be removed. His legitimate request of what rightfully belongs to the blacks of South-Africa is now seen as an aggression.

Julius Malema and many other prominent native South Africans have been termed, racists. These racist tags have come from white South Africans and other foreign politicians and journalists from around the world. They quickly forget the treatment our people still receive all over Europe and America. They soon forget the racial profiling and killings. They also forget the massive looting of African natural resources by European companies, leaving our people hungry and desperate.

The land grab proposals by the South African government is considered justice for the oppressed. The lands the foreigners took under apartheid should be divided among the people. That is creating balance in nature. There is nothing racist about it. Julius Malema has the backing of millions of Africans the world over. We believe that this is just the beginning of justice for the African continent.

In his program on Fox News, Turker, a presenter, referred to the land grab act in South Africa as ‘racist’ and ‘immoral.’ He blames the Department of State of America, for not doing enough to stop the South African government.

Some people have mentioned a similar land grab that happened in Zimbabwe about 18years ago as a failure. They advise that South Africa should not go on with it, as it might result in economic failure as was the case for Zimbabwe. These people forget to tell us that Zimbabwe’s economy was crippled by EU sanctions. These sanctions are what the EU might heap against South Africa if this bill pulls through.

The president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa said that his party was “determined to correct the original sin of the violent dispossession of our people’s land and its wealth” that he says occurred before 1994. This goes to show that he stands with the people. And at a time like this, we Africans must stand together to reclaim our destiny.

In Julius Malema’s latest interview with TRTWorld, he highlighted some of the objectives of the EFF. He said that they were campaigning for the nationalization of the Federal reserve bank. This, he said was among their campaign for expropriation of lands without compensation. He blamed the ANC for finding it difficult to create ideas and implement them.

The land grab in South Africa can be said to be popular, although there are still many of the masses who are reluctant in following the EFF. Julius Malema’s age and that of his party leaders play a great role in their acceptance by the majority of the people. He admitted this in his interview with TRTWorld, in 2018.

In another interview with “Unfiltered” of SABC News, on 3rd February, 2019, Julius Malema, says that the ANC is not committed to pushing the land grab bill through parliament. He said that it is not their thing, and that it was highjacked from the EFF. Julius Malema, in the interview, said that the land grab in South Africa, is synonymous to the EFF. He accused the ANC of favoring the white minorities, and as such the ANC would fail to accomplish the land expropriation bill. He said that part of the EFF’s manifesto is to reconnect the voters with the land. He said “you don’t know what land is worth till you have one in your hands.”

Many people around the world have called Malema “disrespectful.” Many have said that he is inciting the people to violence. Many say he is manner-less and has no respect for authority. But I say he is doing right by us Africans. Never has there been an agitation for justice in the world without characters like Malema.

The world is a wicked and harsh place. Gentleness and cowardliness will only get you oppression.  Only the politically and socially stubborn can stare oppression in the face and say “Enough I Enough.” Only the likes of Malema can demand justice for indigenous Africans.

Article Written By Chuka Nduneseokwu


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