Meet Visual Artist Who’s New Work “Aba Women Riot” Celebrates Black History Month

Meet Visual Artist Whos New Work Aba Women Riot Celebrates Black History Month

Black people worldwide (especially in the USA), have taken February every year to boldly celebrate the history of Black people across centuries and continents.

The Black History Month, which was first known as the “Negro History Week”, and created by historian Carter G. Woodson, together with the ‘Association for the Study of Negro Life and History’, made the second week of February a period for Black history.

Since then, the Black history month has grown and has drawn noble sons and daughters of Africa from all works of life, all with a deep yearning to showcase and defend Africa’s rich heritage.

One of these noble Africans is Fred Martins, who is a talented and conscious visual artist. His new work, themed ‘ABA WOMEN RIOT’ lends a loud voice in celebration of the February Black History Month.

The artworks celebrate women who first stood against colonialism in 1929, which led to the struggle for independence across Africa. The artworks highlighted the ‘Palm Frond’ which is symbolic in Igbo culture and among many things, a symbol of protest. Their protest and story became the rise of FEMINISM in the 1900s within Africa.

Fred Martins

Fred Martins is a Nigerian visual artist, art director, and a cultural entrepreneur. Fred Martins was born in 1988 with a given name ‘Ekele’. He spent his childhood days in his village, Aggah-Egbema, where he had his primary education, learned how to sculpt and started creating digital art posters since 2004.

Fred’s works have been exhibited in the United States, Ghana, Nigeria, Switzerland, and South Africa. The American singer Omarion has described his works to be “visually compelling and meaningful all at once”.

He is credited for creating several notable works, including campaign artworks published by the United Nations during their Global Goals campaign 2015, and different magazines.

Known for his Afro-comb art series “Orange, Black And Freedom” which has been written about in over six international languages. He has been featured by The Guardian, CNN, Newsy, BBC, USAToday, and currently published in SAA official in-flight magazine ‘Sawubona’.

Fred holds a Doctor of Medicine degree from the Lviv national medical university, lives between Lagos and Lviv and talks about life and creativity in TEDx and other well-ordered meetings. He is the Art Director of the ‘Italian-Nigerian Festival Of Cultures’. And has worked with Blues And Hills as production art director.

Below is the mind-blowing art pieces from Fred Martins. Feel free to reach out to him via this LINK to his Facebook profile.