Nothing wrong with giving to charity and showing off

There is nothing wrong with giving to charity and showing it off on social media or the newspaper. Absolutely nothing!!! I have given this a long thought and I have come to the conclusion that it is a personal decision to advertise your charity works or not.

Some circles in the world believe that it is totally wrong for you to give to charity and then announce it to the world. They say “you should keep it a secret, as it is between you and God and that your reward is great in heaven.” Nna biko which heaven is that? I do not want to make this a religious analogy although most people would like to argue from that standpoint.

FB_IMG_1469232568148Most of us give to charity for the sole purpose of helping the needy and when we show it to the world, we do that to inspire others and to encourage others to give. And honestly, I feel it is my choice to decide where I want my reward. Either here on earth or in the supposed ‘unseen’ heaven.

For me and others who show off when they give to charity – we would prefer to have our reward here on earth. We would prefer that people praise us for doing charity here on earth. That they would call us philanthropists and humanitarians and that our stories and acts will inspire the people of the world to be more human and more compassionate in giving.

So when next you see a picture of a celebrity or a politician giving to charity or helping the needy like my brother Flavor did some days back, please don’t come off as the righteous one by calling them, hypocrites. Nwannem they are not!!! They are only being role models and showing the world how our humanity should be expressed. And as for their reward, it is totally their choice to receive it here or in heaven.

By Chuka Nduneseokwu

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