Obama Failed Black People – He Was Not The Dream Martin Luther Dreamt

Barack Obama was the 44th president of the United States from 2009 to 2017. He was the first black president in the history of America. With his coming as president, there was great jubilation among the black community in America and indeed among Blacks all over the world.

He was a symbol of hope for the black American community. Black musicians all over the world made songs in his name. Many saw him as the “dream” of Martin Luther King Jr. They felt “finally, one of us is in the white house. He will bring us redemption.”

But did he bring that redemption? Well, that is what we are about to discuss.   

Looking at black reality in America, each index of black progress, actually regressed during Obama’s tenure as president.

Dropout of black students from school got higher. Unemployment of black people got higher. Incarceration of black people went up in the charts. And police brutality almost doubled and got to the same level it was before and during the Jim Crow era.

Many leaders of thought in the black community said that he didn’t do anything to address these issues.

Barack Obama took care of the rights of homosexuals. He gave them three laws in their favor and a supremecourt justice. He also gave them more than 250 Federal appointed jobs. He gave the Latinos a supreme court judge and unprecedented laws.

He also defended the rights of feminists and gave women the ‘equal pay act’ and put one of them on the supreme court.

These were great achievements for these minority groups. But it didn’t stop him from standing up for the black community. Barrack Obama did all this and neglected his people, the one group who built America with their bare hands from scratch. The one people who he couldn’t have been ignorant of their plight in America.

Obama’s neglect of the African American community while he was president points to the theory of Martin Luther King Jr, which says that “black faces are used to hide the racist agenda of the system.”

This theory is made strong by the condition of black people in America, ever since they started to have more black politicians. Each time a black person is made a senator or a governor, or a mayor, the condition of black people get worse in that area.

These black politicians are financed by the Democratic party and some big white cooperation that the average black American has to challenge. It is then impossible for the same black politician to stand against those who sponsored him/her for campaigns. So, there is no way the black politician can push or fight for a black agenda, when they were elected with white money.

Many believe that this above scenario was where Obama fell in.

Dr Umar Johnson, said that Obama was not a role model to young black men in America. He said that Obamas neglect of African Americans was not something he wanted young black men to emulate.

In a brief chat about Obama with Bo Kambei Ajala, the founder of African Diaspora, a strong group on Facebook that teaches African history, he said:

“I think Obama did more of a disservice than a service. He advocated more for Gay rights and Feminism than he ever did for Black America. In fact, I can’t make one thing he did specifically for us.”

“I can tell you when he was elected, there was extreme optimism, we were happy to see someone who looked and even occasionally acted like us. Very articulate and powerful orator. However, when it came down to action on our behalf there was nothing. As I previously said Homosexuals and Feminist gained more from his policies than the average African American ever did. Initially, the sentiment was ‘Give him a Chance.’ Near the end, some of us began to understand it was all talk. You will find staunch defenders still now, however, the woke few understand we did not benefit.”

These views held by Bo Kambei Ajala, are held by so many black Americans, while there are others who hold a different view. But it is safe to say that the majority thinks he should have done more.


Barack Obama being a black man and ruling the strongest nation on earth, meant a lot to Africans, and African governments. He was looked up to like that person who would right all the wrongs that the west had done to Africa. We expected him to champion the course of Africa’s political freedom from America and Europe, but instead, he reinforced it.

His legacy in Libya still remains the reason why many Africans don’t like him. Obama convinced the world that Ghaddafi was doing something wrong, and with the help of NATO, America destabilized one of the most economically viable nations in Africa.

Obama himself called the aftermath of the 2011 intervention, when Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown, the “worst mistake” of his presidency—and some experts agree.

“The responsibility is on Barack Obama’s administration,” Alan J. Kuperman, associate professor at the University of Texas at Austin, told Newsweek. “He made the decision to overthrow Gaddafi.”

Human rights violations—including the Libyan slave trade revealed in a CNN investigation—are a result of U.S. interference, according to some experts. CNN released a video of migrants being sold for about $400 in an auction, though there have been accounts of slaves being sold for as little as $200.

In an article titled “Let’s never forget why Muammar Gaddafi was killed, Peter Koenig said:

“Gaddafi was certainly not killed for humanitarian reasons. He wanted to empower Africa. He had a plan to create a new African Union, based on a new African economic system. He wanted to introduce the Gold Dinar to back African currencies, so they could become free from the dollar. He wanted to protect Africa’s vast natural resources from Western looting. The imperialists eliminated him.”

Many Africans looked up to the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. They believed his vision for the African continent was noble and was going to free African nations from the influence of Europe and America.

If anyone was to defend the vision of Gaddafi for Africa, it was Barack Obama. But he sided with the white governments and cooperation to topple Gaddafi’s government and set Libya 50 years backward. Today, that dream for African economic freedom is gone with the wind. Libya is a failed state and Obama is enjoying his retirement.

Martin Luther King Jr would actually role in his grave when he learns of Obama’s failure to better the lives of black Americans, and how he helped to frustrate African economic emancipation.  

Article Written By Chuka Nduneseokwu

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