Poem: My Dear Grand Daughter


My dear Grand Daughter; I want you to know that you are a goddess. I want you to know that you are one of the two major elements of human creation.

I want you to adhere to the values which we have imbibed in you. You are a nurturer and not a warrior. Your place is by a man’s – not above him nor beneath him.

Just like mother earth births and populates our world,  so also shall you birth and populate your home. You are the Goddess of the earth (Ani) and your man is the God of the Sun (Anyanwu). Together you shall multiply and advance your bloodline.

My dear Grand Daughter, this egg represents life; it represents your purity. It promises you that no matter how long you are kept in a bandage, that one-day liberation will come. Your body is a temple, please do not give it to any man who comes along; you are a pure spirit.

As I pass on from this lifetime,  I pray that my soul would come back to you, like your daughter. My reincarnation is upon me and no other woman would do a better job as a mother than you, my dear daughter.

Written By Chuka Nduneseokwu


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