Poem: Where Did We Go Wrong

I’m sorry you’re fading
I hate to say, but it’s our making
In endless struggles, we still are lazy
Hear a child weep,
Get a moment to think
What do my struggles bring
Who will my hustle keep
Our justice is injustice
Yet in foolishness we want peace

Peace we do not deserve
Our feet we do not preserve
Lo’ our children are lost in our sight
Wo’ unto us we lost this fight
A fight we started in pride
A pride that was foolish
What have we gained in trusting these bullies
Fierce is my anger, what befalls you is danger
Man what have you done to humanity?

Hear it weep
It’s lessons, we do not teach
Hypocrites, do claim to preach
Preachers in luxury, followers in pit
What you do not have, you cannot give
That is something to preach
And at this point, it’s what a man need
Pray to God, your protection is sure
With arms around them, our education is mocked
Unlearning these lies is hard as rock.

Death traps on the roads
With dirt and mud in potholes
O ye men in power, do you lead goats?
This and that, you promised
Abandoned us, we noticed
Foolishness sweeps our feet
And our minds are filled with greed
We forget so soon the grief
And all that you brought upon us

Teach us life, not lies
For tender we are and fragile is our minds
Show us reality, and be aware of our might
Look what you’ve done
learn to accept when you’re wrong
For what you teach has been wrong
And we’ve passed them on, all along
We learn more and unlearn none
Where did we go wrong
Humanity is gone.

By Claire Akunna Nwafor

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Liberty Writers Africa

Our mission is to raise the collective consciousness of Africans all over the world. And also giving an account of our uniqueness, we hope to reintroduce Africa to the rest of the world. At the core of our vision, is to liberate the African mind - to make Africans discover their voice through literature.

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