President Buhari, Is Not Fit To Run For Second Tenure As President

It is the general opinion of most Nigerians and the international community that Muhammadu Buhari, is not fit to run for the second tenure as President. Many factors point to his inability to preside over the affairs of Nigeria.

Nigeria’s general elections is by the corner. And as usual, politicians have made the atmosphere hot with their campaigns and promises. There have been many reported cases of abductions, bullying and violence in various quarters. The 2019 general elections will be for the presidency, senate, federal and state house of representatives.

The major parties contending for Nigeria’s presidency are the APC and PDP. The candidate for the APC is the incumbent president,
Muhammadu Buhari. His major contender is Atiku Abubakar from the PDP. Both men are from the North, and it can be remembered that Atiku aided the campaign of Buhari in 2014/2015.

So, what has changed?

Well it is the general opinion of Nigerians and others elsewhere that President Buhari is no more fit to rule Nigeria. A couple of factors can be pointed to. One of such indicators was his performance at a townhall meeting organized by NTA on the 16th of January, 2019. It was titled “THE CANDIDATE.” A lot of questions were asked, but it seemed the president had no solid knowledge of them. A president should be one who is knowledgeable in the critical affairs of his nation. But for some reason, President Buhari, seemed not to remember or know a lot.

On the question of why Nigerians should vote them in again, the president digressed and talked about party interests. He explained that he was running again, because his party, the APC, has found him worthy to run. He gave no concrete facts of his administration’s achievement. Many would agree that the vice president better understood and answered the question.

Fighting corruption is one of the campaign slogans which this administration has dwelt on. On the accusation that their fight against corruption was one sided, the president said that it was not a fair criticism of his administration. He spoke about 1984 and how he arrested president Shehu Shagari and imprisoned them after trial. He expressed that times have changed and so they were being careful in their prosecution of corrupt politicians.

The corruption charges of Babachir David Lawal, was raised by the presenter. She was of the opinion that many around the president were corrupt, but were not prosecuted. The president responded, saying that the accused should be brought to book with good evidence. He evaded the question of why Babachir was dismissed, and continued to be on his campaign team.

It was clear to all watching that the president knew little or nothing about the operation of his government. Most of the concrete responses to questions were from the Vice president.

On the question about the Disability Bill, president Buhari looked lost. He didn’t know that such a bill existed. The Vice president as usual had to brief him in front of the camera. This is a sitting president who should know about every bill that goes to senate, especially the sensitive ones. He answered the question saying that he doesn’t know much about it because the senate sits on bills. What an answer.

When asked about managing the Almajeri menace in the North, the president said it was the responsibility of the local government to educate and manage the Almajeris littered all over Northern Nigeria.

The conflict between the farmers in the Middle Belt and Fulani herdsmen has been a very sensitive topic in Nigeria. When it was his time to speak, the president blamed the people of Benue for the conflict. He cited encroachment into grazing routes by farmers as the sole cause of the killings. He was mostly in defense of the herdsmen while making sentimental statements. He insisted it was not right for Benue to ban the grazing of cattle on their land. The Vice president contributed by talking about the grazing reserves/ranches. Also, the issue of desertification was raised. The vice president spoke a lot about what government was doing to tackle the issues that arose from desertification. Recharging the Lake Chad was mentioned as a key project.

On the issue of recovered funds, the president said that the money’s recovered are paid into the TSA (Treasury Single Account). He said the money will used to solve extreme infrastructural issues. He said the senate has to approve the budget before any of the funds are used.

On Boko Haram, the president restated that they have defeated Boko Haram. Saying that Boko Haram holds no local government, and that people are back to their farms and offices. He said the military is underfunded; even though Nigeria has a military budget of 1.8trillion Naira. He strongly stated that the soldiers are to be court-martialed for demonstrating and protesting. The question now is: How does one get punished when they complain about inadequate fighting gear?

Despite many accusations of shortchanging officers, the vice president exonerated the military high command of diverting funds meant for the war.

Many more questions were raised at the townhall meeting. Nigerians asked questions, and they were attempted by the president and his vice. Buts it was disgraceful to note that the major factual answers were given by the vice president. Most Nigerians would agree that the president contributed just about 20% to the entire interview.  Social media has been filled with comments by disappointed Nigerians.  A large amount of the people feel President Buhari does not deserve a second tenure.

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