The Africa Day 2020 Event Scheduled To Hold In Dakar Senegal And How To Participate


In the past 100 years, Africa has recorded monumental successes in freeing herself from the direct colonial rule of Europeans and forging a common front to re-establish her place in the world.

The struggle towards independence saw African nations stand up for each other to push away the colonizers. Many would argue that the Africa of the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s was more focused and united towards building a strong and free continent.

It was on this premise that the “Africa Day” was instituted on the 25th of May 1963. Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia hosted the representatives of thirty African nations in Addis Ababa. At that point in time, more than two-thirds of Africa had gained their independence from colonial rule and were doing their best to free the rest.

At the meeting, Ethiopia and the other thirteen African nations formed and instituted the “Organization of African Unity.” The aim of the OAU at its inception was to facilitate the independence of other African nations such as Angola, Mozambique, South Africa, and Southern Rhodesia.

At that time in history, Africa had all types and caliber of freedom fighters – men and women who were ready to lay their lives to eject the colonialists from Africa.

The OAU made it a point of duty and commitment to supporting the works and campaigns of these freedom fighters, and also remove military access to the colonial nations. The OAU also set a charter that sought to improve the living standards of across the member states. Selassie Exclaimed, “May This Convention of Union Last 1,000 Years. ”

The Charter Was Signed by All Attendees on May 26th, With the exception of Morocco. At That Meeting, Africa Freedom Day Was Renamed African Liberation Day. In 2002, The OAU Was Replaced by The African Union. However, The Renamed Celebration of Africa Day Continued to Be Celebrated on May 25th with respect to the formation Of The OAU.

The Africa Day 2020: History In The Making

The Africa Day celebration in 2020 is so unique because it falls at the center of the united nations “international decade for the people of African descent”.

The Africa Day 2020 will be a first of its kind reunion, of African people, from all over the world, for the purpose of empowering and motivating the next generation and sharing resources for their improved development.

This prestigious gathering is organized by the “Made In Africa Project” and is scheduled to hold in Dakar, Senegal, West Africa.

The Africa Day 2020 is open to all African heads of state & public officials, the African union, community leaders, innovators, scholars, athletes, entertainers, activists, entrepreneurs, organizers, educators, students and families from all across the continent and from all around the diaspora.

If you are a child of Africa, and you love Africa, then you are invited to this prestigious gathering of the noble sons and daughters of mother Africa.

At the event, a few African Union leaders would be honored. They are: His excellency mr, Madame ambassador, Payu president, His excellency moussa abdel fattah al-sissi , Arikana chihombori, Francine muyumba, Faki mahamat.

These leaders who have held up the African ideals during their service would be recognized and honored for their hard work and dedication to the OAU. They would also take part in the event as speakers, panel participants and more.

The Africa Day 202, would also honor African public figures, such as Akon, Thiam, Lupita Nyongo, Bishop TD Jakes, Issa Rae Diop. These notable African public figures are invited to take part as hosts, speakers, mentors and other roles that allow them to connect with the people in an inspirational and uplifting way.

The Made In Africa Project is inviting public figures such as The Obamas, The Williams, Michael and Gillian White, Venus and Serena Williams, Khoudia Diop, Usain Bolt, Nick Cannon, Neelam, Julius Malema, Empressak, and Julius Garvey to attend and participate in this historic event. It is to be duly noted that as of now, some of their full participation is yet to be confirmed.

The event would also showcase free concerts an entertainment from African entertainers from all around the world. There would also be an international parade and tons of other family fun.

There would be motivational speeches from Activists and community leaders, who would lift the spirit of the African youths and leaders of tomorrow with noble words of encouragement.

Also listed among the week-long event are Pop-Up market and Black Biz expo. Vendors and African product creators from around the world will expose, exchange and sell their goods on-site to attendees.

In addition to the “Africa Day 2020” event on May 25th, the Made In Africa Project will host a week full of other productive and progressive events that further honor and acknowledge African greatness while providing resources for collective growth.  

On Tuesday, May 26th, the Africa Day 2020 event would hold a Business & entrepreneur conference, where new and veteran business owners are invited to connect and network while receiving resources for growth & development from black/African banks, angel investors, NGOS and others.

On Wednesday May 27th, the Africa Day 2020 event will continue with an Education Resource Fair. Universities, colleges and educational institutions from around the world are invited to share info & resources about their classes & courses. Presentations will be given on topics such as homeschooling, digital options, language & literacy improvement and a host of other topics.

Thursday, the 28th of May is slated to hold a Women’s influencer conference & fashion competition. Influential women will be invited to share their success stories, exchange ideas and provide young women & girls with inspiration in the areas of career advancement, natural hair & skincare, family planning, home management plus designers and producers of African fashion from around the world competing for cash prizes and a chance to hold the title of “Africa day fashion house of the year!”

On Friday, May 29th would be the Africa Day Awards. It is going to be a night that will be dedicated to honoring those impactful Africans at home and abroad that have created or inspired change in media, community activism, business, athletics and more.

The Africa Day 2020 event week will end with a Family reunion beach party, on Saturday, the 30yh of May. The final day of activities will take place on ngor island and beach for an old school family reunion style event for all ages. There would also be a host of other exciting events which will include; Afro-Caribbean carnival, open-air African art gallery, children’s farm excursion, youth rites of passage tour, and much more.

The registration for the Africa Day 2020 event is currently on and is open to every African who wants to participate, partner or be a sponsor of the event. To get in contact with the organizers of this event, click on the social media link “Africa Day 2020”, or email/message them at Email address [email protected] Phone / WhatsApp +221776853704

We at Liberty Writers Africa are humbled to be one of the participants at this prestigious event. At a time like this when Africa is experiencing a great awakening of her people, events and gatherings of this magnitude and nature are encouraged.

Africa needs all her warriors, leaders, activists, professionals and people to join hands in the restoration of the great and noble African spirit. So, we really commend the efforts of the “Made In Africa Project” team as they bring together the sons and daughters of mother Africa.

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