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The Beauty Of The African Woman – Words Can’t Describe It

One look at her and you are trapped in her essence.

One look at her and you are trapped in her essence. She is a true definition of the melanin composition of the African woman. The color of her skin represents the fertility and longevity of her race.

She is as calm as the moon and as hard as the Iroko tree. She is the only being on the planet that has withstood the whips of the sun for a million centuries. Her soul and body are as tough as the elephants of Africa. Her smile is as soothing as a penguins dance but as fierce as a tigers roar.

She loves you with the same heart she will sting you. She is the only being in the universe that can divide a man’s love for his mother and yet she is the mother that would fight a young woman for her son’s love.

She is a direct replica of queen Shebaa and all the African queens that have ever existed. Her eyes could enchant kings and emperors – even the great King Solomon would have fallen under her spell if he ever reincarnated.

I had never paid heed to her image ever, but the first day I stared at her picture was the last day I did – for she left a lasting imprint. I could not help but smile hopelessly for I had found a creature my mind would always run to when it needed refuge.

She is the African woman and her eyes would melt every metal and seduce every angel.

She is the root from which we all emanated and she is the most beautiful creature ever made.

Beauty of the african woman



Ode Written By Chuka Nduneseokwu