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The First Romans Were Black People Called The Etruscans [Read Full History]


The fight to reclaim the pride and heritage of the Black man has been a tedious, but yet fulfilling battle. After hundreds of years of lies told about the Black man, nature has made it possible that we are at a great reawakening and that facts about ancient Black civilizations are exposed daily.

The knowledge which we have gathered on the history of Black civilizations has set the Black race on a new path – a path to pride and self-awareness. Which African school would have ever thought Africans this secretes? None actually. That Is because, even to date, the curriculum of many African schools is decided by European governments.

The first humans on earth were black people. And since that is so and has been proven by historians, scientists, and archeologists, it is safe to agree that Black people dominated many parts of Europe for thousands and hundreds of years, before the European (Caucasians) stock moved in.


Italy, which is known for housing Rome, was originally inhabited by Black people, who are referred to as Etruscans.

Legends say they were descendants of refugees from the fallen city of Troy, led by the swarthy (dark-skinned) prince Aeneas after the city fell to the Greeks.  Whether this legend is true or not, the pieces of evidence below clearly point that Rome was first owned by Blacks.

The statues and art of the Etruscans revealed them to be Africans – black people. History shows that they were a sensual and creative people. The city of Rome was originally known as Ra Ouma which means a ” place protected by Ra “. 

This worship of Ra, undoubtedly by the Etruscans, means that they most likely had a spiritual, physical and cultural link to Kemet (kmt), ancient Egypt or Phoenicia. In archeology, findings show that two African peoples, the Sicani, and the Liburni occupied ancient Italy. 


The Roman writer Virgil revealed that the Pelasgians, the Kemetians (Black people) who settled in southern Greece, also occupied the Palatine, one of the seven hills of Rome. The Romans later became a ” Latin” people and became a mixed race.

But the African element played a major part in Rome’s history. The Blacks were everything, from charioteers to soldiers, generals, and Emperors.  Rome’s famous Oracles were the Sibyls, African prophetesses, who wrote the famous Sibylline Prophecies. These writings were later plagiarized by the Christians. It was the African Sibyls who built the original Vatican, which was a temple to Mami Wata, goddess of the sea.

Undisputable Historical Evidence

Now, before we go further, we must state that many accounts about the origin of Rome that is found on the internet or even in modern books are lies. They are Caucasian versions to usurp the true identity of the Etruscans, who occupied Etruria (ancient Rome, Greece, and parts of Aegean).

The albinos (Caucasians), who were called “the Latins” started to migrate from the Eurasian plains to Italy. They most likely traveled with the Hellenes people into Greece and then moved further into Italy, which was a Black territory.


The contact between the Caucasians and the Black inhabitants of Italy was chaotic, as the Caucasians were violent and invasive.

It is important to note that the first original Black inhabitants were not just limited to Italy (Rome), but stretched to Greece, and the Aegean area. When the threats and violence from the White invaders increased, the Blacks of these areas formed a coalition.

A large number of them packed up their belongings, boarded their ships and moved out of their land. Some of the people stayed back, to defend their lands and deal with the white Etruria.

The Etruscans (Black owners of Rome), had a unique way of building their homes and cities. They built their houses on steep hills, which were surrounded by thick walls. Caucasian-Roman mythology claims that the white Romans built the first walls, but according to factual history and accounts of the Etruscans, the Blacks built the ancient walls of Rome and the Vatican.

To fully understand and possess the entire documents to this important historical fact, you can click on this link here. It gives more detailed accounts with pictures and archeological points to disproved the Caucasian Historians who keep lying and distorting history to discredit the Black man’s achievements and heritage through history.

Below are a few pictures which are evidence of the Black identity of the first Romans:

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Pompeii Wall mural of Mercury/Priapus – between 89 B.C. and 79 A.D.

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  • Good morning everybody! The theory about the first Romans is new to me but very interesting. I will give this information to my Facebook-friends to discuss it. Since many years I feel empathy for the freedom fights in the Black continent, but I´m not sure, if there will be at least peace between the races. Now we all have to fight the Climate katastrophy.
    Goot luck.

  • How is it that we as a race of people, can somehow manage the board of education and the legislature to start throwing out the old history books, since they are filled with falsehood and also reflects a very poor image as far as our representation of our ancestors to our children and the world as a whole and start the process of replacing them with a more accurate and positive image/representation of the black race for the future generations to follow and to correct these lies, so that other races can learn also& maybe have a better viewpoint, understanding and possibly respect for our people, and in turn as far as our little ones go, some self respect for their people? We need the correct information about us in all literary platforms as well as visual ( internet wise) as well.

  • A fascinating history of African indeed. It raised question about what happened from the period mentioned here and the modern era of European colonization. When Africa became so called, The 'Dark Continent' and why? The lack of history written and oral makes it difficult to establish facts of the Ancestors of Humans who travelled out of Africa before the slave trade began. I hope to hear from someone.

  • This was incredible and explicitly stated and that to say, the goddess temple was true and real “ Mami wata! And that was reason they were highest organization that generates funds from religion; because water has highest fortune”

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