The Rebel Political-Critic Versus The Antagonist Political Philosopher

There are those of us who tackle the political and social issues affecting our people with all bluntness and truth. And then there are those who always want to sound like philosophers – those who will use words to paint a utopia of what we should be doing instead of speaking against an evil system. Instead of defending their people in the face of external aggression.

The funny thing is that those who don’t understand the machinations at play in Nigeria will rather applaud the philosopher for his beautifully painted ideas and call you a tribalist or ethnic bigot. Those ones I call “eternally shallow homo sapiens.”

But you see, in the long run, those who have made a mark in our polity over the past 100years are not the philosophers (with their big grammar and antagonist inclinations). Those who have made an indelible mark in our history are those who became blunt and aggressive to defend their people, either through ethnic fronts or a wider national front.

One thing I must make you understand is that there is no room for lofty ideas in the politics of the world today. In every corner, in every country, political actors are becoming more aggressive – all in an effort to defend the home front, the nucleus, the tribe, the nation.

Nowhere will you find a citizen embracing the aggressor and denying the plight of his own people but Nigeria. Nowhere will you find people so blinded by their left-wing egos and unworkable philosophies but Igbo land.

But one thing is sure. And that is posterity. Lady posterity will be the judge between the warrior who defends the border of his clan from enemies and the philosopher who gazes at stars and urges the king to dine with the enemy. At old age, each man shall stare at the results of his choices in the face.

Article Written By Chuka Nduneseokwu

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