The Organs Of African Migrants Are Cut Off By Traffickers & Organ Merchants In Libya [Report Says]

The business of organ harvesting and human trafficking has been one that has been gaining momentum in the last few years. With multiple reports from all corners of the world, it has become more imperative for governments and organizations to act fast in stopping the activities of those who buy and sell the organs of other humans, which are forcefully removed from the bodies of the victims.

In recent years, Libya has been renowned for its renewed slavery and human trafficking of Black Africans, and many others from other parts of the world. Migrants who desperately want to cross into Europe through Libya, end up in the hands of these smugglers and human traffickers who use them for all manner of atrocities, driven by financial gains and hate.

An investigation by CNN into Libya’s slave trade market made the rounds and raised concerns about the fate of the hundreds of thousands of Africans (and others) who end up in Libya in search of a voyage to Europe.

The most recent addition to the news coming out of Libya is that the traffickers are now in the business of illegal sale of human organs and that they encourage a “red market” which is lucrative because of the promise of getting to Europe which the migrants are given.

This latest report on human organ sale was made public by a Ghanaian lawyer, named Bobby Banson. In an interview with TV3’s New Day, he explained that he watched a couple of videos that featured interviews with Africans who ended up as slaves in Libya, and how one of them revealed that body parts of many others in captivity were being harvested.

According to Ghana Web, Banson said that “One of the persons I heard, said the truth is that they are not sold to go and work, but their human parts are harvested… kidney, liver are in high demand in these areas… They are put on some [drugs] and their parts are harvested and resold. So that is actually what is happening, and that is a crime against humanity.”

Banson, in his interview, called on the AU (African Union) to institute an ad-hoc court to look into the situation and find a solution to it.

We do hope that the calls by Banson and many other people, governments, and organization will not meet a brick wall, since issues like this are often handled with kid gloves (with much unnecessary diplomatic tea-drinking and picture-taking), just the way we see African leaders handle other pressing issues that concern the poor and dying masses.

The African Union in the same vein has also demanded that the smugglers and slave masters in Libya be apprehended, stopped and brought to justice. The AU also called on the Libyan government to protect the migrants who are often helpless in a foreign land.

The Libyan Deputy Prime Minister, Ahmed Metig promised that his government, which is backed by the United Nations would do their due diligence in investigating the allegations and facts labeled against Libyans.

His promise comes on the back-drop of the statement and condemnation from the United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, who said that “these most egregious abuses of human rights” must be stopped immediately.”

The world would not have known what was going on with migrants in Libya if not for an investigative discovery by CNN, where they uncovered the auction and sale of African migrants as low as $400 (300 Euros).

The documentary and investigation opened up the atrocities that were done by the Libyan slave sellers, who were always in supply of desperate migrants who wanted nothing else but to cross the Mediterranean Sea into Europe.

Reports from Interpol strongly suggests that some well-placed African diplomats and politicians might be involved in the inhuman business of human trafficking and organ harvesting, to be sold to organ dealers on the “red market.”

There is a high likelihood that the organ business in Africa would be carried out by cartel that comprises officials from various social and government organizations. The French police reported that a single human lung is prized between $10,000 and $20,000 and that this is enough incentive for those who go into the business.

Some of the migrants are sometimes offered assistance in entering other countries from those who have the intention of selling them and their organs.

An intelligent officer in Nigeria, who was privy to the report explained in an interview that “It is a very lucrative trade that involves not only kidneys.”

The Director General of NAPTIP (National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons, have said that the agency is making adequate plans to go into a robust investigation that would pin-point and identify those who are involved in human trafficking in Nigeria.

The Director-General, Dame Julie Okah Donli, said that “In recent months we have raised the issue of illegal harvesting of organs as a new dimension in human trafficking. Organ harvesting has been tied to human trafficking and has become a booming business in the 21st C on a global scale… Some victims are informed that their organs will be taken for a fee and they will also be taken care of, but as soon as the organs are taken, the victims are sutured back and the money promised not given, while the victim is left to die if they decide to take every organ.”

This is the 21st century, and while the world tries to heal from the many atrocities perpetrated by humans on their fellow humans, more vicious crimes are committed.

The rise in the need for organs in the “red market” of the world has increased the need for human traffickers and organ dealers to illegally and forcefully take organs of migrants who are searching for a better life.

Although, while we blame the governments of Africa for not doing enough to provide for its citizens, we must also blame the migrants themselves who are told the lie that Europe is heaven, and that once they cross from Libya into Europe, they would get rich.

Africans should know that the European countries are now on high alert and that assimilation into these countries is difficult. The best many of the migrants will get are detention centers in the European countries where they land.

There are jobless people in those European nations. So, what makes African migrants feel they can just walk in and get a job easily? The truth is that the journey to Europe on foot is a hazardous one that Africans should never consider.

The risks are just too numerous. Imagine leaving your home intact, only to arrive in Europe with one kidney, or liver, or even end up dead and buried without your family knowing your whereabouts.

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