The Plan By American Government To Eliminate Millions Of Blacks [Secret Revealed]


Ever since the time white people and Black people made their first encounter on this planet, white people have always devised a means to suppress and decimate Black populations. These plots are often promoted by white governments and corporations.

The presence of Black people in America has always been met with harsh policies, persecutions, physical torture, murder and law enforcement brutality.

Also, the United States, just like most Europeans nations have made it their duty to play God on the lives, aspirations, resources, and future of Black nations and populations worldwide.

In America, Black people are perceived as a threat, just because they are demanding for justice, equal rights, and liberty. They are pushed to the wall, and when they cry out, they are termed “domestic terrorists” or threats to the collective interest of White America.

Throughout America’s history, the government has always set up private organizations and programs, whose focus was the depopulation and frustration of Black people and their aspirations. One of such programs is the ‘King Alfred Plan” which was drafted in the 1950s. It proposed that Black people were to be rounded up during the beginning of race riots, separated, and locked in concentration camps, or taken to separate locations to be killed. The King Alfred Plan was code names “Rex 84.”

Below we will provide a part of the “King Alfred Plan” and its intentions for the Black people of America:

King Alfred
In the event of widespread and continuing and coordinated racial disturbances in the United States, King Alfred, at the discretion of the President is to be put into action immediately.


National Security Council Department of Justice

Central Intelligence Agency Department of Defense

Federal Bureau of Investigation Department of Interior


(Under Federal Jurisdiction)

National Guard Units State Police


(Under Federal Jurisdiction)

City Police County Police

Memo: National Security Council

“Even before 1954, when the Supreme Court of the United States of America declared unconstitutional separate educational and recreational facilities, racial unrest and discord had become very nearly a part of the American way of life. But that way of life was repugnant to most Americans. Since 1954, however, that unrest and discord have broken out into widespread violence which increasingly has placed the peace and stability of the nation in dire jeopardy. This violence has resulted in the loss of life, limb, and property, and has cost the taxpayers of this nation billions of dollars. And the end is not yet in sight. This same violence has raised the tremendously grave questions to whether the races can ever live in peace with each other. Each passing month has brought new intelligence that, despite new laws passed to alleviate the condition of the Minority, the Minority still is not satisfied.”

Demonstrations and rioting have become a part of the familiar scene. Troops have been called out in city after city across the land, and our image as a world leader severely damaged. Our enemies press closer, seeking the advantage, possibly at a time during one of these outbreaks of violence. The Minority has adopted an almost military posture to gain its objectives, which are not clear to most Americans. It is expected, therefore, that when those objectives are denied the Minority, racial war must be considered inevitable. When that emergency comes, we must expect the total involvement of all 22 million members of the Minority, men, women, and children, for once this project is launched, its goal is to TERMINATE, ONCE AND FOR ALL, THE MINORITY THREAT TO THE WHOLE OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY, AND INDEED, THE FREE WORLD.


When you search for the King Alfred Plan online, you will first stumble on a Wikipedia article which claims that the “King Alfred Plan” was fiction and was not true. Many people have bought that and have refused to research and also see that the contents of those documents have been perpetuated until this day, with the continuous reduction of the black population through various means.

The truth remains that there might never be a time in American society where there won’t be racial tensions and suppression of Black people. The suppression is on the rise, and its resultant effect is the resistance we see today from the Black community. That resistance was/is expected by the white supremacist government and as such plans and programs have been put in place to react to any uprising or revolution by Black people in America.

From the contents of the “King Alfred Plan”, any unbiased mind will understand that the word “Minority” as at the time of the plan was drafted, was mainly used to refer to Black people in America. And until today, Blacks are a major part of the minority in America.

It is important for Black people to read and equip themselves with knowledge such as these. Even though you might have been made to believe that it is fiction, it is still important that you share the knowledge with Black people all over the world, and also study the recent pattern of the law enforcement agencies when dealing with Black people, to find similarities in the “King Alfred Plan.”

Till today, plans and programs specifically designed for Black people are designed and carried out. And all of this is done under the noses of the Black community.

This knowledge is not meant to drive you to hate the white man. No. It is meant to make you more aware of your surroundings and also guide you on how to protect yourself and your community.


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