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The Story of George, A Black Boy Who Was Electrocuted With 5,380 volts For a Crime He Didn’t Commit

The story of George Stinney Jr is one that still melts the heart and causes deep anger whenever it is told. This, to me, is one of the most glaring evidence of racism against the Black man in America. Who would kill a little boy, knowing deep down he was innocent? Your guess is as good as mine.

He was only 14 when he was executed by the electric chair. He was accused of killing two white girls; Betty who was 11 years old and Mary who was 7. Their bodies were found near the house where George lived with his parents.

During his trial, until the day of his execution, he always carried a bible in his hands, claiming for innocence. But his confessions and pleas fell on deaf ears because at that time all the members of the jury were white.

His trial lasted only 2 hours and the sentence was handed down by the judge 10 minutes later. The child’s parents were threatened and prevented from giving him gifts in the courtroom. They were expelled from the city.

Before his execution, George spent 81 days without being able to see his parents. He was locked up in a solitary cell, which was 80km from his city. He was heard and tried alone without the presence of his parents or a lawyer.

On the day of his execution, he was electrocuted with 5,380 volts in the head. Now just take moment and imagine that. Yes, that’s what humans did to a boy.

70 years later, he was finally proven innocent by a judge in South Carolina. The beam with which the two white girls were killed, weighed more than 19.07 kilograms. Therefore, it was impossible for George Stinney Jr to be able to lift it, let alone be able to hit hard enough to kill the two girls.

It was then clear to everyone that the child was innocent. Some white people put everything together to blame him just for being black. His crime was his color – nothing more nothing less.

Stephen King was inspired by George’s case to write his book “The Green Mile”, which was taken to the theaters in 1999.

George Stinney’s story is one that should speak to the heart of the world, especially the races who have persecuted the Negro/brown/Afro race for centuries.

His case should be a measuring instrument to determine if America and Europe are any better today when it comes to racism and killing of innocent black boys and girls.

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  • I think the problem is really not the white against we Africans. The whites only capitalised on the lack of LOVE among the blacks. Brothers killing brothers, so also with sisters. We forget that material things will go, Bloodlines will remain forever. Let’s just be praying for Agape love among all blacks.

    • Get some knowledge!!! You sound uninformed!!!! I’m sure you weren’t raised in America if this is your view!!!! Keep doing your research!!!!

    • You’re probably not Black. You are totally off the subject. It’s a deflection. If you have something to say it should be relevant.

  • People,especially whites say about things like this,it was a long time ago and you should let it go and move on.The ones who say that is the ones who don’t care and would do it again and if it happen to them they would do the same or worst.

  • So now, all of a sudden he is innocent???!!!! They already knew this child did not commit this crime. Just pure EVIL!!!! Too late for exoneration! He is dead, dead, dead!!! I refuse to believe that I worship a GOD that will send people to hell after suffering it here on earth!!! What is it about us that makes some of them hate us so much? What is it? Rest in Paradise baby boy, I know where you are.

  • Let’s get this correct, back then black on black crime was no where near where it is today especially in small Southern towns. In fact, one could argue the devaluation of black lives by people like those who prosecuted/killed Mr Stinney is the cause for all the murders of black men today(black on black & otherwise).

    That’s why we must say Black Lives Matter

  • They are afraid of us because we are a very special people. From dust we come and will always be. This statement means that we’re created from the ground, the gods of our ancestors created us with all the wonder of the world the clay of the ground and fashioned and made us. So we have the universe inside of us. That is why we can do anything we put our minds too. We truly are a unique people. The story in the Bible is not true of how man was made. The Bible is the book of the white man, because that is the only book they can use to claim their identity. The white race is only 2000 years old before that there isn’t any history of them in historic artifacts. Study your history. I’m an African born in Africa and that is where you will find the true history of our people it is written every where you go through out Africa. Be strong take courage and know that they will never win for our ancestors have heard our cry and will come to our aid. It is not about going out and hurting the white man, if we have too to fight for what is ours then we will, but it is all about having the knowledge of who you black Woman and black man, black boy, black girl who you really are. The awesome majestic beings you are and what you have been created to be.

  • Sacco e Vanzetti were two white italians emigrants to America.
    in the years of big italian emigration
    around 1929.
    Ships were bringing them to States.
    Like ships bring now Africans to Europe.
    With less afvantages for the italians.
    Can someone how two white men were executed despite their innocence
    later transpared?????
    What is RACISM?
    Can somebody explain why africans cooperate with whites
    right now and viceversa?

  • The Central Park Five — Trump is and has always maintained their guilt STILL does today. I could not even watch that new movie. It was heartbreaking. So, probably no DNA from the crime scene of that 14 yr old? SHAME SHAME SHAME

  • Let us hope that when he walked through the valley of the shadow of death, he felt no evil, for the Lord and his staff comforted him were with him. Hopefully, the true murderers met their justice on the other side.