The UK And USA Are The Most Corrupt Governments On Earth – Not Africa!!!

By my standards and that of anybody or group who truly speak up for humanity – the United Kingdom and the United States Of America are most likely to be the most ‘CORRUPT’ countries on the surface of the Earth.

Their type of Corruption needs a new definition with advanced parameters because their practices and policies towards various countries of the world are so corrupt that the current dictionary definitions can’t bracket them.

I remember when the past Nigerian President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan made a comment concerning corruption. He said: “Stealing is not Corruption”. And by that, he meant that stealing could be termed as one of the many offspring of corruption, but that corruption was not just stealing but a whole bunch of other malpractices.

And so when I talk about the Corruption of the UK and the USA, I might not necessarily be referring to just stealing (although they are deep in that too, but on a more refined scale).

These two world powers are involved in what I call “Jipiti politics”. A type of politics which applies any means necessary to achieve economic and social greatness for their people, at the detriment of others. The other day I heard that the British were willing to support the Nigerian government Militarily to quench the Rebellion in the Niger Delta.

I also heard that a certain British Warship had left it’s Harbour and was headed for the shores of Nigeria. What are they going there to do? Well, it’s obvious – they want to protect their rights to keep stealing the resources of the Niger Delta people. They are willing to support the corrupt politicians in Africa to kill their fellow countrymen as long as the oil keeps flowing into their vessels and are being taken away to boost their Economies.

And so I ask, where was the British government when Boko Haram killed thousands of Nigerians and Biafrans alike in different states? Where were the lying British when Fulani herdsmen invaded different Middle Belt states and wiped out whole communities? Where were the Evil British when peaceful Biafrans were and are still being killed by the Nigerian army?

They all sat back and smiled – as long as it did not affect their Oil Installations. Now that the Avengers are raising hell on Earth in the Creeks – the Divinely CORRUPT British are making moves to assist the Nigerian Federal government with Military intelligence and hardware to protect the creeks. This shows that Oil and Africa’s wealth is all the British care about. Africa lives do not matter to them.

Now let’s talk about the United States – which claims to be the WORLD’S POLICE; the Almighty defender of human rights, the incorruptible and angelic mediator in all crises in the world, the so-called “Gods Own Country”. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. I have said it before and I will say it again that America is a LIE, and it is important that Black people of the world know this.

America alone, in recent times, has raised more hell on Earth than any other radical country or religion. America’s corruption is the most refined in the world. It has evolved over the last two centuries to appear as the ‘defender of the Oppressed’ – when actually it is the Grand Oppressor. America has destroyed several governments in its Bid to control every region of the world.

Some of these countries are Iraq, Lybia, Egypt, The Soviet Union, and many other World Economies. They are currently trying to go to a cold war with China. This being because China’s economy is growing fast and is currently a threat to their position as a world power. America can never come to your aid if they have nothing to gain from your country, and they will never interfere in the politics of a nation if the nation posses no economic threat to America.

Peaceful Igbo and Biafran protesters are being killed every other day on the streets of Onitsha, Aba, Ebonyi, Enugu, and other parts of Biafra land, but the so-called WORLD POLICE are sitting tight and playing to the tune of their First World War Allies – the British. The British feel it is a task worth the lives of millions for it to protect the sovereignty and borders of Nigeria. And America in its hypocrisy supports that stand – even if human rights are been trampled upon. The Human rights which they claim to be defenders of.

The American government has never and would never question the activities of the Nigeria Miltary in the South-East – as long as the British do not do so. They are busy stealing the resources of our people and taking them overseas to their banks and industries.

And these two nations dare to open their mouths and say that Black Africans are corrupt. And I wonder what gives them the moral impetus and ethical justification to label us corrupt while their every policy, no matter how whitewashed they seem, are embedded in GROSS ‘SUIT AND TIE’ CORRUPTION.

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