Without Knowledge Of Our History, Africa Will Never Rise Again

Africa’s problems are peculiar ones and must be addressed from the roots through peculiar means. Many schools of thought have blamed Africa’s backwardness on Africans, but we here at Liberty Writers Africa chose to disagree.

The backwardness, poverty, political strife, and lack of adequate institutions to combat Africa’s challenges can all be traced back to hundreds of years of killing, looting, divide and rule, misinformation and outright genocide by the Europeans and Arabs of this world, among many other things.

Whatever route we proposed to solve Africa’s problem, it is most paramount that African HISTORY is used as a searchlight and self-discovery tool. For without the knowledge of where we started to fall and who/what caused that fall, we will never find the right solutions to our problems.

There is a kind of pride and unwavering anger that possesses any true student of African history. A pride for the glory of our ancestry and our achievements today, and anger for how we have been dragged to the mud, by evil men from other races, and somehow by our own sudden mental laziness.

Without true awareness, we will never have the right amount of angry Africans who are willing to stand up and say “enough is enough”. If the people knew the truth about themselves, they would be willing to revolt against the corrupt leaders and their Europeans, American, Asian, and Arab collaborators.

History comes with consciousness and an awareness of self that makes you demand more. More of your birthright. More of your lost glory. More control of your resources, land, and freedom.

Africa has some of the dirtiest and most corrupt politicians but you also don’t see the youth protesting and demanding them to step down.

You don’t see any revolution, and that is because the African youths don’t know any better. They don’t have a strong awareness of our political history. They don’t have a strong awareness of our social history. They don’t know that they are a gifted race. Many of the youth don’t even know why Africa was demarcated. Millions have never heard of the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885.

If they knew why African was demarcated by the Europeans at the Berlin Conference, and how Europe, Arabia, and America have raped and stolen Africa dry, they would fight and demand a better continent.

And there is no way for Africans to know how Africa crumbled if through history.

Everything wrong in Africa is tied to our encounter with the Caucasian world. And the only aspect that can capture 400years of European thievery and manipulation in Africa is History.

Without history, we are bound to make the mistakes of yesterday, and we will allow the same vicious enemy of 400 years ago into our homes with open arms.

Africans must wake up and ask the right questions. Questions such as: Who are we? When did our race begin to exist? For how long have we seen in contact with other races? What are the effects of our contact with the Europeans, Asians, Arabs, etc? Did we offend them in any way to deserve the hate and bullying we get? Why are we trampled upon by other races? What can we do to free ourselves from the Western rascals and Bandits?

The questions are endless, and the only History can help us to begin to answer them. So dear African, pay attention to your history. Therein lies your salvation.

With tools such as the internet and smart phones, African history has now become easy to access and learn. Every day we have people searching for topics such as African history slavery and are reading in depth on the effects of slavery in Africa. Also, governments in Africa should set out funds for the building an African history museum in every top city of Africa.

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Liberty Writers Africa

Liberty Writers Africa

Our mission is to raise the collective consciousness of Africans all over the world. And also giving an account of our uniqueness, we hope to reintroduce Africa to the rest of the world. At the core of our vision, is to liberate the African mind - to make Africans discover their voice through literature.

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