You Can Be a Jack Of All Trades And Master of All


The phrase that says “A jack of all trades is a master of none” has been in circulation for a long time in human history. But that phrase is just a lie. It purports that he who plies many trades can never be very good or a master at any of them or even all of them at once. But the story of many successful men, tell us otherwise.

That statement was invented by people in corridors of certain knowledge and power. Their goals was for a large number to remain shallow. They didn’t think it was wise for everyone to attain their highest potential in life. Behind close doors these same people have put their hands and gold in every venture possible on this Gods green earth.

I was told that I can’t have more than one talent and be a master in all – but I told them they were wrong. I told them that anything was possible in this life. I kept my head down – put energy into my many talents and good things are happening.

This is not one of the posts where I would start enumerating my many trades and how I have championed in all of them or some of them. This post is to let you know that “A JACK OF ALL TRADES CAN BE A MASTER OF ALL.” If you think I am bluffing then call Dangote and if he would be noble and honest he would tell you the same exact things I have just told you.

So don’t sit on just one talent and be comfortable when you can be a King In different lanes. Get your young self up and work. These multiple trades would consume your time and energy but again time and energy are all a youth has.

By Chukwuka Nduneseokwu


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