Your Mind Is Your God – Worship And Use It

“He who thinks critically and utilizes his mind will one day become an idol to those who don’t.”

My dear friend and reader, please never live through any day without making use of your million dollar asset – your mind. Put that mind of yours to the test. Put in it high places. Put it rough places. Test its ability to elevate you from your current status in life. Your mind is the only property you possess that will function at 100% efficiency till you die.

So why do you say to your mind, “Don’t worry – God is in control” or “Don’t think too much, tomorrow will think for itself”. Why do you deceive yourself so oh mortal man?

Why do you reject the tool the creator has given you to make your own paradise? You have been made a god and somehow you have reduced yourself to something below your worth.

Who told you tomorrow will think for itself? Or that God will think for you after you have been given a mind to think for yourself? Honestly, it is disheartening the ideologies that have been passed down generations in Africa – Ideologies that were designed to limit men.


Do you know that the mind can come up with over 1,000 ideas in a day? This is for those who have mastered the scope and strength of the human mind. All you need to make it in this life is just ONE IDEA. All you need to be the wealthiest man on the surface of the earth is just one simple but unique idea.

Innovators as we all know it has ruled the world for centuries upon centuries. All their innovations which have driven humanity are all a product of the MIND. They spend days, weeks, months, years, thinking up ideas and developing these ideas into billion-dollar projects. Others have thought up solutions that better human existence, even though they made no money from it.

I remember some years back when I was in a really bad place. I was always so lost in deep thoughts, it got to a point when someone would be talking to me and I would stare into their face and then get lost in my thoughts – without hearing a word they are saying to me.

I was always looking for solutions to my problems and thinking up new ideas to help me make it in life. This was every minute’s routine for me. So one day I was home and my mother caught me thinking so deep.  She screamed my name almost twice before I heard her. She quickly invoked the blood of Jesus, in her normal Catholic tradition. LOL.

She sat me down and asked me not to worry. She promised that things will be fine eventually. She talked about how too much thinking can lead to high blood pressure. She tried to continue, but I was not having any more of the advice.

I asked her what was the need of having a mind if one does not think. I explained to her that I was not worried or depressed, but only thinking. After we discussed a little further, I went back to my thinking. Sometimes I had this migraine type headache but one thing was sure – my mind was getting smarter and producing results.

Often times we mistake critical thinking for worry or depression. Worrying will never give you useful ideas. It will only drain you and lead you to depression. Depression leads to suicide and many other mental and social issues.

So here is what I have to tell every human: “Please do your best to make use of your mind – it is your biggest and best asset. More importantly, make maximum use of it when you are young – for with young age you can chase any idea you have and make it grow into greatness. But the moment you get old, your chances begins to get slim – this being because you are not as strong as a youth and so not every idea your mind comes up with will be workable.”

So hear this and hear it clearly: “Think as your life depended on it. Think every minute of every day. Come up with Ideas that are innovative. No matter how rough it may seem, work on it – beat it till it turns to gold. Tomorrow will not think for itself – please don’t believe that lie. Think about your tomorrow. Be your own God.

Article Written By Chuka Nduneseokwu

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