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How Black People Were Boiled In Hot Sugar-Juice As Punishment During Slavery

With every passing day, we get to uncover the numerous evils perpetrated against Black people by the Caucasians of this world. With each new history lesson, we are shocked beyond our imagination...

The Igbo Man And His Innate Urge To Assert Himself And Chase His Own Destiny

Expecting ‘blind loyalty’ from a full-blooded Igbo man is like hoping a snake will give birth to a goat – it is impossible. The Igbo man can be loyal to a point for a particular length of...

Founder Of African American Museum Killed And Dumped In Car Trunk

It is with a heavy heart and anger in our minds, that we report the murder of a noble and iconic Black woman, who founded the African American History Museum in the United States Of America. Her name was Sadie...

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