For the Ìgbò, 15th January Should Not Be Armed Forces Remembrance Day

For the Ìgbò 15th January Should Not Be Armed Forces Remembrance Day
For the Ìgbò 15th January Should Not Be Armed Forces Remembrance Day

It is the day Nigeria agreed to stop the Genocide of 1966-1970 against Ndị Ìgbò and our brothers of the Old Eastern State.

On the 15th of January every year, we as Ndị Ìgbò (of Biafra), must remember our people (soldiers and civilians alike) who gave up their lives that our bloodline may continue.

It is to be recalled that after the surrender of Major General Phillip Effiong on 17th January 1970 in Lagos, the Nigerian soldiers continued to kill Biafran civilians for weeks.

This points to the fact that the war was not to bring the Old Eastern Region back to the Nigerian fold but to exterminate the bold and successful Ìgbò (primarily).

That war was a jihad that had been planned for years. That war was not just because we were accused of being the ones who carried out the coup of 1966. That coup was carried out by soldiers from all over Nigeria, including a good number of Northern soldiers. (The history records are there for any doubters).

The commemoration of the armed forces day on January 15th every year, by the Federal Government of Nigeria, is a continuous reminder that they won the war OR will I say: “Successfully concluded a well-orchestrated genocide.”

The unconscious Nigerian or Ìgbò will not see it, but it is an attempt to always remind us that they won the war, and are victorious over us to date, even though Gowon mouthed the “No victor no vanquished.”

There are those who would like to say that the Armed forces remembrance day is to commemorate everyone who died on both sides. But where then is the day for the over 3milliom civilians killed during that unholy genocidal war?

There is none. No day to remember the monumental loss of life. No apology from the Federal government. No remorse for the killing of Ndị Ìgbò which has continued to date.

What armed forces are you celebrating as an Igbo man?

The ones who just recently went into a village in Enugwu or Ebonyi (can’t remember now) and started to shoot into houses and kill people? Or the ones who have participated in the killing of our people in the last few years all in the name of fighting IPOB?

What the HELL are you remembering nwa afo?

See how we have been unceremonious about January. The surrender of Biafra was between 7th January to 17th January. Which of these days have you as an Ìgbò man taken out to remember those who have fallen that we may live?

This is a wake-up call my people. Understand the symbolism of what you celebrate and resist a mental capitulation.

~ Chuka Nduneseokwu, Editor-in-chief, Liberty Writers Africa

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