25 University Scholarships Tailored for International Students


Embarking on the journey of higher education is exhilarating, yet the financial strain can pose a significant challenge for international students. Fortunately, universities worldwide recognize the importance of diversity and talent within their academic communities. Consequently, a myriad of university-wide scholarships is available to support and empower students from all corners of the globe. In this blog post, we will delve into 25 such scholarships that serve as gateways to educational opportunities for international students.

1. Fulbright Foreign Student Program:
– Administered by the U.S. Department of State, this program extends scholarships to international students pursuing graduate studies in the United States.

2. Chevening Scholarships:
– Funded by the UK government, Chevening Scholarships facilitate exceptional individuals from across the world to pursue a master’s degree in the United Kingdom.

3. Australian Awards Scholarships:
– Supported by the Australian government, these scholarships provide opportunities for international students to undertake full-time undergraduate or postgraduate study in Australia.

4. Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships:
– Switzerland offers scholarships promoting international exchange and research collaboration with over 180 countries.

5. New Zealand Development Scholarships:
– Targeting students from selected developing countries, these scholarships support the pursuit of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in New Zealand.

6. Erasmus Mundus Scholarships:
– The Erasmus Mundus program offers scholarships for students from both EU and non-EU countries to participate in joint master’s and doctoral programs across Europe.

7. Chinese Government Scholarship:
– Funded by the Chinese government, this program supports international students pursuing degrees at various Chinese universities.

8. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships:
– Recognizing exceptional doctoral students, the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship supports students studying in Canada.

9. Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships:
– Sponsored by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission, these awards support students from Commonwealth countries in studying in another Commonwealth nation.

10. Japanese Government Scholarships:
– Offered by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT), these scholarships support international students pursuing education in Japan.

11. Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA):
– SINGA provides fully-funded scholarships to international students pursuing a PhD in science and engineering at ASTAR research institutions in Singapore.

12. Netherlands Fellowship Programs:
– Aimed at mid-career professionals, these scholarships support individuals from developing countries pursuing short courses, master’s, or PhD programs in the Netherlands.

13. DAAD Scholarships:
– The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers a wide range of scholarships to international students for study and research in Germany.

14. Korean Government Scholarship Program:
– Designed to promote international education, this scholarship supports undergraduate and graduate students studying in South Korea.

15. Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program:
– Sponsored by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this program offers scholarships to international students pursuing a master’s or PhD program in France.

16. Sweden Government Scholarships:
– The Swedish Institute offers scholarships to international students for master’s programs in Sweden.

17. Belgium ARES Scholarships:
– The Academy of Research and Higher Education (ARES) provides scholarships to students from developing countries pursuing master’s and training courses in Belgium.

18. Ireland Government Scholarships:
– The Irish government offers scholarships to high-achieving students from non-EU/EEA countries for various study levels.

19. Azerbaijan Government Scholarship:
– This program supports international students pursuing undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in Azerbaijan.

20. Taiwan Scholarship Program:
– The Taiwan government provides scholarships for outstanding international students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees.

21. Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme:
– Hong Kong’s Research Grants Council offers full funding for PhD studies in Hong Kong’s universities.

22. Commonwealth Shared Scholarships:
– Another initiative by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission, these scholarships support students from developing Commonwealth countries pursuing master’s degrees in the United Kingdom.

23. Russian Government Scholarships:
– The Russian government offers scholarships for international students to pursue higher education in Russia.

24. Turkiye Scholarships:
– The Turkiye Scholarships program provides scholarships for international students to study in Turkey at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels.

25. Italian Government Scholarships for Foreign Students:
– Italy offers scholarships to promote cultural cooperation and educational exchange with other countries, supporting international students pursuing study in Italy.


While the financial challenges of international education can be overwhelming, these 25 university-wide scholarships stand as beacons of hope, offering avenues for students to achieve their academic dreams. Prospective scholars should diligently research each scholarship, ensuring they fulfill eligibility criteria and meet application deadlines. With determination and the right support, the prospect of studying abroad becomes a tangible reality for countless talented individuals worldwide.

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