How Ancient Africans Helped Civilize The Cave Men

How Ancient Africans Helped Civilize The Cave Men
How Ancient Africans Helped Civilize The Cave Men

The original, the founders of civilization, the mothers and fathers of Humanity, and the initial people on earth were dark-skinned (Melanated) Men and Women. Europeans, or Caucasians, are a later addition to the human race. There was most likely not a single Caucasian on the planet 10,000 years ago. Archaeologists have discovered and documented the Neanderthal as the first species of caucasian to exist on earth.

When you realize that when the caucazoid mysteriously landed on Earth, melanated minds were already civilized and exploring the entire globe, you’ll understand why. Even without scholarly references, most people are aware of the ‘cavemen’s’ horrible situation. Most people, however, do not continue to investigate how the savage caveman learned to walk upright, boil their food before eating it, be cognizant of hygiene, and eventually become civilized.

In Elijah Muhammad’s “Message to the Black Man in America,” he describes how Caucasians were formed 6,600 years ago by black (African) geneticists through selective breeding in an isolated area of the Aegean Sea known as the “Island of Pelan.”

This area is close to the Caucasus Mountains, the Caucasians’ homeland. The Bible also refers to this region as the “Island of Patmos.” Seem insane?

So, if you need a Caucasian organization to validate facts, is Muhammad’s assertion more credible if National Geographic reports that scientists have reached the same conclusion?

National Geographic published the following findings from the Australian Centre for Ancient DNA at the University of Adelaide:

DNA discovered from ancient skeletons suggests that contemporary Europe’s genetic makeup was created around 4,500 B.C. in the mid-Neolithic—or 6,500 years ago—rather than by the first farmers who arrived in the area approximately 7,500 years ago or by earlier hunter-gatherer cultures.”

If modern European DNA did not originate with “the first farmers who came in the area around 7,500 years ago or by earlier hunter-gatherer populations,” where did it originate? Unless it was made, how did it ‘appear out of nowhere?

“It is Mr. Muhammad who, in the face of much mockery and ridicule, taught that the White man first appeared 6,000 years ago on the Island of Patmos (or Pelan), in the Aegean Sea, where they had been “made” by a 600-year process of selective breeding called “grafting,” according to The Final Call, the official publication of the Nation of Islam. Under the direction of a Black scientist named Yakub, the 59,999 Blacks who traveled with Yakub to the island were subjected to a mating system based on skin tone, with only lighter-complexioned infants surviving. Over several generations, the Patmos population became lighter and lighter until, after 600 years, the people were incredibly pale with blue eyes and blonde hair. From this island-based tribe of white-skinned albinos emerged a behaviorally aggressive race of rulers known as the Caucasians, who spread to every corner of the globe and now account for 9 percent of the global population (1 in every 11 people).”

According to National Geographic, Elijah Muhammad’s timeline of the genesis of the “white race” is correct.


Hendrik Willem van Loon, a Dutch historian and author, describes how an Egyptian man liberated the Caucasians from the caves and introduced them to civilization.

Loon writes, “These earliest ancestors of ours who lived in the great European wilderness were rapidly learning many new things. It is safe to say that in the course of time they would have given up the ways of savages and would have developed a civilization of their own. But suddenly there came an end to their isolation. They were discovered…

A traveler from an unknown southland who had braved to traverse the sea and high mountain ranges had found his way to the European continent’s untamed inhabitants. He was born in Africa. Egypt was his home.”

Although it is conceivable that more than one individual took on the enormous effort of civilizing the savages, we know that the Caucasian evolution would not have occurred without the impact of indigenous black people teaching them how to be civilized.

Caucasians were civilized more than once by ancient black people. In the video below, historian and author John G. Jackson recounts how Africa civilized Europe twice.

Garikai Chengu of Pambazuka News writes, “The Moors invaded Spain in 711 AD and African Muslims literally civilized the wild, white tribes. Recent scholarship now sheds new light on how Moorish advances in mathematics, astronomy, art, and philosophy helped propel Europe out of the Dark Ages and into the Renaissance.”

“Four hundred and eight years ago today, King Phillip III of Spain signed an edict, which was one of the earliest cases of ethnic cleansing,” the article continues. At the height of the Spanish Inquisition, King Phillip III ordered the expulsion of 300,000 Muslim Moriscos, launching one of Spain’s most cruel and terrible tragedies. Contrary to popular belief, it was ancient Africans who introduced civilization to Spain and much of Europe, not the other way around.

The earliest European civilization was created around 1700 BC on the Greek island of Crete, and the Greeks were predominantly cultured by the Black Africans of the Nile Valley. The Greeks then handed on their gained civilization to the Romans, who eventually lost it, ushering in the five-century-long Dark Ages. Civilization was reintroduced to Europe when another group of Black Africans, The Moors, ended the Dark Ages. When history is taught in the West, the period known as the “Middle Ages” is sometimes referred to as the “Dark Ages,” and is portrayed as a time when civilization, including the arts and sciences, was somewhat inactive. This was undoubtedly true of Europeans, but not of Africans.

Cheikh Anta Diop, a renowned historian, describes how, during the Middle Ages, the world’s great empires were Black empires, and the world’s educational and cultural centers were predominantly African. Furthermore, it was the Europeans who were the lawless barbarians at the time. Following the fall of the Roman Empire, the invading Huns drove hordes of white warring tribes from the Caucasus into Western Europe. In 711 AD, the Moors reached Spanish coasts, and African Muslims literally domesticated the Caucus’ savage, white tribes. For almost 700 years, the Moors ruled over Spain, Portugal, North Africa, and southern France.

Despite the efforts of generations of Spanish monarchs to erase this period from history, modern archaeology and scholarship shed new light on how Moorish accomplishments in mathematics, astronomy, art, and philosophy helped catapult Europe out of the Dark Ages and into the Renaissance.”


Many years ago, a little man named Elijah Muhammad told the world how the Caucasian race was developed on the “Island of Patmos” by a large head scientist named “Yakub” via a method of selective breeding he called “grafting.” The Bible’s Adam and Eve story corresponds to Elijah’s Yakub story. We must keep in mind that “Yakub” represents a group of rogue African/Egyptian scientists, whilst “Adam & Eve” represents a new group of people who were formed 6,000 years ago.

Many others dismissed this teaching as part of the “white man is the devil” propaganda, and there was no scientific or historical foundation for his claim. Whether you are a member of the Nation of Islam or not, you should conduct your own research on the matter.

I must state that I am not religious. I am also not a member of the Nation of Islam. However, I get what Elijah Muhammad was driving at with his Yakub narrative. Although the specifics may differ, the point is that advanced African geneticists created a new type of people by selective breeding in an isolated environment. The caucasian became an uncontrollable pestilence to humanity and the world itself. That is the overall concept. The Caucasian elite is aware of their own history, which is why they opted to incorporate the “Adam & Eve” tale into the stolen African ideals and values in the Bible they constructed.

Indeed, the Bible is a collection of African mythology, astrological beliefs, and philosophies repurposed by Caucasians for their own religious and political purposes. Yosef A. A. Ben-“African Jochannan’s Origins of Western Religions” explains this in detail. Even the concept of a “creation tale” appears in many forms in African religious systems. Most African creation tales hint at a cosmic beginning, but “Genesis” in the Bible refers to the creation of a “new” species of humanity by more powerful creatures who previously existed. If they made man in their image,’ these “beings” must have had a purer form of the human archetype.

Not only that but this new species was destined to be sinful and incapable of adhering to the “rules of God,” resulting in their expulsion from the beautiful Garden of Eden. In Hebrew, the term “Adam” is plural and means “ruddy or pinkish/red.” Other than Caucasians, what other pinkish/red people on the planet with barely a 6,000-year history have brought nothing but difficulty and tragedy to the rest of the world and consistently break EVERY “rule of God”?

It’s not about being racist or prejudiced; it’s about getting to the bottom of things. This is not an emotional situation. Beyond Elijah’s work, there are several scholarly references to this occurrence. In his masterpiece “Making of the Whiteman,” Paul Lawrence Guthrie gives a plethora of scholarly evidence that corroborates Elijah Muhammad’s theory that the “Adam & Eve” account is about the creation of the Caucasian. Yes, even some Caucasian scholars think that the Caucasian race was produced by older races of humanity in the Bible’s Genesis myth.

When the true history of Caucasian roots is known to the masses, the sad system of white supremacy will disintegrate. It’s ludicrous that in 2021, we’re still attempting to persuade the offspring of the people our forefathers civilized that “Black Lives Matter.”

Caucasians would still be huddled around a campfire, bashing each other in the head with clubs if it weren’t for Black people. Our lives are important because we are descended from the Civilization’s Founders, the Mothers and Fathers of Humanity, and the True and Living Gods of the Universe.

There is a distinction between ‘hue-mans’ and humans. Mankind resembles a Neanderthal more than a ‘hue-man.’ Humans have been on the globe for millions of years, yet mankind has yet to surpass the 10,000-year mark. The widespread fallacy is that all people on Earth are the same, that we are all humans. We are not all born under the same biological circumstances. Although there are some similarities between the two sorts, we are not the same species. That’s like claiming every species in the ocean has the same biological state since they’re all submerged. This is significant because the two kinds of man (original man and mankind) require entirely different conditions to exist and thrive on Earth. Our biological circumstances require different demands, and unless those needs are met, we will all be living in a way that is beneficial to different species, ‘hue-mans’ and humans alike.

The objective is not to focus on how one is superior to the other; time and nature will achieve that on their own. What I’m attempting to illuminate is the fact that the black people, who all share the roots of the Original Man, are not the same species of man as the descendants of the Caucasus mountain cave dwellers who now identify as “white.”

This type of fallacy is due, in part, to the European scientific community’s public denigration of melanin, which has a tendency to persuade the rest of the world to accept its beliefs and ideologies. On the one hand, most popular and credible scientific information sources downplay the importance of melanin. On the other hand, these same centers of modern scientific thought are investing heavily in the development of melanin cyborg technology and other techniques of harnessing melanin for financial gain and military power.

What exactly is “hue”? Color or gradient of color, according to Merriam-Webster. Melanin is responsible for the hue or color found in humans. To put it another way, if you don’t have color, you don’t have melanin. A ‘hue-man’ is a ‘man of color,’ a dark-skinned male. Melanin is required to be a “hue-man.” Don’t get me wrong: just because someone has light skin or is “high yellow” doesn’t make them a “hue-man.” Melanin can appear externally as a range of browns, from the deepest brown to the lightest brown. Some persons may have low melanin levels in their skin while having moderate or even high melanin levels inside (nervous system, brain, organs, etc.). However, if you are melanin deficient both outwardly and inside, you are a ‘kind of man’ but not a ‘hue-man.’

Because of melanin, ‘humans’ can maintain a healthy equilibrium within the earth’s natural atmosphere. This is why “black never cracks.” The melanin in the skin literally absorbs solar energy and stores it for later use, much like an organic battery. Without adequate levels of melanin or carbon in your body, the planet’s natural environment would become hostile to your survival. Without a healthy covering of the cosmic sunscreen, melanin, the sun would shrivel you up.

So, basically, the true ‘hue-men’ on the globe are melanated. Mankind is similar to humans but without the ‘hue.’ They are nearly devoid of melanin in all of their forms, both outwardly and internally. This makes life on Earth difficult unless extraordinary measures are taken, such as a whole civilization based on the principle of blotting out the sun. It is no coincidence that our modern culture, which is built on European ideals, constructs homes and buildings that resemble caves. Windows are frequently few or tinted to ensure that as little sunlight as possible enters the building. Mankind has a human prototype, but it has Neanderthal DNA.

The ancestors of the Caucasus highlands (the land of caves) are not literally “hue-mans” in the strictest sense of the term, but rather a type of man,’ mankind.’ But this isn’t about race; it’s about DNA. Although race is made up, DNA is extremely real and affects how this bodily shell we rent from the planet interacts with the cosmos and surroundings. The rhetoric about “being all the same” is only true for people with dark skin (for the most part).

The descendants of cave dwellers who lack melanin do not have the same genetic makeup as the melanated masses; they are two distinct species with completely different biological circumstances. This is not “hate speech,” but rather genuine facts. Perhaps the world is in such bad shape now because people who lack the genetic capacity to live in accordance with righteous universal rules are making decisions that affect all life as we know it. Perhaps it is time for the true ‘hue-men’ to rise up and civilize the uncivilized once more, restoring equilibrium to the earth and, eventually, the universe.


As a True and Living God, it is vital not to let the caucazoid’s less-than-spectacular circumstances feed an ego overload. Lions, tigers, and bears are wild animals with the potential to be ferocious and lethal. Does this imply that you should despise Lions, Tigers, and Bears? No, they are simply reacting to their biological circumstances. That biological condition is an essential component of the planet’s macrocosmic ecosystem.

Everything has a place and a function. Even the most ferocious, brutal, and lethal. So, if you wish to coexist with Lions, Tigers, and Bears, you must establish conditions that prevent their natural instincts from wrecking your civilization. You handle the Lions, Tigers, and Bears in accordance with their natural circumstances, and you can create peace, power, and abundance. You set yourself up for failure the moment you try to treat a ferocious beast like a conscious, cultured creature.

It’s like trying to solve an equation with the incorrect mathematical formula and wondering why you keep receiving an “error.” Or maybe you’re trying to bake a cake in the microwave and aren’t obtaining the desired results. The formula, the equation, the cake, and the microwave are all correct. The only issue is how they are applied. To get fruitful results, you must deal with things (or people) in accordance with their current situation.

Furthermore, if the caucazoid was actually grafted from and by the Original Man, then not only is his savage condition our invention but so is the planetary cataclysm that followed his genesis. On a deeper level, this means that we planted the seeds that grew into what we refer to as “the tragic system of white supremacy.”

Remember that before your ego explodes with the realization of your supreme circumstance. Everything in life is built on the melanated mentality, including our oppression and oppressors. Mankind is the result of a dark intellect. This is why it is counterproductive to constantly compare the caucazoid’s situation (mankind). The melanated intellect is ultimate in and of itself, with no level of comparison to anything else.

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