The Biggest Disaster Of Colonialism Remains The Image of God Africans Now See

We have said many times in many of our articles that there is no”white God” for Africans. But each time we say that we are quoted out of context and misunderstood. Our brethren who hold blindly to the teachings and ways of the colonial masters accuse us of all kinds of things in their attempt to run away from the facts and consciousness we bring forward.

Now, before we go further to discuss how colonialism affected Africans negatively in their view of the creator and themselves, we would love to make some clarifications on our stand that there is no God.

You see, with the brand of religion that the colonial masters brought with them and enforced by the gun, everything that has to do with Africa’s image and ideology of God was laid to waste and called evil. Then they gave Africans a new image of God – a white God. A God who looks like the European man.

Even though some of our Christian brethren will deny it publicly, when they kneel down to pray and close their eyes, what they truly see, is a European-looking God in the sky – nothing more nothing less. When their pastors and priests have visions of heaven, what they come back to testify, is that they saw a white God in heaven, in shining white robes. When movies are made, the image of God is a white beard European man. Anyone who says this is not the generally accepted image of God in Christianity is only living in denial.

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This is as a result of mental and psychological programming from when they were kids till they turn into full-blown adults. And this programming comes from both their parents, society, movies, school, books, stories, and other forms of manipulation which the colonial masters put in place to forever imprison the mind of the Black man – the African man.

Before the colonial masters and their partners in crime, the missionaries came with the manipulated scriptures of the Bible, all African cultures, both children and adults, never saw God as a white man. They didn’t. Many cultures had different ways of identifying and referring to the creator.

The Igbo people call the creator “Chukwu” (God). And they say “chukwu bu mmuo, onwebero onye furu ya anya”, which translates to “God is spirit, no one has seen him/her). The Igbo, just like many other African cultures and peoples do not ascribe male or female characters to the creator. They only do so, to the divinities of this world, such as the sun, moon, earth, and water.

The Image Of A White God Is A Racist And Mental Suppresive Tool Used By Europeans On Africans

Now, let us dive into racism and why it grows stronger by the day. It is without a doubt that the caucasian race considers itself the dominant race of humanity when actually they are among the last race to emerge on earth.

How do you think they got that ideology of a superior race? Most of it was formed and created through hundreds of years of European Christianity that was passed down by the Roman Empire, and how they maliciously painted God to be in their own image and to serve their own agenda.

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This ideology of God looking like a European was beaten and finetuned to look like the only truth, and then it was thought of as an ideology and then passed down generations through theology, philosophy, and pseudo-science. These new generations will do anything to preserve the ideologies handed down to them by their forefathers, even though they were lies or deceitful. It is pure human nature to protect the heritage of your ancestors. And when that heritage falsely says you look like the creator and the other races look like the devil and are evil, it gives you more impetus to subjugate them.

This is the bane of racism.

But Africans do not understand this. They swallow the story hook-line-and-sinker, and in the same fashion, they begin to feel inferior. Of course, since God looks like the caucasian, and we don’t, then we are inferior.

The above statement might look like something to passoff or laugh about, but that is the mental position and condition of many African christians, who follow the doctrines of the colonizers without question.

That is why today, in passive conversations, you will hear Africans say things like: “Oyibo (White people) pass person… Oyibo na God I swear…” You might laugh over this, but that right there is the image that has been planted in the subconscious of the African. Through all types of agenda, the African has been made to see himself/herself as someone who cant acheieve much technologically like the white man.

But who would blame the silly African, when no one ever thought him/her about the many Black inventors who blessed the world with their ingenuity, even till this present da. No one taught them that – because the curriculum of the African schools, ever since colonialism began has been created and supervised by Europeans. So there is no way these same Europeans can teach you of the greatness of your ancestors.

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Here are a few of the inventions By Black people, for those who stil feel the Black man is inferior in technology or science. And this does not cover 1% of them

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As long as many among us maintian that God is white, we will continue to maintain that there is no God. Because in principle, ideology, and facts, there is no white God in Africa. We have not seen the maker (the creator, God) and we would like to maintain our communication with the creator throguh our various forms of prayers and libations, through our ancestors, our gods, our deities, and divinities of this world.

The African man needs to remove his head from his ass and smell the foul play and trickery that has been carried out against him. We need to do it now, or risk another 1,000 years of oppression from the caucasoid race of this world.