Legend Of Medusa: Story Of European Fear Of Black Women With Spiritual Power, Like The Sibyls

Legend Of Medusa Story Of European Fear Of Black Women With Spiritual Power, Like The Sibyls
Legend Of Medusa Story Of European Fear Of Black Women With Spiritual Power, Like The Sibyls

The quest to properly comprehend why there has always been dislike of Africans by Europeans and Arabs for millennia continues to open our eyes and minds to different plausible explanations littered throughout history.

As we become more conscious, we know that made-up legends and narratives can be exploited to damage a people’s reputation in order for their heritage and history to be destroyed or stolen without the oppressor feeling guilty.

For millennia, Europeans have found a way to depict Africans (dark-skinned people) in a negative light, giving themselves the reserved right to commit murder and plunder in the name of bringing Africans to heel, or providing them civilization.

Greek culture invented the Medusa myth to denigrate black women, particularly those interested in traditionally African spiritual rituals, with the intention of deterring race mixing with genetically dominant melanated people, thereby preserving white genetic survival.

Have you ever met a Black Woman who is so magnificent and outrageously beautiful, so regal, so powerful that her very presence (even eye contact) may turn you to stone?

That is the Black Woman’s power.

The primordial human, the primary carrier of melanin, the highest entity in the cosmos, and the mother of humanity is the Black woman.

And this is Medusa’s strength.

Threatened by her beauty, melanin, attraction, spiritual presence, charm, and genetics, the Greeks developed a mythology (also known as generational propaganda) to keep Greek (Caucasian) males from succumbing to her grandeur and magnetic splendor. If left uncontrolled, the myth would eventually become the doorway to the genetic extinction of the melanin recessive peoples of early Europe.

According to the original author of this article on Trudreadz.com, there is no direct scholarly reference to prove the concerns about Medusa being of African origin and about African women, but if you have any, please leave it in the comment area or in the forum.

However, there is unequivocal proof that Greek philosophy was borrowed from Egyptian (African) philosophy. And that Europe was a wasteland teeming with primitive cave dwellers until melanated intellect brought civilization to them. The knowledge garnered while bowing at the feet of African Priests, Magicians, and Kings was the foundation of the entire Greek civilization.

In other words, the saying “all their sh*t is our sh*t” has been repurposed to benefit Europeans.

This is demonstrated through the works of:

-George G.M. James; Stolen Legacy

-John G. Jackson; Christianity Before Christ

-John G. Jackson; Introduction to African Civilizations

– Martin Bernal; Black Athena and other sources.

This is my theory regarding the origins of the Medusa legend.

Mythology is an unusual notion and phenomenon that can be expressed in an understandable manner. It is not taken literally, but rather as a symbol for an idea that is valuable enough to be remembered.

In Greek mythology, what does Medusa represent?

Medusa is a monstrous, snake-headed rape victim who does not receive pity from the gods.

She is so terrible and scary to look upon that simply a single glance can turn you to stone. In mythology, she was once lovely and desired by all who saw her, only to become a target for bounty hunters aiming to kill her.

Unpack the white racist worldview of this mythology if you can. What would you say if you were a Caucasian from a Greek culture aiming to establish a story or mythology for future generations with genetic survival among the melanated masses as a key goal?

Even the most illiterate white people in early Greek civilizations were probably aware of the genetic harm posed by ‘race mixing’ with melanated humans. They realized that if they continued to have interracial unions, there would be no such thing as ‘white people’ at some point.

So it became a matter of life and death for those members of society who took it upon themselves to adopt tactics for the Caucasian collective’s genetic survival to eradicate any inclination inside the Caucasian collective to have intercourse with melanated people.

Foreigners, who place little to no importance on their own women, were likely in awe of an African Priestess. The mystic nature of Africans was already mind-boggling to them, but seeing a beautiful African Priestess in a position of tremendous confidence and spiritual power was too much for them to bear.

That they would be forced to turn to stone. She was both too lovely to ignore and too powerful to resist. Furthermore, because they were unfamiliar with the nature of afro-textured hair, they were unable to define locs or dreadlocks as anything other than “snakes.”

So, if this black woman is a threat to the genetic survival of Caucasians, how do you persuade all future generations of Caucasian males to shun her at all costs?

The natural attractive, spiritual, holistic, and biologically superlative melanated woman transforms into a repulsive and unpleasant creature who should be destroyed before you even look at her.

Is this anything you’ve heard before?

The narrative regarding black women being ‘hideous and unwanted’ derives from caucasian-crafted propaganda like Medusa legends.

In Conclusion

This is why the original author of this article believes that the true story of Medusa was created to discourage men (particularly Caucasian males) from reproducing with the melanated woman. There were relatively few Caucasians in comparison to the melanated bulk before then, and genetic survival was a significant emphasis for early European communities. As a result, it was critical to denigrate black women in order to push the caucasian global minority into a more dominating position among the exponentially rising, genetically dominant melanated masses. Unfortunately, it is still going on.

If black women become ‘undesirable’ to everyone, there will be no more ‘melanated masses,’ and finally, all that would remain are melanin deficient descendants of previous Caucasus cave dwellers, which I believe was the objective of the Greek society’s fabrication of the Medusa narrative.

This Article Was Culled From Liberty Writers Global, And Paraphrased By Our Team

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