America Is Breeding White Terrorists: 18-Year-Old White Supremacist Kills 10 Black People In Buffalo

America Is Breeding White Terrorists 18-Year-Old White Supremacist Kills 10 Black People In Buffalo
America Is Breeding White Terrorists 18-Year-Old White Supremacist Kills 10 Black People In Buffalo

According to the FBI, the mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, on Saturday, which left ten people dead and three more injured, is being investigated as a hate crime. But the truth which won’t be published is that America is unconsciously grooming a young and deadly sect of terrorists.

Now, the rest of the News:

Officials with the FBI said they are “aggressively examining” the attack as “racially motivated violent extremism.”

Payton Gendron, a heavily armed white 18-year-old man, reportedly entered the Tops Friendly Markets shop in a predominantly Black neighborhood at 2:30 p.m. and fired a barrage of bullets, according to authorities.

He declares himself a white supremacist.

Witnesses stated Gendron was dressed in camouflage and appeared to be “in the army.” According to reports, he was wearing body armor. On Twitch, a live-streaming network, the shooter broadcast the assault.

There were eleven black victims and two white victims.

In a press conference, Erie County Sheriff John Garcia said, “It was a straight-up, racially motivated hate crime from someone outside of our community, outside of the city of good neighbors, as the mayor mentioned, coming into our town and trying to inflict that evil onto us.”

On Saturday night, Gendron pleaded not guilty to first-degree criminal counts. It is the highest murder charge in the state, according to Erie County District Attorney John J. Flynn. According to Flynn, he pushed for the suspect’s arraignment on Saturday night.

“We’re looking into terrorism charges and various murder counts, as well as working with our federal allies to see if they can bring charges as well.” So please know that justice is being done right now, and justice will be done,” Flynn stated during a press conference.

Gendron drove more than 200 miles from his home in Broome County, New York, to perpetrate the murder, according to Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia.

He killed three individuals in the parking lot before exchanging gunfire with a security guard inside the business, killing the former cop. Six of Gendron’s victims were customers, while the other four were employees. According to reports, the assailant later surrendered to police after “putting the gun to his own neck.”

“It’s like walking into a horror film, but it’s all real.” “It looks like Armageddon,” a cop on the scene told Buffalo News. “It’s completely overwhelming.”

Katherine Crofton informed reporters that she witnessed the culprit shooting a woman as she entered the store and another as she was putting items away. Will G., a dairy worker, told the Buffalo News that while refilling milk, he heard shots. He and the others took refuge in the cooler.

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According to reports, those who sheltered near cash registers did not escape the killer’s deadly weaponry.

Others dashed outside and around the store in an attempt to locate loved ones and coworkers amid the turmoil.

“I just heard gunfire.” “Shoots, shots, shots,” Will G. exclaimed. “It seemed like things were about to break apart.”

Before being taken down, witnesses stated the subject first disobeyed cops’ commands “like he wanted them to shoot him.”

For the state criminal murder charge, Gendron risks life in prison without the possibility of release. The judge ordered a forensic examination on Saturday, and the suspect must appear in court for a felony hearing in five days.

On Saturday evening, law officers acquired a warrant to search Gendron’s residence. According to ABC News, investigators are poring over a 106-page manifesto linked to the shooting that expresses love for South Carolina church shooter Dylann Roof and New Zealand mosque gunman Brenton Tarrant.

According to sources, Gendron’s online manifesto reveals that he has evolved racist beliefs in recent years, which have been increasingly extremist in the last three. According to The New York Times, Gendron had been “passively preparing” for the atrocity for several years. He kept ammo and protective gear on hand and did target practice on occasion. Gendron began tracking anonymous conversations on “white replacement hypothesis” in May 2020.

“If there’s one takeaway from these essays, it should be that White birth rates must alter.” “Every day, the White population shrinks,” the manifesto allegedly states. “In order to maintain a population, humans must achieve replacement fertility levels, which in the Western world is roughly 2.06 births per woman.”

Gendron also drew up a timeline for the attack, which included a diagram of the store’s layout.

The self-described white supremacist planned his parking place, ordered his lunch ahead of time, and chose the location for his live feed. According to reports, he plotted to kill the security guy and shot Black shoppers twice in the chest if he could.

Governor Kathy Hochul of New York condemned Twitch and other social media platforms for failing to take action against hate speech on their services, urging that they be held accountable for allowing “this hate to be spewed and others who are like-minded to be radicalized.”

“A community has been shattered by an individual, a white supremacist, who has committed an act of terrorism and will be prosecuted as such in a cold-hearted, calculated manner, a military-style execution targeting people who simply want to buy groceries in a neighborhood store,” Hochul said during a press conference.

Twitch representatives say the video was taken down within two minutes.

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