Remembering The Fake American Doctor Sued For The Death of Hundreds Of Ugandan Children – Renee Bach

Remembering The Fake American Doctor Sued For The Death of Hundreds Of Ugandan Children - Renee Bach
Remembering The Fake American Doctor Sued For The Death of Hundreds Of Ugandan Children – Renee Bach

When will Africa wake up to realize that we have sold ourselves short among the commonwealth of nations?

How can we be bold enough to tell our future generations that we abandoned the medical science of our ancestors and left the care of our women and children in the hands of foreigners?

What is even more disheartening is that we have become so gullible and dependent on the Caucasians that we allow their fake doctors to treat our people. Why? Just because they are white!!!

When we stumbled on this story, we were shocked beyond our imagination. “How can the authorities in Africa, be so blind and careless to allow this kind of mistake”, were the thoughts we battled with.

It was reported that a certain American woman, named Renee Bach has caused the death of hundreds of Ugandan children and has been taken to court to answer for her crimes against the people of Uganda. For a considerable length of time, she posed to be a medical doctor and lived in Jinja, Uganda, where practiced her false medicine.

Renee Bach | Liberty Writers Africa
Renee Bach

She ran a non-profit organization called Serving His Children” (SHC), under the American Missionary. Her organization and also the American missionary were present in court to answer to these cases of forgery, and murder.

Two women, Gimbo Brenda and Kakai Annett, under the guidance of the Women’s Pro Bono Initiative (WPI), were at the forefront of prosecuting the American fake doctor and her collaborators.

Both women in their statement said that they all believed that Renee Bach was a medical practitioner and doctor, due to her regular appearance in white laboratory coats and stethoscope. They were forced to believe that her home was a medical center since she was always seen giving drugs to the children who were in her custody and care.

Remembering The Fake American Female Doctor Sued For The Death of Hundreds Of Ugandan Children | Liberty Writers Africa

After the death of their children, the mothers then learned the harsh truth that Renne was not a doctor. Following the case and prosecution, her facility was shut down and restricted from giving any further treatment to the people of Uganda.

In their case, the Women’s Pro Bono Initiative (WPI) have insisted that Renee’s activities as a false doctor led to the demise of more than a hundred children.

In her bid to become a hero, just like she has been thought, she ended up depriving those children of the right to proper health care and dignity, and invariably, led to their deaths.

The complainants and families of the dead children demanded that the activities of Renee’s organization be closed in Uganda, and that the organization and also the American mission should pay adequate and due compensations to the families that were affected.

In a statement on the issue, Gimbo Brenda said that “There are procedural and regulatory mechanisms that ought to be followed when establishing a medical facility in Uganda.”

She further stated that “Even so the law provides for licensing agencies and protocols for who should practice medicine in Uganda. It is unacceptable, narcissistic behavior, for anyone, black or white, rich or poor, missionary or angel to pass off as a ‘medical practitioner’ when they are not.”

Her opinion was that they mislead the vulnerable members of the public and in turn endangering lives.

An officer of WPI also added that “The actions of Renee & SHC have caused so much pain, injustice, a lack of transparency, and accountability by the organization Serving His Children. The Judiciary has a role to play in ending this.” 

Also recounting her pain in grief, one of the mothers, Ms. Kakai Rose said that “My son – Elijah Benjamin would be two (2) years old today had he been alive. I delivered him at Jinja Hospital on 21st January 2017. I feel his life was snatched from my arms by the actions of Ms. Renee Bach. I hope the court can give me Justice.”

It was reported that Renee started her organization as a feeding program and then later changed it to a rehabilitation center for kids who were malnourished.

Her case should be an eye-opener to many African nations and organizations.

Our people need to be more careful when they accept and open their doors to just any white person who claims to be saving lives in Africa. More time and resources should be given in investigating those who we open our borders to as missionaries and healthcare givers.

She might have meant well at the initial instance, but her decision to play God or Doctor, when she was neither, made her sacrifice the lives of Ugandan children on the altar of ego and “messiah complex.”

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