Jesus Has Done Nothing To Save Africa From European Wickedness In The Past 400 Years & More

Jesus Has Done Nothing To Save Africa From European Wickedness In The past 137 years
Jesus Has Done Nothing To Save Africa From European Wickedness In The past 137 years

There is a very strong notion and belief by African Christians that Jesus Christ will save them from suffering and reverse the many years of suffering inflicted on them by corrupt politicians, and greedy European interests in Africa.

Every corner you turn to in Africa, you find people on their knees wailing and begging “a supposed savior” to come and rescue them. Day by day we are furnished with the gospel that Africa needs saving and that it is only the blood of Jesus that can make Africa whole again.

But one would be forced to wonder if this white Jesus is deaf, or if he has abandoned those who he promised to save from their tribulations. One wonders when Africans will wake up from their myopia to realize that they have been sold a lie. Yes, Jesus might have existed in History, but one hard fact is that “his caucasian version is not coming to save Africans from the wickedness of this world. He is not coming now, neither is he coming later.”

The only people who can save Africa from her many woes are Africans themselves.

The Europeans who brought us the religion that contains the “Jesus promises” are solving their problems through both crooked and genuine means. They are not kneeling down and wailing to White Jesus to come and save them. They are busy invading nations and taking their resources, either by force or through cunning diplomacy, while they push the propaganda and gospel of Jesus Christ to Africans. That gospel of total dependency on a white messiah is now propelled by African Christians themselves.

Quick question, dear African: How many churches do you see crowded in Europe these days? If the Europeans who brought Jesus Christ to you, still believe in him, then why are they abandoning Christianity and legalizing all forms of immoralities? Think dear African. Think!!!

And please don’t say they will go to hell, and you will go to heaven for believing their lies. No, they won’t. That is because there is no hell, and there is no heaven. We Africans have always believed in reincarnation, and that is the way to go. If Africans must go to heaven, then they should build that heaven here on earth, just like every other race in the world is doing.

We have been held back by very deceptive gospels here in Africa. The gospel of turning the other cheek, and the gospel of vanity, have kept Africa backward and docile. Preachers go on and on about how we should turn the other cheek when slapped or assaulted. But not even the Vatican (Rome) or Israel turns the other cheek when enemies assault them. No. They pick up their guns, the Bishops and Popes bless the guns and they return the slap to the enemy or offender.

The vanity gospel is even worse because it keeps Africans at a level where they feel that they should not aspire too much – a world where too much wealth is a sin. Now how can a people build and move forward and out of poverty, when their gospels teach them that riches are vanity?

Ever since Europeans started the colonization of Africa in 1885 (the Berlin Conference), Africans have been praying to Jesus to come to solve their problems. And for over 130 years, Jesus has not answered. He is busy blessing the Europeans and Americans more as they steal from Africa. And when we complain, you hear stupid Africans say: “God will fight for us. God’s time is the best”. That is one line that has kept many Africans docile for years.

For example, the Churches in Nigeria have been praying against corruption for as long as anyone can remember. But the corruption, strife, death, and discord in Nigeria get worse every year. The catholic church in Nigeria even has a “prayer for Nigeria in distress” and a “Prayer against Bribery and corruption in Nigeria”.

Now how will Jesus stop corrupt politicians and public servants from stealing the country dry? Why are America and China not praying to Jesus to come and save them from corruption? Why do their governments set up institutions and policies that keep their leaders in check? If Jesus was so effective and was all and all, why is China, a supposedly Pagan nation, prospering more than Nigeria, with her hundreds of thousands of churches?

Many health and financial challenges today in Africa are not hard to solve through African spirituality, medicine, and ingenuity, combined with a sheer determination to succeed. There is no food for a lazy man, and no African was created to be lazy. Africans started to depend too much on the white man’s god, and spend too much time praying, instead of working.

Dear Africans; please you must take your fate into your hands, return to our ancestors’ ancient ways of worship and communicating with Mother Nature, and save ourselves. We must be brave enough to confront the enemies at our doors. Africa should resist the white man and his continuous milking of our resources. There are enough human and natural resources in Africa, to save us.

Only we can do it for ourselves – Not Jesus, or any of the European deities. 

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