The Aggressive Emasculation of the Negro Man: The Latest Assault On Our Race

The Aggressive Emasculation of the Negro Man - The Latest Assault on Our Race
The Aggressive Emasculation of the Negro Man – The Latest Assault on Our Race

There is no gainsaying, that there is a malicious campaign against the consciousness and self-awareness of the Negro (African-Diaspora, African-American) man. There is an urgent need by some forces to rid him of his power and glory, and reduce him to a joke of his ancestry.

You see, the Negro Man remains the strongest willed man on the face of the earth. He is strong in character, discipline, physic, and morals. His abode has been termed the cradle of creation and the last stronghold for the survival of humanity. This divine attribute of the Negro Man has made him a target for hundreds of years by the other races of this world (both indigenous and alien).

They say to themselves: “If we can defeat the Negro man subconsciously and consciously, then we can defeat him physically and spiritually.” For no race ever survives a physical battle once defeated spiritually, and mentally.

We have been attacked from all angles. We have been killed, maimed, deceived, and sold. We have been shipped out to build other civilizations against our will. We have been brainwashed to believe that our ancestors were murderous. And so, we abandoned their ways to hold unto the ways of the European, who has killed more humans than our ancestors ever did.

And when we thought the Negro Man had seen the worst, these Vermin from the pits of hell found a way to convince our young men that masculinity can be thrown away for femininity. And that this femininity of a man with full male hormones and body parts is acceptable. We always swallow everything hook, line, and sinker, without considering the effect on our people now and the generations to come. Now we are at the crossroads of history. What would this generation be remembered for?

Over the years, through the media and calculated campaigns, the Negro children, have been thought that it is ok, for a man to appear weak and behave like a sissy. These days, there is hardly a movie without a Negro man dressed shabbily and gesticulating like a woman. It is a calculated move. Some say, there is an agenda to control the world population. But we strongly think that is purely a psychological battle on the Negro man. 

Now when the average 5-10year old Negro repeatedly sees these images on TV, without any rebuke from parents or elderly ones, his mind automatically says: “Oh this is cool. Everyone in the movie loves and appreciates him for behaving like a woman. And since he is a star, I would love to grow and become like him.” That is the programming of the highest order. And it works like magic.

Asides from the movie industry, one other industry that has been used to target the minds of the Negro man, is the fashion industry. A man is supposed to dress and look a certain way. But we have seen fashion trends that remove the masculinity in men’s clothing and replace them with feminine attributes. And then, a Negro celebrity is paid heavily to wear these clothes and make them look cool.

In a video clip on YouTube, Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing argues that Caucasians are threatened by the Negro male masculinity. History tells that initially, Negro men were depicted by whites, as ultra-aggressive, dominant, rampant animals. Animals that needed “white civilization to tame them.” These were some of the ideologies that strengthened the European and American consciences during slavery, and much after. To quench the threat the Negro man posed, he had to be enslaved in the body and the mind. This has always been a conscious effort, and it has taken a new more aggressive form in this era. 

Although this emasculation has led many to homosexuality, this post is not focusing on homosexuality. Even those in clean suits and ties with firm muscles can be homosexuals, and at this point in history, it is entirely their business. What we are shedding light on is the calculated attack on the self-awareness of the Negro Man, to make him see himself as a man who can express and be proud of feminine features and tendencies.

We, the Negro race, owe it to ourselves, our children, and their unborn children, to resist this attack on our pride as a people. Over 30% of African-American men are in prison, or have been spending some time in prison. These are fathers and husbands who have been absent in the upbringing of their children. Now imagine if another 30% begin to behave like women, and are emasculated. What do you think would be the effect on African-American society?

Our task is a divine one, and it must be taken with all seriousness. We have a psychological war to fight. And the way it seems, we are losing already. Our first target, as a race, should be the younger generation – those boys, between 1 day of age to 18years. They are the future, and if we don’t catch them young and coach them on their noble and masculine ancestry, soon we will have men who can’t lift a hand to defend our children and women.

Many African ethnic nationalities and nations back home, are in the fight against this odd behavior. Many governments have placed stringent laws to checkmate, the excesses of such un-African tendencies. We can say that Africa remains the last hope for the Negro man’s consciousness, although we can’t deny the fact that foreign governments and bodies, provide funds for the spread of these alien ideologies and behavior.

They will try but they will fail. The pride, self-awareness, and attributes of the negro man remain the foundation of his WILL POWER. And without willpower, we are doomed.

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