The African Origins Of Baphomet And How Europeans Turned It Into An “Evil” Symbol

The African Origins Of Baphomet And How Europeans Turned It Into An “Evil” Symbol
The African Origins Of Baphomet And How Europeans Turned It Into An “Evil” Symbol

The popular image we now know as “Baphomet” was designed by Eliphas Levi, but did you know that the symbol was influenced by “The Goat Of Mendes” from Egypt?

Levi was already influenced by the Occult Sciences disclosed by melanated geniuses in Egypt’s Priesthoods. Do you believe he chose a goat as his “magical” symbol by chance? Although technically the “Goat of Mendes” was a Ram (and it was NOT evil), you can see where Baphomet’s idea came from. Not only that, but the Baphomet emblem, in its purest esoteric essence, represents the completed ‘hue-man’ – the original melanated man and woman with knowledge of self.

Although extremist caucazoid satanists and religious zealots have stolen the symbol and notion of Baphomet and converted it into “The Devil,” the diligent student of life sciences will not be misled or disheartened by such foolishness. Because the real curious melanated mind understands the physics of polarity, it is unaffected by the subjective pendulum swing of good and evil. With that understanding, you may lift the veil and see the image’s coded symbolism without being overwhelmed by fear of the unknown.


Banebdjedet (Banedbdjed) was an Ancient Egyptian ram god with a cult centre at Mendes. 

According to Ancient Egypt Online, because Osiris was the ancient Egyptian lord of the dead, his “Ba” was venerated in its own right in Ancient Egypt (particularly in the Delta city of Djedet) and termed Banebdjed (sometimes the feminine form Banebdjedet was also used as he absorbed the position of his sometime consort Hatmehyt). 

This term translates as “the ba (essence or strength) of the king of the Djed” and refers to the belief that Osiris’ backbone was the Djed pillar (which represented stability). This provides an intriguing glimpse into the ancient Egyptian understanding of death. They feared death, but they saw the stability and harmony inherent in the cycle of decay and rebirth.

The Ba of a person was not their soul, but their essence (strength, efficacy, renown, or charm), and the Ba was represented by the hieroglyph for a “ram.” As a result, Banebdjed was portrayed as a ram or ram-headed man, and a living “holy ram” (considered to embody the god’s spirit) was worshiped in Djedet (near Osiris’ cult center at Djedu). The rams were mummified and buried in their own necropolis with all the pomp and ceremony befitting a Pharaoh.

During the late period, Greeks mispronounced the word Ba-neb-Djetet (‘Ram Lord of Djedet’) and named the city Mendes, referring to Banebdjed as “the goat of Mendes.” Some esoteric academics have linked “the goat of Mendes” to Baphomet (the “false god” the Templars were accused of worshiping), while others have converted it into a diabolical cliché. The only issue with this is that Banebdjedt was a ram, not a goat, and he (or she) was not regarded malevolent or even hostile.

Occultist Eliphas Levi created the figure of Baphomet in 1854 for his book “Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie” (“Dogmas and Rituals of High Magic”). The symbol was designed to represent a variety of important occult ideas, including the 7 Hermetic Principles, Kabbalah Wisdom, and alchemical secrets, among other esoteric topics.

“The goat on the frontispiece carries the sign of the pentagram on the forehead, with one point at the top, a symbol of light, his two hands forming the sign of hermetism, the one pointing up to the white moon of Chesed, the other pointing down to the black moon of Geburah,” explains Eliphas Levi. This symbol represents the ideal balance of mercy and justice. His one arm is feminine, the other male, like the androgyn of Khunrath, whose attributes we had to combine with those of our goat because he is the same sign. The intelligent flame flashing between his horns symbolizes the cosmic balance’s magical light, the image of the soul exalted beyond matter, just as the flame, while bound to matter, shines above it. Because the soul is insensitive by nature and can only suffer when it materializes, the beast’s head represents the horror of the sinner, whose materially acting, totally accountable component must endure the penalty exclusively. The rod standing in place of the genitals represents eternal life, the body coated in scales represents water, the semi-circle above it represents the atmosphere, and the feathers following above the volatile. The two breasts and androgynous arms of this occult sciences sphinx symbolise humanity.”


One thing is certain: the esoteric sciences disclosed by ancient melanated minds have nothing to do with satanism. The Egyptian priesthood did not worship Satan. This notion of wicked occult science stems from our research being kidnapped by caucazoids who rebelled from their hometown religions, becoming polar opposites of Christianity, Catholicism, and so forth. Those “want to-be” caucazoid occultists frequently appeal to our most ancient knowledge, wear symbols designed by our forefathers, and pretend to be “initiated” in order to achieve artificial clout. The gloomy persona and magical references may terrify the normal individual, but the inquiring Melanated Mind with knowledge of self knows that this is a sham.

Worshiping Satan is as absurd as worshiping Jesus. Becoming a magician, occultist, or alchemist is all about understanding your inner power. True occultists would never advise you to delegate your power to an entity other than yourself. So keep that in mind when you explore the Universe of Occult Knowledge. We are attempting to evolve our own situation via knowledge of self and the Universe, rather than being too focused on one side of the pendulum.


Every major religion and school of philosophical or metaphysical thinking has been founded on the science developed and disclosed by ancient Melanated Minds, particularly in the Egyptian priesthoods.

What exactly is occult science? The term Occult originally meant “hidden, concealed, secret,” whereas Science refers to structured knowledge.

A general definition of “Occult Science” for the purposes of this book is as follows:

Accumulated and classified knowledge of the invisible forces and processes that regulate reality in the mind, nature, and the Universe.

Occult studies include the highest circumstance of the mind, magnetism, electricity, astrology, anatomy, alchemy, universal laws, and so on. Essentially, it is the science of the self and the Universe from the inside out. Because most people are content with their ignorance and will never investigate the supreme sciences of the Universe and their own peculiar circumstance in the grand scheme of things, these phenomena are generally “hidden” from the general public, at least in terms of active utilization for “magical” purposes. They are also hidden because putting the ‘secrets of the Universe’ in the hands of an emotionally unstable and unfit individual would result in an immense disaster.

Anyone who has this great Knowledge of Self and the Universe has access to higher realms of consciousness, allowing the adept to act as a True and Living God.

Unfortunately, many of the old texts containing this information have been destroyed or taken by the Caucazoid, who poses as the inventor of supreme wisdom. Many people still mistakenly attribute the development of the “higher sciences” to Caucasian Greeks. “The Greeks were not the inventors of Greek Philosophy,” stated George G.M James, “but the inhabitants of North Africa, popularly known as the Egyptians were.” Nothing was discovered by Greek philosophers; everything was stolen from the Egyptians.

Another thing to consider is that wherever supreme wonders are located on planet Earth in the form of an old understanding of complicated science reflected in discovering art, literature, or building, the likeness of Black (melanated) people can be found. From the exquisite Olmec Heads in Mexico to the huge portrayals of Buddhas with negro characteristics inscribed in the mountains of Cambodia, and the infinite depictions of Black people in Egyptian art and sculpture, there is no end to the depictions of Black people. If the Greeks were truly “doing it big,” as they claim, there would be no need for archeologists to spend the majority of their valuable time searching for answers to the Universe’s mysteries in the ancient civilizations of “primitive” melanated people around the world; the Greeks should have all the answers, right? Because their “intellectual contributions” were so profound, why aren’t the Greeks inscribed in stone around the world in gigantic monuments to be remembered and venerated forever? Apparently, the “good stuff” is always located where melanated people are, and what they dig up in Greece is insufficient to satisfy intellectual interests.

If you read the great Occult texts published by the Caucazoid (Transcendental Magic by Eliphas Levi), you will understand what I mean.

Giuliano Kremmerz’s The Hermetic Science of Transformation, for example.  They will repeatedly pay homage to Hermes Trismegistus and the “supreme universal wisdom he endowed to the world,” but they will rarely mention that Hermes is nothing more than a Greek version of the Egyptian diety Tehuti (Thoth), which was actually a supreme priesthood of Melanated Minds rather than a single man. Some texts, such as Thomas H. Burgoyne’s The Light of Egypt, state unequivocally that all esoteric, philosophical, and occult science was developed and revealed by ancient Melanated Minds.

Despite those who seek to conceal or destroy ancient knowledge’s desperate efforts, enough information has “slipped through the cracks” to provide a Curious Melanated Mind with a foundation of occult science that will eventually germinate into a holistic understanding, rather than a fragmented perspective. A grasp of the 7 Tehuti Laws (also known as the Hermetic Principles, the Greek interpretation of Kemetic science produced by the Priesthood of Tehuti), The Mind, Melanin, Magnetism, and Energy is sufficient to assist any earnest student fill in the blanks.

Many of the Occult publications available to us at this time contain fractured truths, and much worse, the Caucazoid’s limited non-melanated worldview. Invading invaders destroyed or stole much of the greatest wisdom known to adepts and taught to initiates of the ancient Egyptian Mystery Systems. Unfortunately, the true researcher must sift through stacks of available Occult books, many of which are now written by non-melanated peoples, compare those findings to our pre-existing Knowledge of Self and the Universe, and extrapolate the gold from their rendition of our ancestor’s universal sciences. Because of archeological robberies of ancient writings and artifacts, they have had considerably more access to stolen occult information than melanated peoples during this time period, yet they are unable to fully employ the knowledge they discover and write about owing to their biological predicament. Without enough levels of Melanin, it is nearly impossible to communicate with nature and energies on a supreme level. The potential to create “magical” phenomena is a fairy tale for the non-melanated mutant who dares to strut arrogantly while carrying our ancestors’ great knowledge. Meanwhile, the Melanated Mind’s potential to create “magical” events is a normal occurrence.

Pay close attention. Why do you think most occult literature published by non-melanated peoples strongly advise all would-be-magicians to avoid ‘going to the dark side’? “Black Magic” is said to be terrible and will poison your soul. You must understand that the key issue for them is not what is moral and what is not, despite the fact that many non-melanated authors writing on occult research will frequently associate what is immoral, bad, and dreadful with blackness. The issue here is that the non-melanated “magician” lacks the biological circumstances to consciously connect with the cosmos’ dark matter in a fruitful way. As a result, blackness becomes an uncontrollable, unfathomable, unreachable, never-ending tsunami of doom that is always coming to overwhelm non-melanated peoples. In contrast, melanated beings are empowered not only by the energy of the sun (the light), but also by the limitless blackness. The Melanated Mind moves through the infinitely expanding Universe’s blackness (dark matter) like a fish in the sea.

This is why it is critical to regain the supreme esoteric sciences discovered and revealed by our forefathers. Another motive for writing this book is to encourage people of color to take ownership of the sciences that our forefathers left behind. If we improve ourselves to fully represent our supreme circumstance, our science and spirituality become our technology. With Knowledge of Self and the Universe, the evolved Melanated Mind can act as a True and Living God, manipulating atoms and energies through mental conception or spiritual alchemy to achieve a desired result in physical reality.

Melanin’s quantum actuality – the black, transmutable, life-giving, multi-dimensional, super conductive substance of the Universe – can only be properly comprehended through esoteric research, as it is the key to obtaining a pinnacle circumstance. From a philosophical standpoint, blackness is undoubtedly powerful. Dr. Richard King begins African Origins of Biological Psychiatry by outlining the phenomenon of blackness (the black dot). Our ancient ancestors prioritized the study of “blackness” and “Melanin”:

“The Black Dot is an ancient sign for blackness; it is the black seed of all mankind, the archetype of humanity, the secret doorway to the collective unconsciousness-darkness, the shadow, the primeval ocean, chaos, the womb, and the doorway to life.” This ancient symbol for blackness was the topic of 300 thousand years of serious scientific inquiry by profound ancient scientists who were themselves black in consciousness. A long line of very bright scientists investigated their own essence and discovered a hidden portal to their souls and spirits, as well as a doorway to advanced rules and rhythms that span the Universe. They discovered universal rules based in the black seed that nourished all dimensions of time and space. These first titans discovered that all life arose from a black seed, that all life was based in blackness, and that all creatures carried a memory of their collective forebears. The one truth from which life’s weave spun was blackness, the universal solvent of everything. All hues and vibratory energies were merely shades of black. The color black was found in the night sky, primordial ocean, outer space, the birthplace and womb of the planets, stars, and galaxies of the Universe; black holes were discovered at the center of our own galaxy and many other galaxies. Carbon, the essential atom found in all biological matter, was the color black. Carbon atoms joined to form black Melanin, the first molecule capable of capturing light and reproducing itself. Black Neuromelanin was discovered to be the chemical key to life and the brain itself. Pineal blood was discovered to be dependent on inner vision, intuition, creative genius, and spiritual illumination; born chemical messengers that controlled skin color and opened the hidden door to the darkness of the collective unconscious mind, allowing the ancient priest-scientist to visualize knowledge from the mind’s timeless collective unconscious memory banks.”

If Black people are the “Original” humans, the archetype of humanity, then Melanated Minds are at the root of everything: “agriculture, animal breeding, architecture, art, astronomy, business and trade, cash and currency, ceramics, clothing, dance, economics, healthcare, housing, jewelry, mail, mathematics, medicine, metalworking, mining, music, pottery, science, shoes, spoken language, sports, technology, and written language.”

Our nature is to be top creators, which is why we are the foundation of all that is brilliant and creative. Melanated peoples are biologically equipped to produce “magical” phenomena – the ability to consciously manipulate atoms and energies of the Universe at will using mental force, conceptions, and/or spiritual alchemy – and with the active use of occult science (knowledge of the seen and unseen forces and processes that influence the Universe and everything in it) passed down from our forefathers, melanated peoples have the potential to evolve into something even greater.

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