Are White Supremacists Trying To Provoke Blacks Into A Race War In The United States?

Are White Supremacists Trying To Provoke Blacks Into A Race War In The United States
Are White Supremacists Trying To Provoke Blacks Into A Race War In The United States

In the last 4 years of our existence as a platform that speaks up for Black people worldwide, we have come across so many accounts of attacks, killings, and brutality of blacks in America, that it would take willpower not to be depressed daily.

There is no week that we do not receive news of a black man/woman/child being gunned down by a white cop or a white civilian in the United States. It has now reached a point where it is safe to say that there is an underground plot to incite black people in America to violence – to rise up, bear arms, and attack white people.

If anyone says we are wrong, then they should tell us why the killing of black people has turned into a daily sport for white people in America?

A report by the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health which analyzed 2015 to 2020 showed that the rate at which unarmed black people were/are murdered by police in America was 3 times as high as is the case with white people. In what they have declared to be a “public health emergency”, the researchers emphasized that the rates of blacks killed by police have not reduced in the last 7 years.

According to reports by the Washington Post covering 2015 to May 2020, the police have killed 5367 people, and 27% of that number are black people. Now when one looks at the total population of whites and that of blacks (14.2% at 41.1million people) in the United States Of America, it is clear to see that the 27% is disproportionately too high for comfort.

In a similar report by Newsweek, 181 Black people were murdered by police since the killing of George Floyd on May 25, 2020.

A detailed compilation by Alia Chughtai for Aljazeera, titled “Know Their Names: Black People Killed By The Police In The US“, left us shivering at the barbarity and injustice in America. The report put the number of police killings at 7,680, with blacks making up 25% of the killed.

It further confirmed our assertions that “white America” through its white supremacists embedded in the police force is determined to provoke black people to rise up – to start a race war.

When the statistics and analysis are put aside, and the frequency and gravity of the killing of blacks by both white police and white civilians are viewed without bias, it is safe to say that a backlash from black people is inevitable. And we also feel that the incessant killings of blacks are intended to provoke the soul of the black community in America.

Just in the January of 2022 alone we have recorded multiple killings of black people by white cops and civilians. On the 8th of January 2020, an off-duty sheriff’s deputy shot and killed a 37-year-old black man, Jason Walker, outside his home in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The killer, Deputy Jeffrey Hash first ran him down with his truck before shooting him.

On the 3rd of January 2022, a North Carolina white man fatally shot Stephen Addison, a 32-year-old black father, and veteran. And this was in the same Fayetteville, North Carolina. This killing happened 5days before the one above.

So, tell us honestly, if this seems normal to you? Of course, it’s not. 

Now there are hundreds of other cases of police and civilian brutality and killings that would have happened around America from the 1st of January till the 15th of January when we compiled this article. Very few of them ever make it to the news, and a small amount goes viral or receives the attention of the important bodies that seek justice.

So, at the end of the day, the whole dilemma comes down to two things:

1. White supremacists are trying very hard to scare blacks from standing up or speaking up for their rights.

2. White supremacists are trying to provoke the black community into picking up arms and retaliating through an all-out race war.

Which of the two do you think it is? And what can be done to secure the lives of black people in America?

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