Africa’s Continued Exploitation By The West And The Powerlessness Of The Black Man In The Face Of An Unjust UN

Africas Continued Exploitation By The West And The Powerlessness Of The Black Man In The Face Of An Unjust UN
Africas Continued Exploitation By The West And The Powerlessness Of The Black Man In The Face Of An Unjust UN

It is with a heavy heart that I often ponder on the way forward for the black man in the midst of his fellow humans of Earth. I am often confused as to why the world is made to believe that Africa relies so much on foreign aid. Even Africans themselves believe that they can’t survive without foreign AID.

But we forget that the world is clannish in nature and that every civilization seeks to protect itself first. We forget that United States, Russia, Israel Etc. will not deploy their army to come save us from ourselves just because we all belong to United Nations (which is one of the most biased organizations in human history).

Foreign Aid

We can’t expect them to send food and relief supplies when we have one of the best lands for agriculture. We can’t keep expecting the world to provide us with medicine, when it was our ancestors who invented medicine – an art that has been greatly abandoned by the nascent negro.

Now this brings me to the exploitation of our collective humanity and resources as black men under the watch of nations who claim to be Protector and Police of the world. Ours is a story of systemic victimization by America, Europe and the Arab world. Our gold, diamonds, crude oil amongst hundreds of minerals are mined and ferried across the Atlantic, Pacific and Mediterranean to fuel parasitic economies without due reparations and benefits to the host communities here in Africa.

It is alarming that France in all its glory and historic eminence finds no shame in its continuous collection of colonial task from its former colonies in Africa. It is even more demeaning that Great Britain has refused to give economic and administrative independence to Nigeria, as the 1960 independence of history-thought was a charade to feed the Ego of the black man.

It’s draconian to see Great Britain and America play God and manipulate the political and economic climate of great black nations like Nigeria. And by this parasitic cum forceful meddling in our affairs, they have succeeded in empowering our greedy leaders and impoverishing the 99% of the Negro man who hopes on God to come save them. But will God ever ride down in chariots to save the Negro man? That is another discussion for another day.

For how long shall Africa be in slavery? For how long shall the negro man require the help of his homo Sapiens neighbors to afford the basic needs of life? For how long shall we pretend that the aides sent to us from the West are not Trojan horses mildly Infused with the very poisons that kill us; the very chains that bind us?

It is my opinion that Africa’s place and rights on Earth be discussed at the United Nations and the truth be told. It is important that we have courageous African leaders who will stare oppression and vile power in the face and take a stand for the Negro man without fear or favor.

It is important that we demand respect and loyalty from the United Nations or exit that body which has not lived up to its name and responsibilities for as long as I can remember. It is very important for the negro man to stop seeing the West as harmless. It is important that we reduce how we open our arms to their tricks and gimmicks. Japan and China locked themselves indoors and developed at their own pace. Why can’t we solve Africa’s problems the African way?

NB: Some of you want to come and play the role of professor on this article to remind us of our Bad leadership. Please stay away. We Know. Just how there is an enemy within, there are thousands without. Today we are discussing those without.

The article was written by Chuka Nduneseokwu, Editor-in-Chief, Liberty Writers Africa

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